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Academy 1/144 B-58A Hustler

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I'll join this GB with another braillescale, although this one isn't of typical gabarites of most of my kits :D




Jokes aside, due to limited space at home, some of larger planes I choose to do in 1/144, and this one is one of them.

Pretty nice kit judging by look of sprues, we'll see how fit goes...




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Unfortunatelly, shortly after intro photo was made I've got first symptoms of Omicron, and as expectedly positive AG test, so the following period was just taking a rest and a ton of medicines and vitamines... 

All of that is now behind me, thankfully everything went well, so I'm finally back at the work table, and continuing where I stopped at (almost) full speed


Cockpit is assembled, painted and weathered - I've used black ink for wash, and it's much less visible in vivo - macro emphasize all of those paintbrush streaks...

Hopefully assembling of fuselage is on the schedule in following days...












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You've made good use of the available space there S so if this one doesn't balance out it will not be because you didn't try.

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