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  1. So a bit of alfresco priming using Zero Red-Oxide, I forgot to take a shot of the body but in a typical fashion for me the underside/chassis priming went down a lot smoother than the body... I had a bit of a nightmare with the primer not sure if it's just old (seems to have been somewhat leaking too) but very lumpy. I was throwing it through a .2mm needle and it really didn't want to play ball and flow out nicely - on the upshot though it seems it didn't throw out the lumps so ended up with a somewhat smoother coat. I was initially planning on doing the underside in body colour (red) even though the kit suggests grey? I have to I haven't spent too much side underneath Japanese market/import cars so can't judge if that's realistic but in the end I decided to do it black (or at least very dark grey after mixing the Mr Surfacer 1500 black with some of the grey after priming the interior parts). Exhaust and fuel tank still to be fitted, the kit is pretty much a kerbside one, with no engine detail above the oil sump and gearbox. The robins had cleared out of my garage, found they had made two nests in their time - one in the clothes peg bag and one in my wife's bike helmet! So after a bit of cleanup, I managed to get back in there and get a first colour coat on the body... I'll give it a sand back and maybe a second coat, then it will be onto the interior - deciding which shades of grey to use.
  2. So the Kits World 3D decals arrived, I wasn't overly impressed - firstly the 3D raised sections lead to white sides, secondly and possibly more importantly they just didn't want to stick, in the end I just used the kit decals for the cockpit. Getting the pilot in was a bit of a struggle and ended up with him needing to be amputated below the knees. The fan was built and painted and I closed up the fuselage halves - though it could have done with some filing down there as it didn't want to close nicely. One nice thing is that the two rear assemblies for the rear gear and airbrake interiors slot together, though they don't quite fit flush to the fuselage (not a massive issue to me as I'll be doing it in flight with the doors shut.
  3. Slow start - here's the box contents... Typical new Airfix instructions... I have some window masks, I've ordered some '3d' instrument decals, it will be interesting to see what they're like. Other than that - no build progress to report just yet.
  4. Here's what's in the box - lots of individually bagged (though annoyingly stapled) sprues. Nicely there's some mesh in there as well as some window masks. Typical Tamiya instructions and randomly the decals are supplied on two sheets (possibly some are common for other kits). Initial work was building the roll cage, using the chassis/body as a jig - I like to attach as many parts as possible before paint. Oddly (from my experience) the chassis and interior floor are a single piece - so to aid handling / painting I added a couple of bits of sprue as a handle - attached into the boot area (will be easy to snip off before assembly without being visible later). I glued in the lower cross bar into the chassis and rear parcel shelf / seat backs too. Next was to decide whether or not to fit the night stage lights - I'm not a fan of the look of the pod so I've decided I'll go without. Filled added, seams hopefully fixed, bonnet vent and light blanks on, time for some primer. Here's the cage after priming, I've taped up the pads - I'm planning on giving a 2nd primer coat of white possibly. I did notice the tape had pulled up some primer in parts though! Body primed (Zero light grey), unfortunately that filler around the lower bumper seems to have disappeared - though I then noticed I'd left the part above the badge attached (so it's now been removed below), I'm thinking I'll add a layer of white primer to help under the bright blue, so a bit of fixup then another primer coat I guess. The seats I'd filled the sink marks (not great on the lower bits) but the upper ones (near the openings) seem to have luckily been well filled - since they will be more obvious. Oddly the black Zero primer seems to have gone a bit lumpy, especially on the seats - which I did first after the grey (not overly cleaning the airbrush) - it's not a major issue there as the texture could work, however I've sanded the rears where there will be carbon decals. So a bit more cleanup then more priming (once I get some white) but as I mentioned elsewhere - I've now got Robin chicks in my garage, so airbrushing is on hold - unless I go for some 'al fresco' airbrushing, climate accommodating - let's hope I don't end up with too many bugs stuck in the paintwork!
