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  1. Dear modellers, I like to show you my conversion of the Monogram Northrop P-61 in a F-15 Reporter. For many years I had a subscription till the end of the Wings & Airpower Magazine. And I looked it up :-) , in aug 1988, I read an article about the history of the Reporter. Till then I had no idee about this version of the Black Widow. So some time later I could cheaply buy a second example of the Monogram kit, and after reading about a new conversion set, which I never could find in a shop, I decided to give it a try and build the model all by myself. After all those years and some cleaning, to show you the result. I made some new photographs this week . After all those years it is still in good shape. Even the scratch build canopy is still clear. Enjoy the pictures ! With greetings, JohnHaa
  2. Thanks for all the compliments ! I am glad, that my photographs are an inspiration for all and when there are any questions, just ask... Kind greetings, JohnHaa
  3. Thank you all for the nice comments ! I'm afraid I am not that good in propswinging....... With kind greetings, JohnHaa
  4. Hallo Folks, Many years ago I built the Lindberg Winnie Mae and also the AMT version (with the cabin windows) Further modified the AMT to a Sirius and a Orion. It would be nice when this old kits are replaced by something better...in 1/48 scale...:-) Lets hope for the better.. Greetings, JohnHaa
  5. Everybody, thanks for your kind words ! Made my day Kind greetings, JohnHaa
  6. Dear modellers, Back to long times ago; WWI. A british plane with a dutch designer, Frits Koolhoven... And no, this is not the Copperstate Model Kit, that came out much later. I hope you enjoy the pictures, encore...:-) Kind greetings
  7. Dear fellows modellers, Here I present you with an other scratchbuild model from my Fokker collection; the Fokker F.VIIb/3m, scale 1/48. I think it is one of the most well known airliners in the thirties. My model has flown many houres in my vitrine but last year I discovered, that the connection between the wing and the fuselage was no longer solid, the glue was deteriorated. So it was time for an overhaul. It is now again in its former glory .. A replica of the well known Southern- Cross was flying “down under”, but it crashed after loosing a wheel. As far as I know, it will be rebuilt. I would love to see it flying again. Here the photographs of my model: Well I hope you enjoy the photographs ! With kind greetings, JohnHaa
  8. Dear Modellers, I thought it was time, to add some “British Flavor” this time. Many years ago I bought a Gloster Gladiator, scale 1/48 by Inpact. I was very pleased then: at last a decent Gladiator. Several years later I could buy the kit again, this time by the Life Like label, just to find out, if it was possible to convert it in a Gauntlet. In those years, without Internet, I had, like many , only books and magazines. So armed with the trustworthy Profile Nr. 10, I started the conversion. Now after many years I try to remember, what changes I made: The first thing was to remove the streamline fairing of the headrest and replace it with a flat piece of plastic sheet. The middel section of the upper wing had larger “scallops “ I made 4 new wing struts. The front opening of engine cowling has a larger diameter. This only needed some careful filing. A new undercarriage was made. Yes, last, the decals, plain difficult were those zig-zag lines. I painted some clear decal sheet black, cut thin strokes and place them one by one on the fuselage and upperwing. I still shake my head, it was indeed an excercise in patience. And why I choose this schema; I simply loved that beautiful blue...:-) I hope you enjoy the pictures, . With kind greetings, JohnHaa
  9. Moa, Excellent result ! Very nice those lines on the wings and neat wiring. B.t.w. the nice photograph's in flight, how did you manage that, using a glass pane ? Greeting, JohnHaa
  10. Moa, A beautiful little gem ! I admire your skills to build this model in 1/72. Especially the rounded upper part of the fuselage. Always difficult, you made a neat job. Chapeau ! Greetings, JohnHaa
  11. Thank you all for the compliments ! For Toniosky ; The base is selfadhesive aluminium tape. I fabricated a tiny brush of electric copper wire. Just cut away a small part of the isolation material and put it in a dremmel. Also possible, is to put the tiny copper wires in a piece of tube and fix them with super-glue. With greetings, JohnHaa
  12. Dear Modellers, I was a bit surprised, never thought there was so much interest in old airplanes of the Thirties. Fortunately, for many years, I have built several models in scratch, so in near future I like to show you some more. Here is an american built version, the Fokker F-10A, scratch, 1/48. It was developed from a F.VIIb/3m, the fuselage was wider and longer, and it had also the longer wingspan. The construction of my model is the same as the Super Universal, larger and there are two engines more Enjoy the pictures ! With kind regards, JohnHaa
  13. Thanks a lot for all your kinds comments. Much appriciated ! Have a look at my new entry. With kind regards, JohnHaa
  14. Thank you all for the nice remarks and compliments . There is more to come ! Regards, JohnHaa
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