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  1. There is an inner window piece but it's not on the doors (one for the rear hatch) but I'm hopefully the single piece for the front screen and rear sides might provide a bit of bracing where it forms an inner roof lining. I touched up the paint by the wipers and other areas of the yellow using the lacquer paint and a brush, seemed to do quite a good job (only issue being a bit of step - I think I went on heavy with the previous coats), one of the nice things about lacquer is I guess that it's mostly thinners (if you see how little pigment is in it once you let it settle), this I gue
  2. I originally started this build way back when in the Nordic GB, in a time before lockdown! Original thread here. One of three unfinished GBs this year I'm hoping to get finished (alongside the ongoing ones and Interceptor GB I want to start!) I've slowly been making progress mistakes since, and here are a few pics, it's been a bit of a pig getting together. Underside all built up - I did unfortunately snap one of the suspension components (anti-roll bar?). Interior is mainly built up. The kit came with some (very thin) plastic material to use
  3. I made a small bit of progress - the interior is now finished, seats in and scratch build belts. The belts are maybe a little uneven in width but hopefully it won't be too noticeable once the shell is on, I made them out of some foil coated both sides with masking tape before painting. Next time I think I'll use some thin (2mm) tape on one side, that should make it easier to cut the strips to the same size! I used some spare PE bits I had laying around to tart it up a bit.
  4. Unfortunately not - just a rusting lawnmower and a small airbrush booth!
  5. Sign me up, turret + wheels sounds like fun!
  6. Would biplanes count, e.g. Sopwith Camel?
  7. So I gave the roof and skirts a coat of white then masked off and applied some yellow. Unfortunately though on removing some of the masking tape it became apparent I've got some issues with the primer not binding to the plastic! Urgh I've never had this happen before, no idea why - possibly because I didn't wash or key the surface, or maybe because my first primer coat was a bit on the light side so didn't bite, I've never had lacquer paint behave like this previously and the coats were left fairly long (24hrs+) between application. Masking up the doors I saw huge flakes come u
  8. A little update: So I tried the Zero Paints Charcoal Texture paint on the seat fronts and carpeted areas, it's a lot finer texture than I was expecting though does a good approximation of say cloth/Alcantara at 1/24. It seemed to shrink in a bit on the engine cover, possibly I hadn't fully primed those areas or there were contaminants on the surface. I just brushed a bit of black primer for now on them. The texture wasn't as much as I'd have liked so for the interior floor / bulkhead / cover I decided I'd do some further texturing. I got out a tinlet of grey enamel p
  9. Ummm.... Cars, trucks, bikes and AFVs Motorbikes, Cars And Trucks GB I do love my wheelie builds but are those really separate GBs or a duplicate?
  10. Oooh I'm up for this - always nice to build some British armour (wifey getting worried by the number of Panzers taking over ) I've also got a Tornado kit that I was meaning to do in the GB but haven't got around to, so a 2nd chance to get it done started would be good.
  11. Sounds great - fancy building a Scorpion FV101 if I can find a nice kit.
  12. So I ordered some aftermarket seats, not sure they're period correct but looking at the FIA regulations it appears a 4 point harness was legal for rally in 1982. So I started the surgery - no going back now... After a lot of hacking I managed to completely remove the moulded seats - would have been a lot simpler if I hadn't already glued the lower chassis on! At this point I was a little worried about the structural integrity with it flexing a bit more, so I strengthened it up with some 1mm plasticard sheet cut to fit the recessed lower chassis, first down the
  13. Thanks for the offer but I think on reflection I'll just try with the supplied decals, not sure how good a fit the Tamiya stuff would be to the Heller kit.
  14. Hi so this is a recent rebox (number 80717) of their original kit released under their 'Bobcat' label number 3201 from 1983. It's a pretty simple kit (a whopping 39 pieces) which is what originally attracted me to it, given a lot of more modern kits I've been doing with far too many fiddly bits. Even with the low parts count it has a rudimentary engine, opening doors, bonnet and rear hatch. It comes in a fairly sturdy flip-top box, most of the parts in a single poly bag, with the clears in a separate one. Here's the parts view... As I m
  15. Don't beat yourself up, that's not too bad! Like you I've recently got back into this hobby, as always it's a learning curve. Comparing your efforts to some of the insane levels of detailing by some guys can be disheartening, but remember though it's about having fun and pushing your own skills forward. I always think as a hobby it's a strive for perfection but if I ever reached that impossible pinnacle I'd give up! Looks like I'll be joining the GB with the Renault 5 Turbo now, so good to see someone else doing some vehicles. The reason I think I like doing rally cars and AFVs
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