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  1. Not sure were this should go so put it here. A friend printed this in resin for me. Good fun to paint.
  2. I could also only find it in two places, Sideshow collectibles and China and as I wanted to paint it myself I orded it from China. Not sure if they have knock off a sideshow original or if this come from another garage kit.
  3. Oh that is gorgeous, really nicely finished.
  4. Really nice work and a handy guide to keep.... Sorry could resist...
  5. An interesting resin garage kit quite a simple build and paint but very enjoyable. Link
  6. Happy days Pete, glad to see you at another of these.
  7. oooh nice, definitely worth rebuilding.
  8. Only for the one manga that's on the shelf, the others on the floor are rubbish uk copies....
  9. Built the legs for this guy yesterday, still lots to do on him but he is looking so good, even if it a nightmare to build. One of the worst 3rd parts kits I have built for broken parts.
  10. You do know you could publish this build as a book and it would sell.....
  11. I will have to take your word for it, I just stick stuff together and paint it, with little regard for anything else... I would normally use Halfords primary but used some stuff from the £1 shop, it's OK but obviously not good for PE and it stinks like hell. I have never thought about PVA, I have 5L of the stuff left over from a DIY loft project...thanks for that.
  12. Sometimes these thing come apart easily And go back together OK as well.
  13. All finished now, just need to do some more pictures.
  14. Oh balls........... I skipped the gloss coat I normally do before masking. I won't do that again.
  15. Cheers for the interest, a good bit of progress this morning, painting, chipping and some weathering marks added. I will add some more chipping later but want to add a few markings and decals first.
  16. Made a lighter and a few manga to clutter up the place a bit more. Very close to finishing this now. I don't think I will add the TV.
  17. Tied a few decals and have gone with this subtle one.
  18. The black is just the base colour, I will be going over it to get a faded blue grey with lots of chipping and weathering. With a bitnof luck...
  19. Covered this in primer now and trying out this cheep can of spray from B&M, it not very matt but a nice satin finish once dry. Only £4 a can.
  20. Cheers for the interest. A few more bit painted now, painted the cuffs on the hoodie to brake up the orange A bit more and have almost finished the face. Not as dark as I intended but happy with my airbrushing on it. She doesn't look as pink in real life She doesn't look as pink in real lifeas the first picture or as dark as the second picture. My camera is have a hard time taking a decent picture.
  21. Sn orange slightly mucky looking hoody. I think it needs some art work on the back but might have to go with a decal.
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