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  1. +1 from me for Jeff too. I bought a resin 1/32 Accurate Aircraft Bf109G10 from him some years back (before injection moulded kits were available). He'd listed it as a full kit but its a conversion for the old Revell 109. Jeff realised this when packing my purchase up, and included, at his cost, the required Revell 109 for me. Great service from Jeff! Never did build the conversion though... SD
  2. Great stuff! Looks excellent. Thoughtful build, really convincing paintwork and an ingenious display stand. Take a bow! SD
  3. Excellent! I will unashamedly swipe your ideas for NMF and weathering from this build. It's turned out really well! Congratulations on a really high quality model. As other shave already said - even more kudos for this being 1/72 SD
  4. Totally outside of my normal area of interest, but I'm enthralled by your skill (with the engine extensions and wing tapes for example) and your patience. Really enjoying this Moa! SD
  5. I'd like to add my voice to the BM massive offering support to you. I have some insight into your situation, as my parents are in their 80s and becoming ever more frail. It's certainly not an easy role to adopt as carer/supervisor/finance chief. We've not met (although I saw you at Telford last November) but please accept my sincere good wishes and support from afar SD
  6. Simply beautiful! Excellent paintwork complimented by really well done photography. Really nice! SD
  7. Excellent! Tres bon! I especially like the weathering on the Corsair, Ju87G and the Frank. Absolutely first class paintwork! I've been staring at your close-up of the Ju87 and there is just so much to see and take in. Wonderful! SD
  8. Nice job there Volker! Looks great! I especially like the paint contrast you've achieved with the new warhead vs the older airframe on the Ju88. Good job SD
  9. That's lovely! Really well done. Great build with a flawless finish. SD
  10. Good point - I had missed that. SD
  11. Hi Walter That's a bit of a toughie. Both pictures may have been colourised which makes things tricky. The lighting (light and shade) is infuriatingly unhelpful as well! Notice how the photographer has cleverly managed to avoid including wheel doors or wing undersides. However, if you look here I think that the circled area shows the outside surface of the undercarriage door in 76. Other caveats above notwithstanding. As always, its your model, so paint it how you wish and then invite any dissenter to support their case constructively. I've always had a soft spot for those radar equipped single seater Luftwaffe fighters. Go for it! SD
  12. Lovely neat work there Jim. And great supporting text and pictures Following... SD
  13. +1 to @Roger Newsome's comments. The fence, the setting and the lighting all play their part. The model itself is very well done - the faded markings and weathering are excellent! Well done! SD
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