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Turf how to choose right size and type


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Good evening 


I am entering to the fantastic world of terrain building for dioramas but I am having troubles in choosing the static grass to buy to make turfs.


Its available in all lenght and color and I Need help to identify the most common and most used to make turfs . 


I do ww 1 and 2 aircraft mainly but Will expanded to military in larger dioramas. 1/72


I have my 2mm Green but what is the workhorse lenght for turfs (mm and color)? So I Can buy a big bag!



I know varies from season to season  buy in average what you saw that you use more?

I have few small bags and I Need a bigger One for volume.





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I have seen some dealers at model shows selling large sections of "teddy bear hair", which I'm told you can cut to any length you want and use on dioramas. However, I must admit that I haven't seen anyone flogging the stuff for at least a couple of years.




Hope this is of some help.



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I've seen the plastic 'jars' containing 'grass' which you shake up then sprinkle directly onto your prepared diorama. There are videos on Youtube and they do seem to work well. I know Woodland Scenics is one brand. I would imagine they are widely available. My local 'model railway store' sells it, and if they have it, most places will.

I work in 1/35th and use their plain old 'static grass' packs which come in two colours. It's best to mix the fibres. Get a bunch of each colour, roll and mix them up before cutting to length. I use a homemade static grass applicator which was adapted from a tennis racket style 'bug zapper'. Again, there are videos on how to make and use them.

There are also grass 'matts' which you can use to create a 'lawn' like effect with much shorter grass more suitable for your scale. I have used them in small sections, but I add scatter and static grass to them to improve their realism.


If you do a search on BM, I'm sure you'll find all the info you need.




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If only grass was grass. But even if it was, grass is not grass. A close inspection will show that it is comprised of several colours and if not recently mown, comprised of fronds/leaves with various lengths. 1:72/76 grass might best be depicted with ground sponge whereas 1:43/48 and above represented with flock fibres. Therefore the best advice is to buy lots of little bags of different colours and lengths and to use the real world for inspiration.



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Done some research, particularly looking at WWS (as the link in the post above) and I just ordered myself one of their Pro Grass Micro static applicators, along with a selection of grasses (2mm, 4mm, 6mm), and their layering adhesive. Although they call it 'micro' it is far from micro, but not as large as their full size version. They also do a new 'precision' applicator with a smaller unit on a cable for getting into tight corners and small spaces, but that's not what I need (for now anyway).


Looking forward to it arriving and giving it a go; if it's as good as it looks, it will really re-invigorate my desire for all model making (aside from ship building), as I can give them all much better decent display bases.


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Well, I received my WWS static grass micro applicator, with a selection of grasses and some of their layering adhesive. I would say their service was excellent, ordering was easy on-line, very prompt and well packaged delivery, the product is very nice - it all looks good quality.


I have done a test piece on some card, and the result really is excellent (even the Mrs was impressed!), the grass really does stand up well, and layering up to build up denser patches worked well too. I'll need to experiment with different bases, grass lengths and colours, and with dusting over the finished article with the airbrush, but so far so good, I think I'm going enjoy using it, and should get some good results :smile:

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