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    Bf 109D Cockpit

    Thanks! I did wonder if that was the case. SD
  2. SafetyDad

    Bf 109D Cockpit

    This is the best I can do - it may be you already have this. Normally I'd be a little cautious about a drawing without photo support, but its from here So I think in this case I'm comfortable... HTH SD
  3. That’s quite an old link now. I remember checking at the time that it worked because the prices were excellent. But the Classic series sell very quickly. However, as I originally mentioned, they do republish from time to time. The Book Depository are listing all 3 Classic volumes on the Fw 190 as available for pre-order now. And slightly discounted on RRP. SD
  4. You’ll enjoy it. Urbanke has used pilots logbooks to determine aircraft numbers and offers a detailed plausible explanation of how the aircraft were deployed. SD
  5. Just caught up with this (on holiday in France). Thanks @Troy Smith for the shout. I think these pictures were taken at Furth at a railway depot. I’m sure I’ve seen 384 in a black and white print. Obviously I’m away from my books at the moment ( but I have a glass of wine to hand so all is not lost ). I can check later this week for you. SD
  6. +1 for @Kjetil Åkras recommendation for Luftwaffe Im Focus 29. Excellent reading which really clarifies how the Ta152 was used at war’s end. It explains why you see white, green, red and black numbers on these aircraft. SD
  7. I saw the new Albert flying over Cambridge UK last year. My daughter was having treatment at Addenbrookes and Albert was doing circuits overhead for half an hour or so. SD
  8. I haven't got a picture to hand - I'll have a look for you. +1 for this. You really need a picture of your specific machine to be sure. HTH (I know it doesn't really). Let's see if I can turn up a pic SD
  9. That's a real shame. I've got a resin one in 48th that I can send you gratis if that would help? Slightly higher parts count There's a chip out of the resin rudder, but there's a plastic spare in the box. Let me know SD
  10. I think I could be convinced that the cowl and fuselage are similar, but different tones of grey in this picture above. Look closely at the vertical panel line behind the air filter - could be two distinct greys - hence perhaps yellow cowl with camo on the top (sort of an early anti-glare panel? , with blue 65 painted on the panel behind? SD
  11. Wonderful work! Those window frames look the business. She looks marvellous (and I don't like helicopters much!). Very impressive SD
  12. Nice job - well done! Excellent paintwork and convincing weathering too. SD
  13. Nice tidy job. It's easy for me to forget how small this canopy is in 1/72. I expect you're well aware of that just now! SD
  14. When the present uncertainty settles more convincingly then you'll be able to reacquaint yourself with the TAHS at the IPMS Northern Show. They've attended in the past. They also come to the Scale Scotland show in Edinburgh. The Northern Show is held in... North Shields! Always a good occasion and well worth attending. The IPMS website is showing the provisional dates for 2022. SD I think the town (or Toon) is big enough for two SDs
  15. Lovely job of one of my favourite late-war 109 colour schemes. SD
  16. Chapeau to you sir for your airbrushing skills! Taken that close to the model, that picture is remarkable! Both patterns of mottle are beautifully done. SD
  17. Just had another look at those pictures - I hadn't really taken in that particular machine. It appears in all three pictures if we accept that they were taken with the aircraft lined up in the same order. Which seems a reasonable asumption. The first colour picture is taken through its cockpit windows, and shows the colour of the starboard engine nacelle and wing. Now 76 year old colour pictures are subject to colour shift and change, but I would suggest that the upperwing might be solid RLM 75 rather than black? This is a known scheme for late war aircraft. The second B&W pic also shows the starboard side of this Ju88 , behind D5+RW . Again, I feel this is not black, but rather a dark shade. So grey for me. Just my 2p - it's always a bit of a guessing game interpreting B&W pics and I've enjoyed the experience of re-evaluating these pictures as a result of your observations on them, so thanks! SD
  18. I have to say that I have more than a little sympathy for your view - its a very murky picture. On the other hand, the lack of cowl gun bulges can be made out (to my eye at least), so like you I feel that it's not a D-9. Jerry makes a reasonable case I feel, but I also concur with you that clearer pictures would be very helpful. Food for thought... Congratulations on your build of 'Red 3' - its very convincing SD
  19. That's some neat paintwork - especially in 1/72! Great job! SD
  20. That's very well done - really looks the part. Excellent job! 3? Jerry Crandall is quietly confident that he has identified the fifth JV44 machine in scrapyard pictures taken at Bad Aibling - Focke-Wulf 190D-11 'Red 2'. as here - Source: Crandall J. (2009) The Focke-Wulf 190D Vol 2. Eagle Editions Hamilton Mt. USA p102. (Photo intentionally presented with some distortion to discourage further public reproduction) So now you could make the set! SD
  21. Quite correct - I saw that as I was taking the picture. . I was more concerned about sharing the nature of the kit parts. The 'Made in W. Germany' label certainly helps to date the kit though. Thanks for the extra information about WK models - appreciated. SD
  22. +1 for this. I have a number of resin Luftwaffe kits cast in a similar way, with all small parts enclosed in a 'wafer' of resin. Here's one I think they were the precursors of the likes of CMK and Planet, whose earlier models also looked a lot like this, but with better presentation, moulding and they had decals! HTH SD
  23. Lovely lovely job! Well done - as the others have said, a very impressive build. I take some comfort in your use of rattlecans - I too have one of these to build and using spray cans would seem to be the way. What variations of silver did you use? SD
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