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  1. SafetyDad


    +1 from me for waiting and watching. I too have been on eBay a long time (20 years and 1700+ positive feedbacks). I have never complained about PayPal fees ( I realise that PP is no longer a part of eBay) because of the protection from fraud that PP afforded me. I'me very reluctant to give out my bank details to eBay and I agree with @JohnT and @BallsBuster about the practicalities of this idea. Lets see eh? SD
  2. Beautifully posed and painted figures - it all makes an extremely convincing scene. Well done! SD
  3. Hi Giampiero Well, I've looked in Smith & Creeks 3 volume set on the Fw190, Ketley & Thomas' book on KG200 and War Prizes by Phil Butler and the consensus is that no operational missions were flown by KG200 with BT torpedo-bombs. Smith & Creek conclude that a 'few' BT bombs may have been delivered to KG200 in 1945, but that no operational missions were flown. However Aders states that III/KG200 had '24 serviceable BT carriers on strength' in April 1945. But did they have the BT bombs? The Monogram Close-Up on the FW190F has a few interesting pictures - thi
  4. Martin Pegg in his re-issued volume on the Hs129 published by Charndos earlier this year also poses this question. Although a little off-direct-topic I think its worth exploring his thoughts (admittedly about the Hs129 rather than the Fw190D-11) . As always, this is posted in the interests of research and discussion. In summary Pegg proposes that many profiles published in the past have, ahem, shall we say, an inadequate basis in photographic fact. These profiles then acquire credibility on account of their being repeatedly published over many years in no
  5. SafetyDad


    +1 Alan I now only list stuff to sell when eBay have an offer such as £1 to sell - otherwise it's a big fee! SD
  6. OK, so supper over & Saturday chores complete, so now I have a little time. All pictures and information is from here: The first of the two Fw 190D-11s is this one and a profile derived from these pictures (there are more pictures in the book) Decals are available from Eaglecals for this airframe (together with 'Yellow 10'. The second of the D-11s marked as <57 is here And a profile (extremely similar to the first airframe). Amazingly, these two extremely rare aircraft, so
  7. Hi there Werdna No books with me at the moment (just about to sit down to supper) but that profile has cowl guns, so it's not a 190D-11. And it has also outer wing 30mm cannon so what does that make it? I think @Troy Smith has a saying for this moment about profiles... I've just read the Classic Volume 1 on JV44 from cover to cover and I can confidently say that there's no mention of this airframe. The airfield protection flight of JV44 had 2 190D-11s on strength - one is Red 4 aka V58 (well documented from pics) and the other seems to be Red 2 (covered in the Cra
  8. The redoubtable @Troy Smith is correct about the similarity between the B and D panels. Courtesy of Merrick K (1996) 'German Aircraft Interiors' Monogram Publishers, Boylston, Mass. For the sake of completeness the B panel looks like this: and the E (All pictures posted solely for the purpose of debate and discussion). They're all very similar in my opinion - the D panel seems literally half-way between those of the B and E, with the upper panel of the B and the lower panel of the E. You'd ha
  9. Absolutely. Having recently read JV44 'The Galland Circus from cover to cover I totally agree with you. In a previous post I did speculate on overpainting at unit level , but the the narrative in the Smith and Creek opus really highlights just how chaotic were the circumstances around JV44s formation and operations. Aircraft were arriving from multiple units, with pilots bringing their own with them! Even Luftwaffe High Command didn't always know the strength of this unit! Interestingly, two points struck me especially after reading the book (and its camouflage and markings notes
  10. That's come out really nicely - lovely job there! SD
  11. Wonderful painting! Excellent job - take a bow sir! SD
  12. That's well done - really like it! SD
  13. FWIW I had a Sharkit Horton Amerikabomber for a while. It looked OK in the box, although the clear parts seemed a bit flimsy. I've since read that it has dimensional errors and doesn't fit well. Perhaps a Google search for reviews of their products might help you? SD
  14. Further to @MDriskill's very clear summary of the only airframe, here are the pictures of this I normally give the source of pictures - this time I'm struggling a little with this as my Japanese is non-existent They are from here - the Author is Hideki Noro and publication date was 2009. All pictures are for the purpose of study These are the same pictures as appear in the JaPo books (I've checked) - I suspect that Hideki Noro supplied these to JaPo as he gets a personal thanks in the intro of the JaPo volumes. HTH
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