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Ritter - A 1/20th scale Kreiger fighting suit

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This one was a quick simple build from the spares box. 

If you're going to build a mechanical device, a vehicle for instance, you'll need prototypes/development 'mules' to iron out the bugs and refine the design.

The kreiger universe has Armoured fighting suits (AFS). What came before them? How were they developed?

Enter this thing, The Ritter (German for Knight). The basic shell was a Boeing Sea Knight Helicopter, first built many years ago, The rest of it pretty much built itself.


Scale is 1/20th. Helmut, our techie, shows the size of it. Yes, there is a bloke inside it.



Paint is Tamiya rattle can, Imperial Japanese Navy grey/green. I think it suits the model. It's a bit grubby after months of testing.



The projectile weapon is ex macross I think and has been slightly modified.



The AFS have what looks like a Vespa engine. This one has a radial.



The engine is ex 1/72nd B-24. That nest of vipers exhaust is ex 1/24th F1 car. Fuel would be internal. The tank below the engine is an oil cooler/reserve tank.



Arms and legs were mostly built from various cheap Japanese robot kits.



Multi layer armoured glass in front of the Jockey. That's my excuse for not sanding off the Marauder canopy frames!



Having a lie down and showing the transmission system.



Yes, it can sit too. At the moment it doesn't stand so well, I need to stiffen up the leg and hip joints. And the feet are still a bit too small.

It's been an enjoyable build, as usual it sort of developed as it went on and then suddenly it was finished!

Thanks for looking and your comments are always welcome. Pete


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It looks very industrial.

Not really all that practical in combat but that would be correct.

I like the satchel bottom fuel tank.


According to the MaK history the AF suits WERE supposedly developed from construction equipment if I remember correctly.

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For the record, I noticed in the WIP thread you mentioned the questionable quality/provenance of the Nitto Ma. K. heads. I can confirm the genuine article is exactly as dodgy. The Nitto kits you see around these days are basically just reissues of 1984 kits, and the quality of the head moulding reflects that, sadly.

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