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  1. Nice to see something different to the ultra clean Iron man is normally depicted in. Looks like its right out of the end game.
  2. Stunning work. some very brave close up as well, showing off your skills for sure.
  3. That is absolutely stunning. A call to the natural history museum is needed, they must have lost one of there display peace's.
  4. Cheers and defo pink tyres, do you have any idea why they were pink? A few better pictures as I start masking of the second in the box.
  5. Not the most tidy or the most complete rigging but definitely my best effort so far, just the tail rigging to finish now.
  6. Very nice, I have built its tiny alternative the RG 1/144 scale a few years back when the real grade kit was first released.
  7. Pink wheels prop and nose fitted, just the last few PE and the rigging to get in place.
  8. Sorry should be GP01 its the Gundam in the middle in your group shot. Or RX-78GP Fb Gundam GP 01. The PG comes with a cage type thing to put the FB or Full Burner add ons, onto. In the anime the GP01 starts off on earth as a standard looking Gundam but when it's goes up into space its not much use without the extra parts, the big thrusters on its back hips and lower legs I think. Anyway great looking kits and the physio Zaku is surposed to me a monster of a kit for a 1/100 scale, I can also recommend the 1/100 Sazabi ver K.a. Cheers Brian.
  9. Oh yes they are really nice, big fan of Gundam models, anime and the manga. The Zaku is definitely my favourite of your PG's. Did you build the FB kit for the G03?
  10. I'm no expert and only on my 3rd Edwards kit but had a similar problem of my first effort. I put it down to the amount of releasing agent on the plastic and not fully washing it all off. Stunning looking finish on this kit.
  11. So while I was waiting for a few small parts to dry after painting last night, I made a start on the decals. They are OK, the wing marking are quite heavy and the dragon did end with a few rips but they are on and glossed in place. Wheels, prop and fiddly PE parts still to fit and finish painting, pink tyres sound fun.
  12. @Bob C.Finally getting to use these after much deliberation. I can only guess the discussion the rivet countries might have... First time building full PE guns... What fun.... Oh my eyes are bleeding... but quite enjoying my self.
  13. Really nice work, really like all your WIP photos as well, if i ever pluck to the courage to do something like this they will be great references. Not sure if this link will work but really like the texture of this skin on this one and a good view of the head/ear antenna. I do like the white/red armour. https://images.app.goo.gl/AVWPw7Eb9U5qNiFA6
  14. You can get decals for this? Can a ask where from?
  15. Not really used to colour matching and I thought I was going to end up with the same sort of muddy purple but added a bit of yellow and red and it come out OK. Repainted the wings now much happier with them all.
  16. Now that is impressive! Looking really good already. Would love to see you build a tactical drone to go with him as well.
  17. So I have changed my mind I don't like the colours so have mixed up some new colours and taken the wings off to start again. Just the brown to sort out.
  18. Managed to grab a bit of painting time tonight, it's a little darker than the what the colours look in the instructions but Im happy with them so far.
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