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  1. I've started process of painting camouflage - first step was underside areas. After I've sprayed Ammo Scratches Chipping Fluid, I did the layer of Gunze H61 IJN Grey, and after some playing with "scratching", I've oversprayed middle parts of panels with H61 lightened with white color, so scratches were toned down a bit and made more realistic I hope so... I'll leave it to cure for few days and then I'll take care of upper surfaces - Gunze H59 IJN Green it will be! Cheers, S.
  2. Hello mates, I'll join this STGB with Hobby Boss kit of F-5E. Although this kit does have some of its inaccuracies, I'll leave them aside and do this build OOB. I will use decals for box-art bird - "Red 23" from VFC-13. Cheers, S.
  3. Airfix 1/72 BAe Sea Harrier FRS.1 - Pavla resin cockpit - Aires resin exhaust nozzles - Gunze acrylics - Artistic oils wash Cheers, S.
  4. I'm calling it done! Final subtle weathering was done with Tamiya weathering sets and MIG pigments. I did some small mistakes and misses, but some of them were out of my control, so I hopefully managed to represent Falklands SHAR as realistic as it was.... Thanks for comments, critiques and suggestions during work. Cheers, S.
  5. @Planebuilder62 Thanks for the info. I have looked various photos of FRS.1 examples, and it's pretty inconsistent - some of them do have front nozzles in camo color, while some have it in steel/exhaust color. I may leave it as is if I don't find confirmation for this one, at least nozzle looks way better in metal color to me Cheers, S.
  6. As panel lines on this kit are very deep, I chose not to fill them with Mr. Surfacer but also not to do classic wash in the end, but only dot filtering with White artistic oil. Idea was to try to simulate rainmarks on fuselage and wings, as this bird was stationed on aircraft carrier, and weather was pretty harsh in that period of year. Accompanied with previously done faded cammo, I think I've managed to do this not so bad Final semigloss coat is also sprayed on, so now we're closer to finish line... just assembling of smaller parts and detailing is left to do... Small parts are also almost done.. some small detail painting is left to do... Cheers, S.
  7. Said and done - Aluminium was painted on parts of fuselage and wings where chipping is most likely to occur - I plan to use scratch/chipping fluid over this area, before I paint cammo colors... In theory looks like it will work, we'll see how it goes... Inner surfaces of wheel and bomb bay covers were painted in Aotake Blue while wheels and landing gear legs + arrestor hook were painted in Aluminium.. Gloss coat was oversprayed to seal them... Cheers, S.
  8. Thanks for the kind words mates Preshading is done - Black Mr. Surfacer 1500, and so are some small parts that go into aluminium afterwards... Spinner and propeller are painted with Mr. Color Propeller Color I plan to paint metallic (and Aotake Blue) parts tomorrow, and most probably I'll paint parts of fuselage and wings that are prone to chipping into Aluminium, so I can do the chipping of camouflage colors later. Cheers, S.
  9. All the small parts are now assembled and readied for primer. Painting masks by Dead Design Models are just GREAT - they are nicely precut and designed to fit this kit's canopy, their adhesive is strong to hold them onto canopy, but easy enough to remove them from paper carrier without any problem! Grace itself today received layer of primer - Mr. Surfacer 1200. Next step is preshading... Cheers, S.
  10. Good evening mates, here is my participant in this iconic GB - an experimental oldie Monogram - X-15 in 1/72 Cheers, S.
  11. Decals are on...and sealed with gloss coat! Cheers, S.
  12. Since last photo update, wheel and bomb bay were primered with Gunze Black Surfacer 1500, and then sprayed with Gunze Aluminium metalizer, overcoated with dilluted Gunze H63 Aotake Blue. I'll leave it to dry for few days and then I'll spray gloss coat to seal it down... Cheers, S,
  13. Camouflage is done - Gunze H333 Extra Dark Seagrey, lightened with few drops of white to give it a bit weathered look. Exhaust nozzles were painted with Gunze Stainless metalizer, and they definitely look way too better than those from kit! Next layer will be gloss coat as a base for decals... Cheers, S.
