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  1. Tamiya 1/48 Nakajima N1J1 Gekko. Build thread:
  2. Jeez, got a bit sidetracked since last I posted, but the Irving is done! Nothing special done, usual oil paint and pigments to make it look a bit used, some 0.01mm rigging I finally got for all the aerial wires etc. Will post the rest of the poorly taken pics in the gallery.
  3. And begun. Cockpit done without decals, considering the canopy is 1 piece and will consequently remain closed, good enough for government work I think. Other internals done and ready for some assembly this week. Hopefully painting time soon, fit is unsurprisingly great for a snap together type kit! https://flic.kr/p/2nBqvBM
  4. My entry, Academy's newish Eagle. Sexy sprue glamor shot: And the parts that have always left me puzzled. The kit is very well detailed for the scale, panel lines are finely engraved, and then you get to the burner cans. Seriously? Anyway, got 2 resin seats on their way to me. There was a very long internal debate about getting some resin upgrades for the cans, but alas, I cheaped out. Will see what I can achieve with fine wire and plasticard if the mood strikes me. Roll on the 27th!
  5. Managed to get a Gladiator finally (1/48 Merit Mk.2, I know, boo hiss, cowling is made of suck). So browsing AM decal sets to replace the rather iffy looking kit sheet, ran across this one. Can someone tell me more about the 94 Squadron machine, specifically what the bloody hell the Red Sand and Dark Red Sand colours are and what I can use from currently available paint lines? I'm assuming I need to brush up on my British armour in Africa paint guides myself.
  6. This stuff: https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/87194/index.htm. Also available without a retarder. No idea where it's available in the world, this conversation gets really interesting sometimes! [EDIT] I think for clarity sake, both Tamiya orange/yellow cap and MLT are "gentler" in the fact that you probably will still see pink elephants if you inhale to much of it, but you wont turn the plastic on your model into goo if you use it to wipe the dried filler off using it.
  7. The PPP and Vallejo has been covered quite well at this point. Tamiya White/Grey putty can be thinned with Lacquer/Cellulose/Whatever its called in your country, Acetone and even Extra Thin/MEK if you want. Depends how much you want it to bite into the plastic. If your not keen on on those, a "gentler" Lacquer thinner like Tamiya and MLT can be used. As for #2, it really depends on you and what your doing. PPP is great for fine gaps etc, but filing a big gap it will probably be best to use something else.
  8. Not sure. The instructions don't say, then again my Gannet didn't mention that either and I ended up sticking lead into the nose wheel well at the end! Going to put some in the front and leave the nose off just in case, but I think this planes one of those rare ones where nothing is needed.
  9. Been slapping some glue around this week. So far the fit has been a bit iffy in places. - cockpit is pretty basic, eh, in 1/72 don't mind too much. - gun cover slotted in okay, one corner needed putty. Refueling probe cover wasn't so hot. - blanked off the intakes so I don't have a Matchbox "see all the way in" issue. - some pin marks I need to deal with in the cockpit sidewalls (done) and exhaust which *might* be visible. - still not sure if the front landing gear needs to be attached now. Will check later. - cut off ventral fin in preparation for the resin replacement. Committed now!
  10. Got a -15 and -27, with plans to add a -19 and -25 soon, so sign me up!
  11. Maybe. Time constraints and all that, but would love to get it done.
  12. All the markings I cam spray have been. Used C58 Orange Yellow for wing ID stripes C125 Cowling Color for (shockingly) the cowlings C385 IJN Red for the Hinomaru's and tail markings. Gloss coat, a few decals and onto panel lining and weathering! Nearly done!
  13. Before my English gets worserer, a pic can probably tell a betterer story. @modelling minion, this surely falls below the 25% limit?
  14. I've only been speaking English since I was twice, I'll trust you on this one .
  15. Fuselage halves joined and wing halves joined. Probably should of Englished my last post betterer....
  16. Dug out my TrumpyBoss 1/72 F-107 last night to see where I stood with it, only glued the fuselage and wings together, guess that counts as under 25%? If so, would love to get that one done after the Thud, time willing!
  17. Love the Mouse, brace yourself, lawyers incoming soon ! Will be getting this kit (hopefully). Wanted to do a JASDF Sabre, but there are exactly 0 decals sheets out there to do this, I'm still hoping the new Airfix Sabre stimulates some action though. Think I will/have to paint those orange stripes though!
  18. I'm guessing I could join, gives me an excuse to pick this up locally languishing on the shelves of my local!
  19. By the looks of it, I can add 2 blade antenna's to the ALQ-87 to make an incredibly drunk accurate 1/72 ALQ-71? Maybe shape the one side too.
  20. Which ECM pod was used? I stumbled upon 2 1/72 Hasegawa Weapon sets available locally (I & IV). I think "I" has 6 (??) M117's I can use, and "IV" has some ECM pods but not sure if they are from the correct time period? For reference: 1 x each ALQ-101 | ALQ-119 | AN/ALQ-131 | AN/ALQ-87 ECM Pod I *think* the ALQ-101 was used on F-4's later on in 'Nam?
  21. Need to stress, not my method, I just saw and copied someone's else work! Thanks though! Anyway, the main colour is down. Suitably futzed with to make it slightly more interesting. In a break from tradition, I applied a basecoat of XF-70 IJN Dark Green #2 to work off of instead of the black primer. Then added increments of XF-3 Yellow to the green to get the above. Then a very dilute layer of XF-70 & a small dash of XF-3 was applied over to tone things down. Going to let it cure overnight, and then into the ID bands, Hinomaru's and other various bits and bobs I'm going to spray instead of using decals.
  22. Been pondering this question, so don't think I'm ignoring you! Kit comes with: 2 x AGM-12 Bullpups, 8 x Mk.82's and 2 x wing & 1 x center gas bags. AGM-12's I think are not common from what I've seen so not doing them. I do have a good couple left over SnakeEyes from a Academy F-8, but I'm not terribly sure to be honest, think I can use them, specifically mounted on the center hardpoint on a MER from the same/another kit*. Or not. Use the kits Mk.82's there, and whack 2 appropriate Sidewinders on the outer pylons? * - ideally I would like to use M117's (??) here, but alas I have none.
  23. I'm going follow this one, trying desperately to get my hands on this kit here and want to see what's in store for me!
  24. Read this this morning, and spent some quality time on the throne of contemplation today doing some light reading on this. Found Giorgio N's build from a 5 year old Nam GB build on this here site. After much consideration, with particular attention payed to my skillz level and desire for something quick, I think I'm doing a SEA bird instead!
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