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Caudron G.IV 1/48

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50 minutes ago, Gary Brantley said:

Were all the rigging attachment points eyeholes, as it appears?  I assume one threads the line through the eyes and then glues the loose end back to the stretched line?  

Exactly, all the rigging attachment points are eyeholes; most of them are provided as photoetched parts in the kit; the missing ones (those on the tail booms and landing gear) were made with copper wire rings.

The fishing line goes through the eyeholes and the Albion Alloys tubes as shown in this picture:





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I scratch built one of these in 1/72 some time ago - ought to post it here. That is a true work of art - the rigging especially so. That is a good kit, but it takes skill and patience to produce a model of that quality.



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