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  1. Just about finished I think, could do with some trailer trash....
  2. Harness sorted and finished and also made a start on the base this morning. And this is my not very good frog in a hole.... Your going to see it that well so it will do.
  3. That looks like it's come from a scope-dog, very nice.
  4. Not good enough to scup leather straps so my tried and tested method is masking tape cut to size a bit of extra glue.
  5. Not a kit and a bit more of a recommendation for Creative Models limited. I picked up this box of vallejo paint for half price in there damaged box section, well worth the money and not very damaged.
  6. Cheers. On with the harness this morning. Simple but looks right to me?
  7. So I'm no expert and haven't been doing it that long but, I came from airbrushing robot kita to painting figures and most of the paints I use are the same, vallejo air and vallejo game with a few GW washes. I really like the Vallejo air paint to hand paint as they are just about the right consistency and stay wet for blending right out the bottle. My best brushs are Rosemary & Co Pure Kolinsky Pointed Brush Series 33, but have a load of cheep brushes for when painting diorama base's. YT is my go to for tutorials. Have fun Brian. Ps Try not to directy copy the experts it's not going to happen and you will only get disheartened. I have a 75mm finger that I'm on my 3rd attempt at painting by copying the cover art and it's gone back on the shelf of shame......
  8. Skuld & Banpei-kun 1:8 scale, from the anime Oh My Goddess and my first attempt at a larger scale resin kit. I added the de bugging hammer and changed the colours a little. Cheers Brian.
  9. So I have made a start on the tailer for the blurrg to pull, after I tried to scratch one without much so I have used a plastic box as a starting piont added the inside and some fill to cover the gaps. There aren't to many details on the trailer so I'm hoping to come across a cheep IG-11 / IG-88 to cut up and put in trailer and maybe the odd box.
  10. All glossed and I had to pin Banpei-kun down to the base using 2 clothes pins. Give this all a bit of time to dry and I with add Skuld to finish. I should say my thoughts behind the ruff cut wood base, I was hoping it would give a nice contrast between the gloss figures and the wood.
  11. As I got a new spray booth for my birthday the other week I have got to try it out this morning using some laquer paints, so Banpei-kun is being painted. Here he is on a base.
  12. Hi all Time to try my hand at a few more 75mm figures, these to chaps seam to be having a friendly chat about something. I will not post a picture of how the professional has painted this display because I will not get anywhere near lose so your just going to have to put up with slap bash painting again. Most of the parts are all glued together and I have started on the base.
  13. You must have missed it, I cheeted and did a Gulf racing version.
  14. Thanks all for the interest and I'm just about finished with the figures just need to seal it all, then add some saliva to the blurrg and make some sort of base. I'm I'm two mined on if I should make a cart for the blurrg to pull with a busted up IG driod on it. Some pictures of Kuiil
  15. Not really a one off, if you get get your hands on a 3d printer. Not much time this morning before school stared in the house but I did get the bridal and saddle mostly finished.
  16. Have to agree Andrés S after seen the stuff printedplanes produce and then this that was printed from a home set up 3d printing as got to be the future of miniatures, not sure about about the more traditional kits like planes, tanks or scifi space ships etc but the way 3d printing is going who knows. This morning painting contains and I'm much happier with the look, green and drowns added to give a lot better skin tone, mouth and teeth finished though I will be adding some slime in there and the eyes just need a tad more gloss to fill them out.
  17. Working on painting the blurrg this morning, started of with a green wash then a brown wash, dry brushed some light grey and then when over that with some darker drown grey and this is it so far. So far the skin details are looking good I just want a bit more colour tone to the skin. I will add some yellow/green to the underside and a bit more green back into the body.
  18. I know I have one or two old 3D printed kits that are terrible, this was printed using a resin printer, a elegoo mars resin printer, if i had a spare £250 I would be getting one.
  19. You would not be impressed with the rest of the garage, hell hole.
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