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  1. SafetyDad

    Lets scratchbuild an FE2b...

    I've just found this on a quiet Sunday browse through BM threads. Like others here I'm completely amazed at both the quality of your work, plus the ingenuity and thoughtfulness of your construction methods. So much here to learn... You are, of course, completely bonkers SD
  2. That is astonishing! Those replacement corrugations are an amazing match to the rest of the surface. Speechless in admiration... SD
  3. SafetyDad

    How do I post Pictures?

    I posted a picture a few days ago from Flikr and now it won't let me! How frustrating is this!! SD
  4. SafetyDad

    Yellow Vacuforms

    Like others here, I've read that this yellowing is irreversible and a result of the formulation of plastic used by the manufacturer. Taking Marko's specific point above about Planet Models, this applies to some, but not all. I have a Planet 1/48 Ju388K/L with very badly yellowed vac parts, but also a Planet He 1077 Julia where the parts have remained as clear as the date they were purchased. Hopefully, they changed the formulation of the Vac plastic they use? I must also add positive feedback for the good folks at Special Hobby/CMK/Planet, who supplied me with replacement transparencies for my kit Free of Charge earlier this year - thanks chaps! SD
  5. SafetyDad

    How do I post Pictures?

    Just testing but I think it's worked!
  6. SafetyDad

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    And pictures in Airfix Magazine too!
  7. SafetyDad

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    You are, of course, completely correct! Thanks. My rather untidy use of English didn't convey clearly my intended meaning when I review my post above. Your picture helps considerably; thanks PC! SD
  8. SafetyDad

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    I'm pleased to say that I've found some additional information on the Lancaster VI that I've not seen within any of the other on-line discussions. I picked up my copy of 'Bombing Colours 1937-1973'by Michael J F Bowyer, published by PSL 1973 in an effort to see what he had to say about the Day Bombing Scheme used by the Grand Slam Lancasters, and I found this on p205: ‘On February 17 1945, at Farnborough, I had a look at ND673: F2-V, a Lancaster VI, its engines installed as ‘power eggs’. These were annular cowled Merlins designed for easy maintenance and removal. Otherwise she was a normal Lancaster as regards marking, with F2 in the fore/aft style. Paddle bladed airscrews were fitted and she lacked a dorsal turret. In the well-known picture of her by John Rawlings she appears to have striping on the tail, but this was not a special operational marking. An interesting feature was her radar. Over the tail turret she had a long arm with tail warning radar as well as bow and arrow aerials pointing at about 45 degrees from the base of the extreme rear fuselage. She had served on 635 Squadron at Downham Market from August to November 1944 where JB765:U, ND418:Q and JB713:Z (missing August 18/19 1944) also flew trials.‘ So this tells us No mention of front turret missing – was this still present in Feb 1945 and could it have been present with 635 Sq? No mention of missing spinners either. I would imagine that Michael Bowyer would have mentioned any 4 bladed propellers, so the case for 3 bladed props in Squadron use is arguably strengthened here. The ‘bow and arrow’ tail aerials would be ‘Boozer’ above and ‘Monica’ below. Monica was discontinued within a short period after the Ju88G 4R+UR arrived at Woodbridge on July 13th 1944 – interesting that F2-V still carried it in Feb 1945. I agree with Seahawk’s argument advanced in the thread on the Grand Slam Lancasters that today we can be tempted to overlook contemporary testimony of witnesses in favour of what we believe to be correct. Michael JF Bowyer was a well-respected and conscientious observer of RAF aircraft of his time and, as such, I believe that his description here offers some valuable new information on the Lancaster VI. Even if this means sadly that I have to abandon my proposition that ALGT may have been used on the 635 Sg Lancaster VIs. There’s no room for Monica and AGLT together, and, of course, he would have mentioned the presence of the under turret radar dish. There is also no mention of any other external aerials for Carpet for example? Oh, and BTW, Bowyer describes the undersurfaces of the B1(Special) on p213 where he describes LS-R as Dark Earth/Dark Green with Medium Grey undersides, 'although the latter, on close inspection, looked to be more silver than grey'. Interestingly, and of relevance to the Lancaster VI, he also explicitly mentions the missing nose turret on LS-R. It would be reasonable to extrapolate that, if this was missing on F2-V in Feb 1945 that he might have mentioned this? SD
  9. May I join the chorus of 'Happy Birthday' as well? Nice going on the Lancaster - she'll turn out well. Being in your 30s is just like an extension of being a teenager Later on, there's real aging to do! SD
  10. SafetyDad

