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  1. Superb - really excellent weathering, looks just right. Regards, Bill
  2. Astounding work! The paint chipping and weathering is truly superb! Regards, Bill
  3. Excellent work Pete! This really came out looking very nice - such wonderful results from odd bits and pieces. Regards, Bill
  4. Thank you for having a look, I do appreciate the kind comments. Bill
  5. Well done! Intriguing what wonderful things can be done with 3D printing. Bill
  6. Hello Pete - Really amazing how you conjure up these little gems from repurposed spare parts and odd bits. Looking forward to seeing this creation with some primer soon. Regards, Bill
  7. Really excellent, especially from such an old kit. Bill
  8. Many thanks! I have waited for this to come out in a styrene kit for decades. Overall it is a very good kit and a pleasure to build. Endless opportunities for super detailing. Regards, Bill
  9. Thank you! Most of this kit comes together very well, just a few small problems. Lighting not too difficult, I ended up using a total of 24 LED's. Unfortunately, much of the effort on detailing the cockpit can't really be seen. Coming up with sturdy display stands and a proper base was one of the bigger challenges. Good luck with your build, please share photos! Regards, Bill
  10. Plenty of room in this kit for lighting. The engine section is ideal for a battery as the top can snap into place to allow access. I went with an external power adapter primarily because I wanted a remote control which will slowly drain a battery even when switched off. Difficult to see the cockpit, but the pod bay is easily viewed, especially with two of the doors open. Thanks, Bill
  11. Yes! Of course, I should have thought the same thing. That is exactly what is happening. Good call!
  12. Thanks for having a look and commenting! Please have a look also at the finished model in Ready for Inspection - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235094044-moebius-1144-discovery-xd-1/ Some final WIP images - Display case off Display case on Engines. apologies for the poor image. Command sphere as see through display case. Set up for photography. Black felt cloth and "planets". Photos of completed model taken with very old Canon S200 in low light with flash turned
  13. Greetings, Recently completed XD-1 from Moebius in 1/144 scale. Details about the build can be seen here in the works in progress - Many thanks for having a look - questions and comments always welcome! Bill
  14. Work on the command sphere. First pass with paint Dry fit Command sphere together with Interior details in place and wiring. Each LED came with resistor at end of positive wire. I placed all of these together in a plastic harness salvaged from old computer parts. Wiring all tucked up into the sphere Final lighting test before command sphere gets attached to spine. Air lock details Engine lighting details. Th
  15. Superb! Wife even lets you hang this on the wall! Mine would hang my head on the wall if I tried to put one of these up! Bill
  16. Brass sleeve added to collar Steel spine tube inserted into sleeve. Cargo sections - very tedious work Spine connectors. Stee Steel spine tube modified for wiring Alignment problem with kit. Easily corrected by removing tab and carefully aligning by hand. I only noticed this when dry fitting the parts.
  17. Many thanks! As you mentioned there are issues with the Moebius kit, some of which can be corrected easily while others require some major work. Even with these blemishes, I really like this kit and think Moebius have done a good job overall with this subject. I do hope they will correct some of the more obvious flaws in future releases. Regards, Bill
  18. The weathering looks good. I wish I had the skill and talent to do convincing weathering on space vehicles, it just never looks right when I get it done. Bill
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