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  1. When our neighbours moved in a few years back they were having new carpets fitted. The van parked outside bore the livery 'Lino Ritchie - is it me you're looking floor?' Made me chuckle... SD
  2. Nice job - looks excellent SD
  3. And that reliance upon the Hendon example may be just the reason why they made the error. See here - the middle section is apparently a later replacement... SD
  4. Great stuff - inventive as ever. Really enjoying this thread. That door is going to look the business! SD
  5. Oh dear - you're right of course. Looking for the 'hang my head in shame emoji'. This is the best I can find SD
  6. I agree with the comments posted above - your paintwork looks excellent. I'm only a newbie armour enthusiast, but didn't the crews have the latitude to paint their own tanks? And sometimes mix their paint (in the field) using petrol as the solvent? Not exactly precision mixing... Wouldn't that very likely account for any variations in colours? I'm with @Pigpen here - you're being too hard on yourself. Trash this model? Errr, no. It's your model, made for your enjoyment - I'd be delighted if it was mine. Deffo keep it Great job - looking forward to your weathering stage SD
  7. A couple of ideas for you @PeterB This first one would carry forward the idea of the fuselage crosses infilled with green. Not the same green as on your decals though... Being contentious, I would venture that the colours here are Dark Green (83?), Light Grey 77 and 76, but hey-ho it's a certainly a light grey on the uppersurfaces. Or this as previously highlighted by @Troy Smith: (all from Messerschmidt Bf109K Vol 2 JaPo publications and offered here for the sole purpose of research and discussion - intentionally photographed with some distortion to discourage further reproduction.) Unusually for a K you have a colour shot, also a late-war combination of light grey and green (again) and no mottling! HTH SD
  8. Nice paintwork there - it all blends together in a very realistic way. Well done! SD
  9. And let's not forget the MDC resin Typhoon in 1/32 which attracts excellent reviews... SD
  10. Troy has given some sound information and supplied great pictures and links here. It's well worth browsing Marc-Andre Haldimann's Flickr pages in the link above - some very interesting and inspiring pics and ideas. Happy to browse through the JaPo books, but I would ask @PeterB to give me a pointer or two about his preferences - are you after a scheme with RVD bands? Or a specific unit? Or a particular combination of colours? (I would be drawn to the likes of 'Black 12' at Prague shown above, or the JG4 schemes with the Black/white/black bands and possibly a JG4 cowling badge). SD
  11. Me too. Great solution from @perdu Worth trying a spray of primer first though as suggested by @Fritag to gauge the effect before taking action. SD
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