  5. So I managed to make a start. Here's the parts... Rather a lot of flash in places (including on the wheels/chromed sprue). Instructions are nice and clear - given the age of the original moulding of the kit (1990) not too many parts to worry about. A close up of some of that flash on the suspension for example. After cleaning the flash from the wheels I figured I'd probably need to repaint them so a quick dip in thick bleach made short work of the chrome, hopefully the wing mirrors after cleaning will still be usable. The front seats had some rather huge openings in the back (almost looked, due to the rectangular opening as though they could have planned to supply extra pieces for this but forgot to include them). I added a bit of Milliput epoxy - I'll sand it back a little later on. The body had a lot of seam work to fix up and I removed the little side repeaters on the tops of the front wings, I've also decided to try flatting back the plastic before priming. The front/rear corners had some nasty seams, so I added some sprue-goo filler (melted plasticard in Tamiya Extra Thin) before sanding, to try and help level it off. I'm unsure about primer coats, think I'll go with some Zero red-oxide though, given the car will be a red colour - also I'm wondering after previous experience if the zero paints are a bit hot over Mr Surfacer. Unfortunately paint work has been put on hold by some winged things - seems some Robins have nested in my garage and there's at least 2 fledglings learning to flap around in there, from what I can glean on the internet the parents will feed them for a couple of weeks till they are strong enough fliers - hopefully they don't have/lay any more eggs!
  6. Think I'll be joining with a Revell X-15, 1/64th scale for general oddness - it's a 1994 reissue of the original 1959 kit (with 1961 packaging graphics) kit so hopefully OK, though I've got bad feelings about the decals (haven't dared to look yet, kit is still in shrink-wrap), might need some inspiration on that front.
  7. Another car build for the GB, this time a Subaru... I'll post all the sprue shots, etc. when I get started. I'll probably just go straight OOB though may scratch build a few seatbelt straps.
  8. I'll be building this once I get around to starting it, trying to up the number of 80/90s Japanese saloon cars in the GB! I've previously built the rally version but will be doing this in homage to a car I once owned (unfortunately mine was the GTI version which had all the 4WD/4WS bits but not the turbo or bonnet vents). I'm not sure if I'll sand out the bonnet vents, since I won't be able to find exact replicas for wheels etc. I might just do it in the colour my car was (a dark red I think they described as Bordeaux) - though the actual VR4s from around 89/90 I've only ever seen photos of in white or black.
  9. Once I get around to opening the box I'll be building this... A fairly obvious choice but hopefully not too bad a kit (I think it's a relatively modern moulding), we'll see how it comes out compared to my first attempt with an airbrush (which was a Hasegawa Harrier a few years ago).
  10. Hasegawa 1/24 Jaguar XJR-8 Sprint version Build log here
  11. Revell 1/72 Halifax B Mk II Series 1A Xtradecal decals Build log here
  12. So I've managed to finally get it finished - seemed to be a simple kit destined to give me a lot of issues (probably more user error than the kit's fault)... I started with some black panel line (for the front wheel vents) but I didn't overly like the results, so I used some 'neutral grey' filter as a panel line wash on the doors and other openings. I built up the headlights separately, the clear parts I'd painted/decaled first before dipping in floor polish. I had managed to get a scratch down the windscreen though! The body and wing looked a little too shiny for my liking so I gave them a coat of semi-gloss Topcoat, though being a fool I managed to get lots of dust and dirt stuck in it. I'm not used to decalling rubber wheels and they did rip a bit in parts (also they appear to be printed backwards - I've no idea why, so as to increase glue or something?) Getting the windows attached was a pain, seems the roof has sunk/bent in slightly so lots of swearing with super glue, PVA and masking tape later I got them approximately in the correct places, though the tape did rip up half of the Jaguar and sunvisor decal! Luckily (I think due to clear coating before) I managed to remove it gently from the tape and get it back on the window. Time for final assembly and again I end up with some problems.. Getting the headlights in is a pain (since they fit in a recessed housing and there'll little in the way of alignment help other than a slot and small protrusion on the back of the headlight). I could have done a better job with the front clear lenses but by this point I was kind of wanting it all to finish! Getting the tiny rear light on the rear deck proved a pain too also I noticed far too late that the rear light clusters actually have an up and down sides (they're slightly wider on the bottom, so I ended up having to place the left one upside down, otherwise it would have the indicator on the wrong side! Anyhow it's now all done - and once I managed to super-glue the wing on I think it doesn't look too bad. So another GB entry finished, time to build something else!
