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  1. My view for what it's worth - you can never have too many Spitfires. Seem to have built little else (ok three Hurricanes) since I came back to the hobby last summer and there are still some in the queue. John
  2. Very nice - like it a lot. John
  3. Wow, that's a great bit of work. Well done. John
  4. Looks good! Well done. I’m working on me of these at the moment. John
  5. Looks good to me. Nice work. Like it. I have one of their 1/72 Mk IX kits in my stash to build sometime. John
  6. That looks really good - nice work. John
  7. Hi All. Thanks for the feedback and encouragement. Cheers, John
  8. Hello All. This is is my first “go” at posting photos and one of my models here, so hope it works Bear with me if not! A bit of a back story first. I returned to building model aircraft last summer after a long break since school days. Most of the time in between has been occupied with Model Railways but that is another story. This Airfix Mk IX was the second kit I bought. It came from the model shop in Barmouth last July while on holiday in Fairbourne. Since starting up again, a small but growing group of Spitfires and Hurricanes have appeared mostly Airfix but also Revell. I’m finishing an Arma Hurricane just now together with an Eduard Mk IX. Anyway this Airfix Mk IX is one I’m quite pleased with as (far as I know) I’ve not made too many mistakes. Excuse any rookie mistakes. It is finished as VZ-B of 412 RCAF Squadron circa Dec 1943 as flown by George Buerling using decals by Xtradecal. It is out of the box except I sanded off the bulges over the wheel well which I read somewhere are wrong. It was primed with Tamiya rattle-can surface primer and then sprayed with their Dark Green, Ocean Grey and Sea Grey Medium with the help of a vinyl mask by AML. I’ve not had courage to weather anything yet (maybe one day) so it’s is clean. Here are are a few photos take. Outside at the weekend with my phone. Shown for comparison is my JE-J from my school days. Airfix kits have come on a bit since then! Cheers, John
  9. Very nice, both of them. Well done. John
  10. That looks really good to me - like it. John
  11. Very useful topic this. Lots of helpful information. Thanks all! I have used acrylics since I came back to kit building last summer. I’ve been mainly using Tamiya acrylics through my airbrush but have also experimented with Vallejo Model Air and I’m just finishing my Arma Hurricane in Mr Hobby Acqueous. For brush painting small details, blacks, reds etc, I tend to use Vallejo Model Colour let down a bit with their thinner medium. There doesn’t seem to be any problem in painting this on top of Tamiya paints or vice versa. I can offer a small contribution. I picked up one of the small 17 ml Vallejo bottles Model Air 71.062 Aluminium. It brushes nicely straight out of the bottle. Just the thing for interiors, wheel wells etc. I’ve not done an aircraft in bare metal (yet - an Airfix Mustang is coming along) so I can’t say how it sprays. Cheers, John
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