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  1. Very very nice. The colours look just right to me - great job on this! SD
  2. Nice nice nice! And a big +1 from me for the nostalgia value for the Revell Stuka box art. I like the way that you've stuck to your guns over the snake. SD
  3. I too had wondered this, so thanks for posing this question SD
  4. Now that's some ambitious reworking! @Tzulschais right - the only original bit left will be the rocket nozzle at the rear! Perhaps... Keep going! SD
  5. Excellent stuff Pete! Really enjoying the build (and your persuasive reasoning). SD
  6. That's a great result on the panel Justin - can you please say a little more about this 'water-soluble coloured pencil' magic? Sounds like a technique I should try! SD
  7. That's great workmanship on the fuselage there! SD
  8. Slightly tongue-in-cheek, but given Eric Brown's compact stature (I was lucky enough to have met him at Telford some years ago) perhaps a 1/35 figure might be the best choice here? Great idea for the build BTW and an excellent choice of markings. SD
  9. There's a LOT of variation in size and shape there Chris! I'll have a peek through some references to see if I can help SD
  10. Nice to see the old Fujimi kit getting a bit of love here Nice job! SD
  11. Following Pete. Pleased this kit is being given another chance. I like your ideas - should keep you out of mischief during Lockdown 2 SD
  12. I hadn't seen that picture before - thanks! That 77/75 (or 82) combination will make a very distinctive model. SD
  13. That's great Pete! Very well thought through and constructed - looks the part! SD
  14. OK Andrew here we go: 332700 features on the rear cover of the first JaPo book on the Bf109K-4 and they speculate thus: Bear in mind this book is some age now (1997). In their second volume the authors are much more systematic and analytical, proposing camo schemes according to serial number batches. So for the 332*** batch we are presented with this (which is part of a larger 8 os 109K painting directive): and this overall: You'll note that this last scheme refers to 'dark' and 'light' colours as
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