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  1. to fly straight down (I built a LOT of those old stick and tissue kits. I was never very successful at getting them to fly however...)
  2. It was ONE weekend! Jeez, play a fiddle your whole life and they don't call you a fiddle-player, but just one monkey....)
  3. do the busbumpers shinn?
  4. New! Improved! Backpack Sized! (for those people we all know, who are full of sh.... um, themselves.)
  5. or miniature giant hampsters
  6. of kinky leather goods
  7. in his be-glittered swimtrunks
  8. Well, someone had to
  9. smells like teen spirit
  10. it's the final countdown
  11. and a smurf vindaloo
  12. Timbuktu and Kalamazoo too
  13. pole dancing advanced classes
  14. just a little nibble
  15. buncha hosers tho' eh?
  16. the problem is cheese
  17. swamp water is better
  18. replacement for radial tyres
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