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  1. Excellent diorama. Fantastic idea, well balanced and full of narrative and interest. I can taste the dust and sand from the rough landing. Very well done!
  2. Fantastic....really good looking model. Thanks for sharing.
  3. fantastic work, thanks for sharing. Very convincing photos too!
  4. really good work! well done and thanks for sharing. Beautiful!
  5. really nice! thanks for sharing. Very convincing photos as well.
  6. Awesome work. Not my favorite plane, but you certainly make an interesting subject out of it. Thanks for sharing.
  7. very very impressive! best thing i have seen in a while! thanks for sharing.
  8. Absolutely guilty as charged. I simply liked the tricolour scheme and then realized my sources didn’t match the insignia. Well done. I believe this is correct too.
  9. Good evening. Finally completed and photographed, my take on the Revell 1:48 F4U. One of my favorite planes, providing endless inspiration for weathering, I am tempted to look into a 1:32 kit, tips and suggestions welcome. I build this essentially OOB. I had a bit of a fight with silvering of the decals on the port side and may revisit them on a rainy Sunday. In the meantime, thanks all for looking. CF CF
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