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  1. As a slight aside, is that chap in picture 5 really standing looking inside the vehicle interior at the rear while the gun is firing? Surely the vehicle would, at the very least, move on its suspension and give him, shall we say, a bit of a turn? SD
  2. This is very helpful indeed Bertie - your 'take the reader by the hand and show them how you do it' approach is very informative. Thanks for being so open with your working methods. I've read the posts from a little while back with your disclaimers about not being an expert. Nevertheless, I'm finding following your work helps me to understand how these stealers are created. SD
  3. I'm too late to the party here - thanks GRM. Very busy working at my daughter's new house! Every time I see this picture I think that policeman chap has a look of Admiral Donitz. Don't you think? SD
  4. Hope you're feeling better. The tutorial on getting the wales in their correct position is inventive and very helpful. The gunport locating blocks are a great idea! As the 600g added to the clamping faces SD
  5. Lovely job there Ian - very convincing weathering and general wear and tear on this aircraft. I think the carrier film on your Hazenkreuz markings might be a bit thick - SD
  6. Hi Jerry Welcome to BM from me as well - a little closer geographically. There's lots here to capture anyone's interest, plus very helpful and knowledgeable members. Weird and unusual? Yep, there are members like that too! Oh, you meant models SD
  7. Now that's a well-mixed yellow fuselage band! SD
  8. Just caught back up with your revived thread here Steve - excellent job there on the tracks, detailing and painting! SD
  9. That's a nifty little shaped wood former there Bertie - is it home made? Thanks for the bending tutorial as well - it's very helpful to see the ideas I've read about actually used in real life. SD
  10. Try Uschi van der Rosten decals - he has a set tailored for the 229. It's about half way down this page https://www.uschivdr.com/shopping-categories/shop-wood-grain-decals/ SD
  11. Be careful with your weathering and chipping when you get there - much of the 229 was made of wood! SD
  12. I'll take that challenge Dick There's been quite a bit posted about the obvious greed and snobbery, but what about the other side of these concepts - generosity and help? Over the years I've been very struck by how generous some modellers can be - I once asked for some 1/32 FW numerals on another site and a chap from Texas sent me an almost complete EagleCals sheet! I'm an optimistic sort, and I believe that, while our hobby has its poorer behaviours on occasions, there are more compensating examples of generosity of spirit out there. SD
  13. Here we are, courtesy of eBay I made sure to choose a 'proper' manufacturer - and avoid any IP issues. It's had a little work done already (the keel and bulkheads have been assembled). I hope that these are true and well-glued, but I am prepared to dissemble and reglue if needed. I like the lines of the Swift, and, having checked the other site, it seems a very popular choice for a first timer like me. Not sure about a WIP, but we'll see... It's in the post, so I don't yet have sight of it in the flesh. I'm already wondering if I should order some extra planking material as I anticipate that there could well be breakages and accidents. Oh, and one of your pterodactyl cutters looks like a good idea as well? SD
  14. Question for you Bertie: Do these little reinforcing blocks get glued permanently in place? Or do you remove and reuse them? Looks like the former... I'm also going to step out of line here and gently request that some of your lovely work, like the the fo'c'sl bulkhead, is left au naturelle and not painted? That little pic on the preceding page of your work looks lovely! BTW, you can take the blame credit here exclusively - I've bitten as a result of your work and have a wooden ship model on its way as I type this. SD
  15. I used to frequent car boot sales looking for kits. Lots of cold, rainy Sunday mornings sifting through piles of tat on stalls after an unreasonably early start to get there. One especially wet and cold morning I was about to leave for home when I walked past a chap selling jigsaws in boxes out of the back of his Transit. One box had emblazoned on the end 'Aurora 2001 Moonbus' I knew it wasn't a jigsaw so asked him how much it was. '10p' came the reply. So I bought it. Then I realised just how scarce this was and had a very nice feeling. Some years later my son was after a Mountain Bike for Christmas - we were young, with small children, and money was tight. I saw an ad in a modelling mag from a dealer looking for Aurora sci-fi and horror kits (this was before the Internet) so I called him and told him what I had. He offered me enough money to buy my son's bike outright Greed on my part? I don't think so - my son had the bike for years and still cycles today - he's 38 now SD
