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  1. The kit is described as being 1/200 scale and I believe that is correct. It looks accurate compared to photos of the full size mock-up. Regards, Bill
  2. Many thanks! DRAWdecal offers 12 different decal sets for this kit. Maybe they can do one for Aer Lingus! I would like to have one in the 1980's Saudia scheme! Bill
  3. Thanks! The Boeing house colour scheme is also a very attractive colour scheme. Thank you. Pan Am seems to always good on so many subjects! Many thanks for the kind words! Revell offered a wide range of subjects in the 1960's, but many suffered from poorly fitting parts and lack of detail. This kit needs a great deal of seam work!
  4. Thanks! Revell released the kit several times in the 1960's, 1970's and 2006. The kit first appeared in 1967 with the Boeing house colours, but the Pan Am colour scheme was featured on most of the kit releases including the one I built from 1968. The landing configuration version includes landing gear and is intended to be displayed on the kit stand along with the supersonic flight version, but I plan on displaying it sitting on the landing gear. Bill
  5. Thanks Rob! The threaded rod is probably not necessary, but I was concerned that the added weight of the solid resin command and service modules at the very top of the Saturn V would be make the rocket unstable. It also helps maintain the alignment of the swing arms to the rocket. Regards, Bill
  6. Many thanks! Thanks! This old kit has more than a few problems with parts fit, but it is the only (I think) Boeing 2707 SST available in this scale.
  7. Thanks for having a look and commenting. Back in the late 1960's many believed Pan Am would be flying passengers into orbit and to the moon within a few years. Such optimism back then. Bill Thank you!
  8. Greetings! Recently completed from the original 1968 Revell kit. A beautiful machine, the Boeing SST project was abandoned without any actual aircraft being built, just a full scale mock-up. There are two complete models included in this kit, one in high-speed cruise configuration, and one in landing configuration. I completed the high-speed cruise configuration first to be followed later by the landing configuration version in TWA markings.. A simple kit with sparse surface detail and poor parts fit requiring much seam work. Kit engine parts have been modified with added details from the spares bin. Kit display stand not used (it supports both models on one base), replaced with custom built display stand with Pan Am logo. Kit decals from 1968 substituted by superb Pan Am set from DRAWdecal along with some spare decals. Many thanks for having a look, questions and comments always welcome. Bill
  9. More work in progress photos. Swing arms need detailing before attachment to the LUT. Various pipes, conduits, and cables to be completed. External walkways to be scratch built and attached. Finally, a multitude of smaller details (including figures) will be added to finalize the build. Many details remain to be done, but the major work is now complete. Cheers, Bill
  10. Great work Tom! Looking forward to this build. Regards, Bill
  11. Very impressive work on this build Roman and excellent photos! Many thanks for sharing this beauty. Regards, Bill
  12. Hi Glueman, Wonderful work on this ancient Lunar Models resin kit! The early release of this featured a square void in the command sphere and a very simple pod bay. With some effort, it is possible to include some details and lighting that greatly improved the appearance of the completed model. Not as good as what can be done today with the Moebius kit. Here is what I managed to do with the kit: Good Luck, Bill
  13. More progress images on the LUT. The Saturn V is complete and waiting for installation as soon as the LUT is ready.
  14. Many thanks! Your work has been a inspiration for me on this project. Cheers, Bill Thank you very much. The strip LED lighting with 90 degree fittings has worked well. I made a power bus from very long music wire soldered at each level. Regards, Bill
  15. The Apollo Saturn V is now finished and ready to be mounted on the LUT base. I need to add some details to the LUT swing arms before I mount the rocket and will post a few photos of the rocket on the LUT soon. In the meantime, here are some images of the completed rocket components. Regards, Bill
  16. Many thanks! The aftermarket detail parts and decals really help to make a decent 1/96 Apollo Saturn V. Bill
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