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  1. Dear Modellers, Well the old trainer needs no introduction here, you could find and hear them everywhere. Also in The Netherlands the Klu ( Koninklijke Luchtmacht) had 220. They were used as trainer and for laison work till end 1962. Fortunately some are restored and still flying ! I build my model years ago, I was very glad that Monogram brought out this model, to replace my old Aurora model, which could not fly with those horrible flat wings. And I could use this model as a starting point for other conversions. (Wirraway) I found some videos of a real one, enjoy ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=scKxPekVmxw With kind rgards, JohnHaa
  2. Very nice results ! It is not the easiest model to build. I like the colours blue with silver wings is always beautiful. Very important that the rigging on this planes is o.k. ...and it is... ! More of this .. Kind regards, JohnHaa
  3. Moa, You did a wonderful job on this plane. Compliments for your rigging for this large one and in 1/72 too ! Also excellent photography, your lucky with that beautiful weather overthere. Here is only wind and rain... With kind regards, JohnHaa
  4. Jan, Thank you for your update ! Makes you sad that most are grounded now for all kind of reasons. Let's hope, that the French one keeps flying..... With kind greetings, JohnHaa On the workbench : Fokker T.IV
  5. Gary, Thank you for your nice and interesting story, is it still flying in the USA ? Here some live footage of a real one I found flying in Germany:
  6. Thanks everybody for the nice comments ! Sure, it is a rather large model, span is 60 cm. and the lenght is 40 cm. It is about the same size as a Douglas DC-3. For Ringo : Fortunately I was never "released " ....LOL.... Regards, JohnHaa,
  7. Dear members, Here is my old "Tante JU '" . I build this model years ago when it was just released, I prefered a civil version, but that came out, when I already had bought this one. But there was a surprise, the kit came with a so called bath- tube on the underside, so it was possible to build a spanish version of the Condor Legion. I found a nice camouflage scheme in a Magazine of Air Enthusiast. Painting was done with by hand with a handbrush in Polly S Acryl, Using masking tape was hardly possible here, so only some pencil lines were drawn. The white crosses came from the decal spare-box. So I hope, you like the photographs of this different version. With regards, JohnHaa
  8. Steve, Very nice results so fare, I like to see your way of solving all the difficulties ! Which is scratch building all about..... Also thanks for mention Decary, I still have some sheets of Letraset, but are slowly running out of them. I wonder, was printing the wing roundels on your PC not an easier solution. I had to print some large American roundels for my Atlantic C-2A , they were quite large but it worked out well. Good luck with the rigging..! With regards, JohnHaa
  9. Thank you all for your kind comments ! Reini78 : indeed, you are right, it is an A-26 C ! Thanks ! And for Michael : yes the nose art is handpainted on a piece of decal sheet. Kind greetings, JohnHaa
  10. Dear Members, Here is my old Invader built years ago, I took out of the showcase for dusting and a small repair. It still looks good so have a look at it and enjoy. I found a nice painting scema in a Squadron / Signal Publication : Air War over Korea. 1982. B.t.w. The antenna wiring did not survive the handling by taking the photograps too bad..... With kind regards, JohnH
  11. Folks thanks for your nice comments ! About the anchor, by studying the photographs, I discovered that even in flight this item hung outside. I think it was difficult to stow this rather bulky piece of iron inside ! . Anyhow I thought it a nice item to include it on my model. With regards, JohnHaa
  12. Dear Modellers, This time I will show you a floatplane which name is rather unknown with you, I think,. Though it has some familiar looks, because it was derived from the Hansa- Brandenburg W.12. Here you will find the whole story: https://kw.jonkerweb.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=728&catid=83&Itemid=574&lang=en I also found a nice video, which gives a good impression : https://www.findclip.net/video/JfTDMSJDWwI/marine-l.html The aircraft was modified serveral times, my model depicts the first variant. I hope you like the pictures. With kind greetings, John Haa
  13. Lovely build of this old Aurora kit. They were excellent study material to learn how to build your models. I have build a lot of those Aurora kits, only your DH-4 I never saw it in the shops. So at last I know what it lookes like ! Thanks for showing the old war-horse. Cheers, JohnHaa
  14. Thanks all for your nice comments ! I'm very pleased to see so many people love those old planes too. And they are great fun to build. And Bellanca made some other types, i.e. the Aircruiser, I already made the drawings in 1/48 some time ago, now to find some time to actually build it. Well I have to dig up some photographs of an other plane of the Golden Years, I will show them in near future. Kind regards, JohnHaa
  15. Dear Modellers, Browsing at You Tube I found an interessting video of the restauration of a Bellanca Pacemaker. That triggered again my love for airplanes of the thirties. You guessed it, I build one in 1/48 from scratch. It happened to become a other version : the Skyrocket, because I could find some good drawings of it at Khee-Kha Art Products. The fuselage and the tail are made of plastic- card, the wing is solid wood. Enjoy the photographs ! With kind regards, JohnHaa Enjoy the photographs ! With kind regards, JohnHaa
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