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  1. Yesterday afternoon i started with the mud! Basic layers are now applied and i've also added some puddles. The "mud paste" is drying to a more uniform colour than i had expected, although i used 3 different shades, so i'm going to expirement with Abteiling oil paints and some pigments to see if i can enrich the mud a bit more with some color variation. But first everything needs to dry before i can proceed. Current status can be seen below. Having read a couple of eye witness stories of that time, i thought an added touch to depict the horrors of WW1 was to display a half buri
  2. That's some pretty interesting information @Das Abteilung. Strange to realize the Germans only produced 20 A7V's and just walked over to the battle field to tow back scores of British vehicles strenghten the ranks. When reading about this, one almost gets a feeling that they let the British do all the hard work to produce the tanks and then said "thank you for those, we'll use them well against you". Pretty crazy situation, but very interesting to read about that now 100 years later. The Tankograd books arrived today and you were totally right: they are amazing. Full of photo's i'v
  3. I never knew of the existence of this kit until i just watched your photo's. Definately something different, very cool!
  4. Thanks for that info @Das Abteilung, i'll have to take that into account when building the next one. Too late to adjust that on this model. As you said in one of your other posts: plenty of mud will hide a lot of mistakes! I've also ordered some Tankograd books on the Beute Tanks to get some more inspiration and information about these vehicles and camo schemes. They'll probably contain lots of interesting photo's to use as inspiration for a next build too.
  5. Thanks & i'll do my best to make this into an interesting little diorama! Current update: I've glued some foam together to broaden the work area of what will be the base of the diorama. I let it dry for a a day or two and today it was time to cut away some foam to create the basic outline with a shell crater in front. After that was done i applied AK's foam texturizer/sealer paste and now i have to wait again until that dries. Next step: applying mud to the base ---- i'm already looking forward to that! Should be fun to do Photo's below show the pro
  6. Beautifully built and painted, very nicely finished indeed!
  7. Hmm, interesting, i think i'll look into this putty then as it would make life easier for certain schemes. Thanks for the info!
  8. I'm not familiar with the subject of your build, but this looks like quite a project indeed! Curious to see what you'll make of it! Keep on building!
  9. This is really tiny => how on earth did you manage to bend and attach those photo etch parts in this small scale? I'm having trouble enough when dealing with PE in 1/35!
  10. A bit of a late reply / thanks from my part, but i appreciate your tip @Bozothenutter. I'll try that too on my next build of the Mk.IV as i have purchased another one!
  11. This is a beautifull build indeed! Great photo's too, very professional looking! I'm not familiar with the masking putty => is that suitable for reuse or is it for 1x use only when applied? I definately see the benefits of using that putty for creating camo schemes, but it would be kind of ashame if you have to throw it away after 1x use.
  12. oh wow, that looks like a very effective chipping method indeed. I'll have to try that too on one of my next builds. Thanks for sharing that!
  13. That is a really beautifully finished model. Marvellous to see how many subtle shades and colors there are in the grey. And the base is superb too!
  14. That is a very nice looking Honey! Great job! I do have a question if i may: i noticed in one of your previous posts that you base painted the model with a metal color. Before i started into armour again recently, I've been watching lots of youtube builds and read posts here and saw that mosts people use black as a base coat and then white to create contrast before applying the camo. What is the thought behind the metal base coat? Is that for chipping later on so that metal shows through when stripping away some of the camo paint? (sorry of this is a dumb question, just haven'
  15. So a couple of days have passed and i have now also done the other side of the tank (see photo below) Still have to do the front, back, underside and the topside + i want to play around and try some different shades of mud on the tracks/tank before i call it finished. Oh yes, and i still have to paint the machineguns and the exhaust. This will keep me busy for another few days. As this model is nearing the finish line, it's also time to start thinking of a base for this tank. I have an idea which involves a small landscape with a shell-crater, one or two Germ
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