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  1. Drinking on a school night again = late night ordering, you would have thought I would know better at my age. I also ordered a airbrush from China for the massive sum of £6.50 but don't tell Martin.
  2. Just ordered myself a new v2.0 needle and nozzle for my H&S by far the best price around! Cheers Brian.
  3. So a few more small things started, base coat on the ball done ready now for it colour top coat, made a start filling the ponds and made a possible addition to one of the ponds, a snake. I will paint him first and the final decision if he will be included.
  4. Sorry @DalekCheese no Koalas yet or hamsters just a few more plants added.
  5. A bit of Millput to make some tree roots, they will get painted grey but the colour clash looks great...
  6. Yep that is looking quite fantastic. Looking forward to seeing it painted up.
  7. Work on B0B-3 has stopped for now but did get these red and blue vines added to dio. If this one drys OK I will make a few more.
  8. I do like that blue colour scheme, I could almost imagine it in a ball shape.... Pete the build is looking cracking.
  9. Snuck a few mins at the bench at lunchtime and added some more paints... The base colour is much darker in the flesh, my camera make it look much browner than it actually is.
  10. Cheers Dave, really looking forward to this year.
  11. Cheers Andy, that's what I thought but best to have it confirmed. Going to attempt to mix some nice pastel colours using my Vallejo game colours then.
  12. Maybe a pink one.... Happy with how the tree looks just want to some roots running across the surface and I will blacken the ground a bit more before adding some grey and purple washes.
  13. Questions of the day, if I do the hair spray and salt chipping, can I used lacquer paint for my top coat?
  14. Some work of a tree and grownd cover started, also gong to add some water...
  15. Trawling the tinternet for references as you do when your supposed to me working and came across this site and build. I just had to share it here as one of the best thing I have ever seen, absolutely brilliant! http://brassgoggles.co.uk/forum/index.php/topic,33038.550.html
  16. https://ipmsuk.org/calendar/keighley-plastic-model-club-edition-ii-2019/ September 22 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm BST University Academy Keighley, Greenhead Road Keighley, BD20 6EB United Kingdom + Google Map
  17. While I wait for some surplys I started another smaller junk project, using some tank parts, a spray can lid, flashing kids toy parts and arms from a Haro ball, this should end up looking a bit like a retro robot with its clear dome head and flashing led brain... We will see once it's all put together.
  18. Cheers for that guys, had a look and found some crazy paint jobs, really like this one.
  19. While I ponder over paint colours for the tank I have made a start on the base. I picked up a bit of Kingspan from some local builders the other so thought I might as well put it to use. I have orded 2 1/35 odd looking resin figure in gasmasks and overall as well as some blue and purple static grass. The plan is either a red or black ground over with blue grass clumps and a black and purple tree/Bush. The only thing to sort out in my head is the painting of the tank so if you have any suggestions please let's here them, no army green or grey allowed. Cheers Brian.
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