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  1. That is a super scratch build Jon. I for one could be easily mistaken to ask where did you find the "kit"?! When it is rigged it will really look the part. Ungainly it may have been, but from my point of view, all the more interesting. P
  2. Evening All, There seems to be an increased interest in triplanes among WW1 modellers at the moment, probably because Meng have released the WnW Fokker triplane after the latter company ceased trading earlier this year. It was in discussion about this topic on another thread where I found out about another, and in my opinion much more interesting, triplane from Siemens Schuckert Werke. Most people will probably be like me and not heard of this machine, but it was the product of the "triplane craze" in Germany in late 1917 following the success of the Sopwith triplane on the Western
  3. Wonderful Whirlwind. Shame about the car - I hope that you are either able to get it back or that the insurance will pay up quickly. P
  4. Excellent model of a very small aeroplane. In this scale it really is tiny but the rigging looks first class and the wind pump wholly in scale. The oil staining under the fuselage and wing is also very convincing. A fine model which will certainly gain awards when we can finally get back to club meetings. P
  5. Having followed your build log and seen the photos already, I have to write that it is a real pleasure to read through an abbreviated log and ogle the finished model photos again. I think that you would build some excellent scratch build models Frank - you have come very close to doing so with this one! P
  6. Starting with the FE 8 as a first pusher is not a good idea - it gives the completely wrong impression to modellers of what they are truly like. In fact they are great fun to build and exciting to look at - all that is except the FE 8! You are making a super job of this Ian - keep it up and then pull out the Gunbus - a much better pusher! P
  7. Looks totally splendid from here. I have found that all of my scratch builds have annoying dents and bumps which invariably catch my eye but seem not to catch the eyes of others.... I know what I would do, but then it is your model. P
  8. Thanks for this information: some of this I already knew but a great deal I did not. The early history of Austrian aviation is not well written up in English - more is available than in the past but as you write it is scatted widely and is not easy to find. This is very interesting indeed and I look forward to reading more. BTW I know that modellers on https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com would also be very interested in this and any other information that you post here. Can I suggest that you post it there too as they are a group dedicated to building WW1 types. Some of the m
  9. Thank you Chief Cohiba for setting up the new thread - I have bookmarked it already! P
  10. I do not wish to hijack Mark's thread, but I too would be most interested to learn more about the history of early Austrian aviation. It is a subject which is barely considered in the English speaking world, yet I am aware that there were many important pioneering individuals and ideas which started there. I have already scratch built some of the flying boats and am eyeing up other possibilities. Please feel free to pm me with more details if you have the time - I would be most appreciative. P
  11. Thanks Ian and Jon: your comments are much appreciated. P
  12. Thank you Mark and Adrian for dropping by and leaving such kind comments. P
  13. Thanks ExFAAWAFU, Chris and Dave for the very kind comments - they are much appreciated. P
  14. Evening All, Before WingnutWings disappeared earlier this year I bought one of their excellent 120hp Beardmore engine kits and some Gaspatch wire wheels. I also had some Airscale instrument transfers and HG bezels, so I thought that I might build a de Haviland 1A as there is no kit of this type in 1/32 scale. I cobbled the model from the usual materials for a scratch build: brass bar and rod, plastic strip and card, wood, wire and assorted odds and ends. A fellow modeller provided me with some Eduard mesh for the radiator, (thanks Jim). I used plans from the DataFile number 148. My
  15. Evening All, I am calling this one finished. I have added the last few details and completed all of the rigging. The final details included the wheels and axle, (wheels were from Gaspatch - highly recommended: the axle is a piece of brass rod), the longerons on the cockpit sides, cockpit step, tail and wing skids, control horns, instrument panel and gun mountings. The last of the rigging, including the control wires and anti-drag wires, tail skid spring, (made by winding thin copper wire around a paintbrush handle), and associated wires, etc completed the model.
  16. Catching up having been away again. You have made tremendous progress with this one - it is really looking the part now. With reference to your comment about bits of sheet plastic and strip: yes indeed, that is why I find scratch building satisfying in a way that building a kit is not for me. I am aware that scratch building is not for everyone, (it was not for me once), but for those of us that do so, it is a very rewarding experience. P
  17. I told you that this one is a right fiddle!!! Excellent rigging Ian - even more so as it is so small. Personally I would go for the wire option for the broken thread - I think that your patience has had enough testing for now! P
  18. I was saddened to read of the fatalities and on top of that the loss of a deeply loved pet. I do hope that time will help t heal some of those psychological blows. Personally I find modelling does help to distract the mind after the initial shock has worn off, even if it is only for short periods. Your floats look good to me: if it is any consolation some of my larger moulds also start a bit rough, but it is surprising what a bit of filler and filing can do. I am certain that these will be well up to the mark in very little time. Keep up this exciting build - I am now a
  19. Thanks Ian. I am sure that you are correct - I had forgotten that wind pumps were used to pressurise tanks at that time. Thanks for your encouraging comments Dave. Yes this one has been a long time in the making - I must make sure that I do not drop it now! Thank you for the kind comment Chris. Pleased that you like it: hopefully I will be able to present the finished article before too long. P
  20. Thanks for the tip Adrian: this wood was laminated and I think that the glue drying caused the wood to distort. I will remember you tip next time and give it a try. P
  21. Evening All, Thank you GrzeM, Ian, Dave, Dennis and Jon for dropping by. I much appreciate your comments and support - in fact the more so since the last post as I will explain. I started to rig the wings which was a pleasure at it was getting rid of a lot of dangly threads which at times were a nuisance. As already explained I had drilled holes in the ribs under the struts so that I could pass the threads through them and hold them in place with CA. (I do not like turnbuckles as I think that they are too large even in this scale). I had rigged the inner bay on one side
  22. The cocktail sticks make excellent spar extensions. The fuselage decking is also very good. P
  23. I too agree with all of the others. It looked very good when I saw it and now it looks even better in the photos! Excellent finish with the contrast between the metal and fabric surfaces. Brilliant. P
  24. How have I missed this???? My apologies for not commenting hitherto but I was wholly unaware of this most excellent build. Just up my street - unusual aircraft, strange shape with lots of struts/rigging/other bits hanging off, and a scratch build! What is there not to like? On top of that first class scratch building with some very interesting techniques and ideas to steal copy and use on one of my projects. I am very impressed with the gun tube and exhaust stubs - two brilliant ideas. Will be following more closely from now on. P
  25. My you are fast with the construction Mark. The wings look very good - I hope the cockpit details go as well for you. An exciting project. P
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