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    A quick online search for 7 Sq Lancasters reveals that some at least followed 7 Sqs practice of smaller than usual letters 'MG' as used on their Stirlings. http://www.historyofwar.org/Pictures/pictures_lancaster_MG-N_7_sqn.html These codes might be a little tricky to find... Other 7 Sq Lancasters seem to have used more conventional codes. https://raf-pathfinders.com/7-squadron/ No pictures of MG-O yet...
  11. SafetyDad

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    As a postscript to my post above I must apologise for being rather absorbed in the technical aspects of this Lancaster variant, and not acknowledging sufficiently the bravery of their crews. For the crew of JB675 15 ops in 4 weeks; 13 in daylight over occupied Europe with only a rear turret for self defence. Master Bombers didn't just bomb and leave for home, they orbited the target for 25 to 35 minutes. And sometimes were distinctively marked as well! In Autumn 1944 the Luftwaffe Reichsverteidegung units were still a force to be reckoned with. The bravery of these crews deserves my utmost respect. Returning to the OP; Procopius: did you decide on your markings and locate a source for them? I'm considering a 1/48 scale Lanc VI and have finally located a source of markings, (credit here to Troy and his highlighting of 435 Sq's smaller codes). Can you believe it? - a Cutting Edge Beaufighter (!) sheet I have has codes of the correct 36 inch size and colour, that with some cutting and ingenuity will make either F2-V or F2-Z. Or I might change tack (bearing in mind the information above) and model JB675 as a tribute to WC Craig and crew. Of course I'll need full size 48inch codes for that one... SD
  12. SafetyDad

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    Thanks for the additional info PC - its much appreciated. The evidence (such as it is) seems to support the operational removal of turrets, presumably in the interests of additional speed? I'm sure I've read somewhere that front and upper turret removal was known by the RAF to significantly increase the speed of a Lancaster, but wasn't widely undertaken (morale reasons? - I've no idea). I get differing figures for the performance of the Lancaster VI (remembering the engines are also different from the Marks I or III). These seem to be generally accepted as: Max speed of Lancaster III was 275 mph @15 000 ft Max speed of Lancaster VI was 313 mph @18 200 ft One source (http://forum.keypublishing.com/showthread.php?45789-Avro-Lancaster-B-VI-Info) suggests 345mph at 30 000 ft! This seems unbelievable, but then there is this: ‘JB713 was flown by your late neighbor (Victoria, BC) W/C Reg Lane DFO, DFC and Bar, C/O - 405 sqdn. PFF, on March 24/25, 44. This a/c and crew were Master Bomber on the last of the Berlin raids...."The night of The Big Winds". The R/G,s log, (F/L Jimmy Scannell DFM, DFC, 89 ops), states: "25 minutes spent over target area". Dr. Theo Boiten has concluded they were intercepted and chased by a JU88 on return leg. The 88 was unable to overtake the MKVI due to it's superior speed.’ The source for this statement is given within the thread as http://www.bombercommandmuseum.ca/s,reglane.html. However, following the link, I can't find the source in the page about Reg. Top speed of the Ju88G-1 isn't that easy to pin down definitively, but 356mph @ 27 890 ft seems to be accepted. So all very vague and rather confusing I'm afraid. This http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C3306580 might clarify things (it's the list of mods for the Lancaster VI held at the National Archives at Kew). Not digitised yet. I must get around to requesting a copy... Sorry to go on a bit, this is a special area of interest to me. Any corrections to the information above would be most welcome. SD
  13. I've just found this thread, and am thoroughly enjoying both your build PC, and the accompanying gentle humour that is accompanying it. I too aim to follow your progress closely in future. BTW, and not wanting to hijack your thread, I think you gentlemen might be confusing two Ju88 acquisitions by the RAF. The defection was a Ju88R-1 to Dyce in Aberdeenshire; indeed two crew were defecting (gosh my auto speller had them going to the toilet there, rather than changing wartime allegiances - ). One poor lad on the crew wasn't in on the plan, so must have had a very bad day... Arguably the more valuable acquisition was the Ju88G-1 that landed in error at Woodbridge having flown a reciprocal compass course, becoming totally lost in the process. This airframe was chock-full of radar and ECM equipment, and it was the discovery by RAF specialists of the previously unknown FuG 227 Flensburg set to home onto Monica that led to the hurried removal of Monica from BC aircraft. Back to your Lancaster now PC...
  14. SafetyDad

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    It certainly does: 48 inch codes in 1/72 scale equate to 32 inch in 1/48. Plenty of 1/72 48 inch code decals out there. Finding 32inch codes in 1/72 might be more of a problem, although 36 inch are readily available. Sorted!
  15. SafetyDad

    Are there any Lancaster VI decals in 1/72?

    Good point Troy and the evidence was right in front of me all the time! SD