  16. I'm pretty sure that this particular aircraft has been discussed here on BM before and that the conclusion was that these radiators were a one-off and unique to this airframe. @Max Headroom and @woody37 might have more on this SD
  17. Thanks for this. The card has a column headed Cat'y/Cause and another headed 'Contractor' . The information given in the first column for both returns is Cat RC (might be 'HC' for the second visit to Avro. The information in the second column (Contractor) is R.O.S. A. V. Roe. I could understand one return to Avro for a service/overhaul perhaps, but two within a month? Modification now, that's a different thing. (However, as someone who has done research in the field for real and under scrutiny, I'm very aware of the dangers of 'cherry-picking' evidence to support a hypothesis, so I'm still open to the maintenance idea). Any ideas what 'Cat RC' and 'R.O.S. A.V. Roe' might mean? Edit: R.O.S. could mean 'Repaired on Site' http://www.associations.rafinfo.org.uk/acronyms.htm SD
  18. A further twist: Inspired by information in the Lancaster FE thread currently running, I checked this data card for ND673 - the Lanc VI in that picture with the code F2@V and turrets removed. Thanks @Geoffrey Sinclair for the idea http://lancasterbombersinfo.ipage.com/Data/Form-78s/Lancaster/ND625-ND684/mobile/index.html It appears that ND673 had a more complex history than I (at least) had realised. After service with 635 Sqn it went to the RAE on Dec 17 1944 (this I knew). BUT the card shows two return visits to Avro on June 4th and June 28th 1945. First for 15 days, then for 8 days. Then finally being SOC at the RAE on Jan 31st 1947. So why return the aircraft to Avro? Twice? Does this signify relatively major work being undertaken on this airframe? All this before that picture was taken. This is new information for me - I understood that this airframe stayed at the RAE after service with 635 Sqn - I was not aware Avro undertook further work on it.. This information strengthens my suspicion that ND673 may not be a 'typical' Mk VI (if such a thing exists!). Food for thought SD
  19. Thanks Giampiero. I couldn't use the 'thanks' and 'laugh' emojis together on your post! SD
  20. Checking the Airfoil in question (Issue No 1) , the location is Herzogenaurach in Bavaria. Sheflin gives more information about the 2 Fws in the main portion of the film. Taxiing is Fw 190F-8 W Nr. 588453, marking with a Black Gruppe Adjutant's chevron and a Green number 2. Sheflin describes 74/75/76 camo, with a yellow nose ring (we now know that this was a late-war Luftflotte 4 marking). The second airframe is Fw 190A-8 Yellow 8 W Nr. not known. Sheflin believes this to be 81 Braunviolett combined with Dark Green (I no longer use RLM numbers for these late war colours as there is so much confusion about what they mean), and 76 undersides. Both with very dark fuselage undersides (I wonder if these have been painted? - not certain of that) and ETC racks. Also with the yellow late-war theatre markings. SG2 would seem to be plausible as their unit - elements of this Gruppe ended the war at Prague - not that far away. These two aircraft may have been flown to Germany to avoid capture by the Russians? JaPo's Luftwaffe over Czech Territory 1945 has photos of an Fw 190F-8 marked in like fashion as <3+ - the three could well be green. No Luftflotte yellow nose band though. SG4 and SG77 also ended their war in Bohemia. SD
  21. The opening 10 seconds shows USAAF Lt Bruce Carr after he crash-landed 'Blue 31' from I/EKG (J). He claimed to have escaped captivity after stealing the plane hmmmm. In reality he had arranged to steal it in the days after May 8th and, having got it airborne, was unable to lower the undercarriage with the results you can see. This 190 was a strange A6/A8 hybrid, with features of both marks. It's mentioned in this recent BM thread by @MDriskill. Following that is footage of an F-8 being taxied by a US pilot (complete with flat tail wheel tyre!) - I think this is at Herzogenaurach in Bavaria (have to check that). Stills from the film appear in one of Steve Sheflin's Airfoil magazines. Nice film SD
  22. Great job! I like the surface semi-gloss finish and your choice of markings too - FU@N SD
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