  13. So I managed to get some bench time (or rather kitchen table time) and get it finished! Firstly on with the black primer, I've been using Mr Surfacer 1500 black but unfortunately I've run out and it seems to be as rare as hen's teeth in the UK at the moment, so the top side was a bit incomplete (also a .2mm airbrush needle doesn't help with rapid coverage). The underneath and sides were then given a coat of Hataka black, before I masked off the black areas. I first applied a bit of Mr Surfacer 1000 Mahogony to help with the incomplete areas before over spraying with Hataka dark earth. Had a fair few issues - spilling some thinners down one edge for example but overall that came out quite well. After leaving that to dry overnight I placed on the camo masks and then the dark green... As you can see I had a few issues with the camo masks - firstly I probably shouldn't have attached the tiny wing probes (as it was a pain to mask round but the masks seem to have aged quite badly (they haven't been stored in the best of conditions - right next to a radiator for example and are quite old). Firstly they seemed to have shrunk slightly in places (compared to where they'd been cut on the backing sheet, they seem to be a flexible plastic material, secondly they don't seem to want to adhere initial though the stuff on the black parts seemed to either rip off the primer (though that might be me not cleaning the surface first) or leave some nasty sticky residue (especially on the wing cutouts towards the back of the main wings). They also seemed to want to pull up the window masks though with a bit of care most survived in place, other than a couple of the small fuselage round window masks which I had to rescue from the tape and replace. After a bit of touchup I gave the whole thing a coat of Mr Topcoat clear rattle can. Then set about adding the few decals. I used a bit of 2500 sanding sponge under the main roundal positions - to try and reduce the bumpiness of the clear and also thin any camo pattern edging. I have to say I'm glad I used some aftermarket decals as the kit originals seemed quite thick and to have aged badly (kit has been in my stash for about 10 years). I moved the side demarkations backward slightly as I didn't fancy trying to cut the small port hole out of the roundal as shown in the decal placement sheet. With the decals in place I gave it another clear coat, then added some weathering - I started with some Flory model wash (shown below) it looks drastic but you can just wipe it off to taste once dry. I then gave it a light overall oil wash with some Abteilung Starship Filth (it's a very dark grey/brown colour) as a bit of a panel line wash/filter/sealing agent for the Flory stuff. The smaller parts were fitted (tail wheel), props, etc. and I gave it a coat of Mr Topcoat Flat before removing the final window masks. Unfortunately this did chip up a bit of paint on the nose, so I had to do a few little touchups, then add the final lense parts and eventually it's all finished!
  14. I've always been interested to see what these single seater kits look like in 1/24th, my main concern would be how flimsy the suspension arms are - do they seem up to the job?
  15. With the Jaguar build taking up a lot of time I haven't managed to put much into the Halifax but I did get some progress over the weekend... Firstly on the doors issue - it does look like the kit has hinges so they will slide inside, however this all looked too fragile and like too much messing about (cutting the parts) so I've made the executive decision to do it buttoned up (too many kits on the go to be messing around with it). I managed to get all the window masks on, which seemed to take an absolute age, one thing - I didn't see any masks for the other variant in the sheet, which is lucky for me I guess. I built up the sub-assemblies for the rear tail parts too - the tape there is just holding the parts together as they all hinge, the tape everywhere else is because I'm a tight northerner and might reuse it later, plus it helps protect it from my greasy fingers Wings and tail parts went together nicely, just a small amount of filling needed. Hopefully this should all go together quite quickly now, not a huge amount of work left before paint I think. I'm going for the wheels up - one thing (should have taken a photo) but the wheels mount into the doors, so they stick out slightly - though the contact points are tiny (since they don't quite fit - it only just connects at the very front and rear, so I added a few sprue offcuts left and right inside the wheel well doors which seems a perfect fit - that should hopefully increase the contact points for the glue and help stiffen it all up, I'd hate to paint everything then place it down and a wheel pop up inside the model!
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