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  1. A brilliant design the Fruitbat, no question, but I have some doubts about the wisdom of connecting the urine holding tanks in with the engine cooling system. It strikes me that there might have been a better way...
  2. Most unfortunate that. A great deal of difficult to find information on the Fruitbat and its variants may have been irretrievably lost. A pity.
  3. She has has turned out very well. Subtle colouring, the tiny data tags, her facial expression (with the slight embarrassment of being caught with her charger hooked in.) I think I prefer her without the gun myself but that's just me. Very nice.
  4. Hey Mabel! That crazy Krieger guy is at it again! Come have a look see!
  5. Huh. Well then, I dunno. One thing though, your face paint is better. The face in the video looks kind of hopeless and resigned. What you painted looks shy and wary but somehow optimistic. Like she could smile any minute. Interesting what a little colour and a few lines will do.
  6. She is looking very pretty. She is so Japanese! I have to ask, as I missed it if you mentioned, what is she from? Gotta be some kind of anime thing. I was just wondering what her (or 'it's') back story was. Has she been disassembled for maintenance or repairs? Is she some kind of demonstrator model? Just curious what your thoughts were. (The face looks great btw)
  7. Hah! You're lucky! At least you guys know how to use a round-about. (well, mostly) We invented the friggin' things but nobody over here has ever seen one until fairly recently and no one has a clue how to use it!
  8. 5,000,000 candlepower flashlight helps (I wuz gonna look up a nice picture to help with the funny but everything is in lumens these days. Am I so old that I still think in candlepower? Yikes.)
  9. Tzulscha

    'Codger' R I P

    Sad news indeed. Talents such as his are hard to lose. I actually first signed on to BritModeler just to make a comment in his Rolls thread, so I have him to blame for getting in with you lot. Thanks Codger.
  10. used in pointed conversations (unlike this thread whose only point is to be obscure at best)
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