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  1. I'm without a phone at the moment so I'm out of the loop a bit but a new one is coming tomorrow. Normal service should resume soon in the mean time if your interested in what I have been up to figure wise take a look at my first 1/6 scale GK kit here:
  2. Cheers, very kind of you. Thank you, I was a little unsure so went with the magnets but she is no top of my desk with her gun looking very mean and moody. Thank your much. And cheers all for the likes, I'm without a phone at the moment so I'm out of the loop a bit but a new one is coming tomorrow. Normal service should resume soon. Cheers Brian
  3. All finished and in the RFI, thanks all for following along. Brian https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235099113-16-scale-resin-female-android-el-01/
  4. My first large scale GK that I have been putting of for some time but once I got started finish it in good time and didn't really have any problems with it either. I added the LEDs as you don't see many GK kit with them and the gun was fitted with magnets so it can be removed but I like the look of her with it. I used a few 1/144 gundam decals to add a bit more detail. Thanks for those who followed the build thread and happy for your coand feedback. Cheers Brian.
  5. That's is a really nice start. Let see were you take on this one.
  6. That is amazingly kind of you to say so, thank you. I agree my face seam to looks quite a bit different and the only difference is the colour used. I had a very tense few minutes, at the bench with the LEDs but they are in....few. Decals done, paint all finished just need to flat coat it I think then finish putting her together.
  7. I have no idea mate, she is from Wonder fest 2019 and that's all I know.
  8. I have no idea mate, she is from Wonder fest 2019 and that's all I know.
  9. That looks like it might be a nice kit, any idea on price?
  10. Cheers. Thanks you, good lighting covers all the ruff paint. Making so good progress on the mechanical parts now, I have kept the top half mostly white and the lower parts mostly gray so I hope it looks ok when it all together. Probably going to flat coat all, I not a fan of how the gloss looks.
  11. Thanks all so much for the interest and suggestions. I have added a white dot in the eye, @Pete in LincsI did try green and blue in photo shop but they looked a bit odd to me. @Tzulscha I have added lower lashes and have agree they look good. Made a start on the base, this will be covered in very dark purple, I think will either look good or complet crap. coin games online
  12. Some more work done on this this morning. The big thing is I think I have finished the head, please let me know if you think it needs anything more? And the upper body is just about done and I like the contrast of the skin and the gloss robot parts. I quite like these picture showing the progress and what I did, might help me improve.
  13. What a fantastic piece of wall art. Really great idea well put together, I think.
  14. Every was out at at team time so I did the eyes, there not perfect but I'm happy with them. Do they need the light dot in them?
  15. Thinking about it I probably should had done a gloss coat with a very diluted skin colour in it then added the highlight on top of that, I will go have a play with sprues later but I think I will leave this one as it is for now.
  16. Your probably right and an excuse to buy the new version 2.0 figures from the same people. Slowly masking and painting the mech parts at the moment, the arms are nearly done just the finger nails to do, not something I have had to paint before.
  17. Cheers, thank you. I'm winging here so don't take what I do as correct, just going with what feels right. I'm thinking of adding a thick layer of gloss and then finishing in matt/satin to try and get some translucencey to the skin. Anybody try this before?
  18. Thanks for the comments. Did a bit more work on the face last night, after add some mucky brown type shadow I then went over that with a darker pink and the over that with some very light pink as highlight and to get a pail completion, not sure if I now need to add a bit of blush to the cheeks.
  19. Fantastic, he really looks the part and just the write mix of real and cartoon look to him.
  20. So today, I have dry fitted what I'm hoping will give my android a very android look, blue lights. I started of with one and added another and thought I was pushing my luck adding more but love the look it gives. I went with the easy way out for the wires.... made a plug.... that is connected to a charger or upload terminal. This is all still very much wipe but you get the idea.
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