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  1. Well, you could print them on white decal sheet, it worked fine for my DH-9 and F.K.8. It only needs some puzzling with the diameter, some printers ( my Brother)are not that users friendly.... Why not go for scratching the model, as I read this topic, it is less work that converting an old AMT-kit, I know I build one...:-) Good luck, JohnHaa
  2. Nice to read your story. I hope it brings back good memories for you. Yes, I found much information about the Saurer company, too bad it does not make trucks anymore. . As I understand Saurer had a leading role in diesel technology in the early times. Thanks for your comment Greetings, JohnHaa,
  3. I don't know whatr goes wrong, but the links are not activ, Second try: https://www.sva-museumbussen.nl/ret-223/ and the WIP: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=51082 Cheers JohnHaa
  4. Dear fellow modellers, A little back in time. When I was a young kit (long ago :-) ) I used to travel by then already old busses. Luckely an example survived in a museum the times, you can see it here: https://www.sva-museumbussen.nl/ret-223/ I did not know much about the history of the Swiss Saurer Factories. When I had a look at it I found many photographs of a very nice truck I did not know of. You guessed it already, I made a model of it. Here is the building history: https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=51082 I hope you will enjoy the photographs, Kind greetings JohnHaa
  5. Thanks Moa May I return your compliments for your models ! Especially your beautiful Handley- Page. Kind greetings JohnHaa
  6. Dear members, Thanks for the very kind comments ! For J-W ; The aluminium foil holds its own in all those years, I was wondering too, that the glue would deteriate in time, fortunaly it still holds one very well ! For Michael : Well the counter stands at 20 , not only Fokkers, but also Atlantic, Koolhoven, B.A.T. I will show them in due course. Besides these I build militairy planes too. I have not counted them, but there are a lot more. Hmmmm, I think it would be difficult to photograph them all together , I'm afraid that my garden is not large enough.... With kind regards JohnHaa
  7. Excellent job here ! I liked the way you made the cockpit - passager part , that was not easy, I think. Thumps up Greetings, JohnHaa
  8. Dear fellow modellers, On 7th of October 2019 the \KLM celebrates its 100 Year Jubilee. I thought it was fitting to show the last Fokker, that flew the route to the Dutch East Indies. Here is a link for the history of this plane: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fokker_F.XVIII My model was built years ago but the wingcovering began to deteriate, the glue dried out, So I had a big problem. I removed the wing from the fuselage but it was far gone. I had only one solustion; I had to make a new wing. Carved from a solid piece of wood, I covered it with selfadhesive aluminium tape and over it went a silver paint coating. With all this repare work I could replace the upper part of the fuselage in the same time, there were some sink marks issues, I had used too much glue with the 0,5 mm plastic card. After this extensive rebuild the model lookes again as it was new. I hope you will enjoy the pictures ! With kind greetings JohnHaa
  9. Dear model friends, Here is a new example of the many twoseaters from WWI. I build this model years ago and I must confess, I'm not happy with the colours .. The reason is simple; a lack of proper colourscemes in those pre-internet days. Nowadays, with much more knowledge, I think it is time for a major overhaul. Also the rigging is a bit saggy. No wonder after so many flying houres in the showcase. But in spite of this issues , it is still a nice plane to look at. So enjoy the photographs, I hope in time to make it look even better. With kind greetings, JohnHaa
  10. Thank you for your kind comments ! More to come like this model, so stay tuned....:-) Cheers, JohnHaa
  11. Thanks all for the comments. I add some explanation about the finish of this plane. As far as I know the green paint was to be removed, war was over and this was done during maintenance etc. I found a comprenhesive article here: https://www.ipms.nl/artikelen/nedmil-luchtvaart/vliegtuigen-n/vliegtuigen-n-northam-b25/2581-vliegtuigen-n-northam-b25-5-engels Cheers, JohnHaa
  12. Dear modellers, Russ c showed his excellent B-25J in RNEIAAF colours. Years ago I build the same model in a later version, I modified it with a solid nose. I used a piece of solid wood, sanding and filing it in shape. Enjoy the picture ! JohnHaa
  13. Hallo Russ, A beautiful Mitchell and in Dutch colours ! Was it not restored recently ? Thank you for showing this old warhorse . Reminded me of my old Dutch B-25. I made mine a straferversion with asolid nose, that plane flew on a later date in the Dutch Indies. I will show it in a new topic, also for some inspiration for Johnny K. :-) With kind greetings, JohnHaa
  14. Thank you all for the comments ! I tried to include the link of the Wip, https://modelbrouwers.nl/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=46641 I hope it works or just copy and past with Google. Greetings, JohnHaa
  15. Dear Modellers, In search for classic trucks, I found this site: TrucksPlanet.com. There I found a Mach truck which I had not seen before. They were build in only limited numbers. I specially liked the squarish and bullish impression you get of this model. After long searching I found more photographs and a brochure with the main dimensions. Not much to work from, anyhow I drew a 3-view drawing to build the model. Later I discovered that somewere along the drawing, I made a mistake with the upper part of the cabin. The proportions of the windows, doors and the cabinroof did not match the photographs. Some modifications were necessary, I lowered the roof, made new lower doors and shortened the windowposts. After this surgery things looked much better. I printed the decals on my PC, I made up the company name … I hope you like this rather unknown Mack truck. Thanks for watching, JohnHaa
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