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1/72 Brengun Yakolew Yak-1B

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Dear fellow Britmodellers,

I'm proud to present the latest Brengun release, the 1/72 Yak 1B (aka 1M in Polish service).

I built mostly out of the box, but added a vacu sliding hood (Rob Taurus) and replaced the antenna & pitot tube.

Painted with Gunze/Mr.Hobby acrylics, representing the aircraft of A.F. Lavrenov, a Soviet ace with 22 confirmed kills.


The kit is very well detailed and builds without major problems.

I'd say it is the best Brengun kit I have ever tried myself on.

Highly recommended!


Photographs by Wolfgang Rabel.















Thanks for your interest, best greetings from Vienna!


Edited by Roman Schilhart
broken photo links fixed
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Hi My Friend Roman!!!

Nice to watch this little kit well built and nice finished. Congratulations for this new gem added to your nice shelves of russian aviation!!!

Think the kit itself has a lot of detail and you have extracted all to be seen, the nice paint job and soft weather enhances the model details and the technique used in the paint looks nice.

All that brand kits here are like very difficult to get but while, in the stash I have two poor old ZTS kits that in truth could have nothing to see with yours,  but as is what I have those fill the gap admirably in the stash... and hope one day in the shelves in the two versions the kit has.


Obviously, I know those are not the same quality of yours but with 40% of good I would get compared with your nice build, I will be more than happy!!!


Thank you very much for sharing!!!



Luis Alfonso


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