  14. Small update after a while - fuselage joins required some attention so it took some time for sprue goo to cure in order to sand it down. Wings and horizontal stabilizers are now attached, there will be some small sanding here and there (my mistake - some glue went where it wasn't supposed to ), and small parts are due to be prepared for attaching and/or painting. Engine exhaust pipes were given flat/closed so I've drilled them a bit, just to give some depth to details... Hopefully build will go faster now that fuselage is assembled with wings, so primer and painting can come soon. Cheers and thanks for comments, critiques and support S.
  15. Today I've finished with preshading - Mr. Surfacer 1500 Black. I've decided to use it also for radome.... Cheers, S.
  16. Primer is on! I've drilled out a bit more those holes on Aden cannons, they look more realistic now... Next phase is preshading, and very soon we begin with painting of cammo! Cheers, S.
  17. Since last update, I've finished cockpit area - like I promised it's OOB. Painted with Gunze H54, and subtle wash done with artistic oil Raw Umbra Engine, cowling and under nose air inlet were painted with Gunze Stainless metalizer, subtle washed with artistic oil Raw Umbra Instrument panel was painted into black, and then over it I've applied decal with instruments, provided with kit - it gave very nice look as decal matched raised details of instruments. Fuselage assembling is next on the schedule... Cheers, S.
  18. Thanks for the support mates! I've done with few more details - Aden cannons were added and I've drilled barel holes, and pylons were attached to the wings. Canopy and windshield are masked with Tamiya tape, and ready for installment, but I have to modify instrument panel cover as windshield can't fit at the moment, so some sanding is on the schedule for tomorrow. Also, I have to make HUD holders as I broke them while manipulating the kit during sanding phase... Hopefully soon we're in primer stage! Cheers, S.
  19. Yeah, I know about this set, but I'm not quite yet sure whether I would make other birds from that set - F-104 I plan to do as Italian or German and Japanese, Saab 35 will be probably Austrian, while Hunter is not in my posession, and I don't have such a desire to have it (for now at least). But thanks for the proposal for sure, I appreciate it! Cheers, S.
  20. Radome, intakes and horizontal stabilizers are now glued, and all panel lines repaired, and re-engraved. I have to remake HUD as I broke that part during assembling of other parts Cheers, S.
  21. Cockpit is... well... assembled as well as wings I've only did some repair work in bomb bay, underneath the cockpit, as there were 3 nasty ejection pinmarks very visible. I've filled them with styrene 0.2mm circles, and now I only have to sand down a bit that area, and re-engrave lost "panel lines". Primering and painting phase is not so far away! Cheers, S.
  22. Good evening mates, I'll join this GB with one of oldies which probably most of us liked to see during 80s - ESCI 1/72 F-100D Super Sabre. Most interesting choice from the kit was the Danish G-279 F-100D. On all of the photos this example seem to be freshly painted into glossy Olive Drab, and that should represent later painting scheme when they replaced old not so durable paints with those glossy shades. But somehow I would like to paint it in a typical Danish heavily weathered manner, so I have to apologize in advance for making not so historically accurate example. Here are aftermarket sets I plan to use Cheers, S.
  23. Good evening mates, I'm a bit late with joining - only last night I've decided to take part in this GB as a good friend of mine @Lanmi persuaded me to join him in this GB. As he already started work on Fujimi D3A1 Val, I've selected another Fujimi oldy - B7A1 Grace, so here we are... as a scale modelling sitcom"Val & Grace" Jokes aside, as with most of other Fujimi kits of this age, canopy is a bit thick, so rather plain cockpit detailing won't be much visible, so I'll try to make this one straight out of box, at least regarding to the cockpit area Regarding to canopy masking, this time I've prepared - at recently held Mosonshow I've bought precut masks from Dead Design Models, so I expect enjoyable ride... Cheers and see you soon with some "in-progress" photos, S.
  24. There has been some progress since last update. I've assembled engine intake with fan blades... ...and soon after that the rest of the interior parts were assembled with fuselage halves and wings, and all the seams sanded where required. Pavla cockpit fitted reasonably well in the end.. not perfect but I am satisfied. Few more parts are left to assemble, and hopefully painting stage will come soon. Cheers, S.
  25. Cockpit is finally finished - painted, detailed and wash applied. And this is how should fit into fuselage - some tweaking will be required, but I expect no major problems... Cheers, S.
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