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  1. good call... so it is as I imagined... random boxes I thought someone had a more organized way of doing it the one I saw at an airshow had even a paper on to of the lid with shape of planes and their name so he knew what was inside looking at the lid... I thought the space for storage was a common problem / issue we all faced
  2. Thank you @Corsairfoxfouruncle good thinking, I see there is a number 50 on the tail now that I look at it closer. They can not fly with that right? they put it on only for a decoration for a limited time? thats fascinating
  3. Good day I am doing the ZVEZDA 7302 Messerschmitt B-109 F2 Snap Fit Aircraft Model Kit 1:72 which is like the photo below. I have a question about that decoration/thing/cover around the tail. What is that and what was used for? I have never seen it before. Thank you!
  4. Good day everyone. I have made my 40th model and I am starting to face an issue that I believe is common to a lot of us: where to store/keep all our models? I do 1/72 ww1 -2 aircrafts so they are pretty small and this save space, but they are a lot.... I dont want really to display all of them on shelves as I am not exactly proud of all of them. Also I like to have a small display space of around 20 and rotate them on an occasional base, so I need to store them, away somehow and i am not sure which is the best way. This is what I have thought:
  5. Congrats that is an amazing Diorama. 1 question : Which background did you use to make the sky with clouds? Did I say that I love what you have done already? well done
  6. Thank you for the link I had a good read at that and found very useful indications. I am not sure yet Why the fuel barrel had a middle valve? perhaps to reach better when the fuel level was low? did they use also a top valve on the drums? I have few airfix figurine with a watering can or with pipes and I need to understand how to place them effectively... the only way is to understand the use of the different equipment.. Wehrmacht means army ok, but in the article say that the barrels they were marked differently. quote :The 200 L drums were zinc colore
  7. Sorry for the misunderstanding I mean Fuel Barrels / fuel drums The external general puposes ones. WW2 era german used by Wermacht and Luftwaffe. Thanks!
  8. Good day I am writing regarding the German Fuel Tanks of WW2, as I don't understand how they worked exactly. I know it should be very easy, but they have a kind of Valve in the center and I am struggling to identify the use... I am doing a Diorama and I want to know how I should but the barrel if vertically or horizontally, while the figurine is filling it up or draining the fuel... Thank you so much for your help
  9. Thanks for the tips. Which size do you suggest? 4mm?
  10. The pilot is just fine.. he is discussing the situation... the gunner had a bad time!
  11. Very well done! Thank you for posting It. You did well Can you please tell if the Eagle is a decal or you painted them? I can't see It well, its very small scale! Thanks
  12. Good evening I am entering to the fantastic world of terrain building for dioramas but I am having troubles in choosing the static grass to buy to make turfs. Its available in all lenght and color and I Need help to identify the most common and most used to make turfs . I do ww 1 and 2 aircraft mainly but Will expanded to military in larger dioramas. 1/72 I have my 2mm Green but what is the workhorse lenght for turfs (mm and color)? So I Can buy a big bag! I know varies from season to season buy in average what you saw that
  13. thank you very much I will go with nuts its cheaper @Ade H so 2 of these nuts M5 in vallejo. on ebay 100 are selling for 3pounds. not bad at all.
  14. Thanks I will do that for my vallejo . How many nuts n 5 , 2 per bottle?
  15. @VG 33 I am afraiid its too Late now. its finished.. maybe I will do some weathering. I might buy innfuture a nicer kit and do it properly... anyway when you mean 60/70% tinned. I use vallejo model air, if I thin it its too runny. Which is the tecnique to do fine lines with airbrusch? which the key steps. I removed the noozle protector and stayed as close as possible to the model. I ve an eclipse so it should be ok, Ps. I know I got lazy and I paint brushed the canopy with a bad result... but this canopy is terrible... doesnt even have lines to follow for the maski
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