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Found 71 results

  1. I restarted modelling after a very long break a few years ago. I went through a stage of buying kits far quicker than I could build them. This is a kit that I bought a few years ago off EBay. I finally decided to give it a go having got some experience with some more modern examples. So I was more than a little annoyed when I discovered that a previous owner had tried to make a start with the cockpit, made a bit of a hash of it a lost a few parts in the process. Serves me right for not actually checking the contents on receipt and believing the description on EBay!! This is all that remains... So a quick search on Hannants and only 11 days later the following arrive on the other side of the world Still waiting for parts ordered from the US in May!! The plan was to produce a scheme from the first Gulf War, brings back memories of us following what was going on watching a mini portable TV whilst we should have been listening to some lecture at Uni. The picture on the front of the interior details nearly changed by mind having stood close to a taxi runs at Bruntingthorpe but I am sticking with the original plan. Any help and advice would be much appreciated along the way.
  2. Afternoon All, Purchased off Ebay before Christmas, had been watching the price go up all week and couldn't bring myself to put a bid in... until coming home from a very boozy lunch. Anyway one thing lead to another and before I knew it I'd won. I wont divulge the price, but sure you can all guess it wasn't cheap. A few days later it turned up on the door step, unfortunately it was my fiancee who answered. (Normally I sneak any purchases up to the loft asap, although god knows why, im 32 and its my own money ). After the initial argument over buying another "plane" she said it would be my Christmas present, saves her having to find me something, although i wouldn't be getting anything else. The other thing was I wasn't to build it until we had moved house and I had a proper work space and the right tools. I think the words she used where "all your other ones look unfinished, I'm not wasting £**.** for this one to turn out the same." Anyway I took this as a win, money back in my account and a Bucc with lots of goodies included for Christmas. Fast forward to March, looking forward to moving into the new house and we all get put on lock down, not sure when we'll be moving now, but this weekend I was "allowed" to start. Airfix Buccaneer SDC 1/48 Airwaves - PE Airbrake Set Airwaves - PE Cockpit Set Airwaves - PE Wing Fold Set Paragon - Resin Flaps Pavla - Resin Ejector Seats Montex - Canopy Masks Airoclub - Canopy (not sure if I'll use it, as the Airfix Canopy doesn't look to bad) Obligatory warped fuselage shot. Although not as bad as some. I have a second bucc, that is even worse. Started off by cutting out the flaps to be replaced with the Paragon set. First, scored along the panel lines, on my second pass the scalpel blade went straight through the plastic, although Plasticine would be a better term for it i think. I was able to just run the scalpel along the panel lines and it came away. A couple of minutes later the flaps on both the upper and lower halves of the fuselage had been removed. Next on to the PE cockpit. The original owner had already made a start on the cockpit, and had glued it into the upper fuselage. Had to remove that and take apart the instrument panels, before adding the PE. The final result looks ok, need to tidy up some of the tabs along the edge and will be better than just putting the decals over the plastic, although can't decide on weather to get the neomega cockpit. I'll see once I've painted it all up, and busied the cockpit with some wire. Below are some of the larger assemblies, wings, slipper tanks, tail section and a part of the air brake. More tidying up to do along the leading edges and where the wing tips meet the wing. There are large gaps in the slipper tank that need filling. I cut away the rudder to pose it, the plastic here was much harder than the plastic on the fuselage. This seems to be a running theme as the bomb bay is a different plastic again, being much harder and tinny in sound when you drop it. Dry fitted the tail to the top part of the fuselage, which is a terrible fit. Thats pretty much all the main sub assemblies done. The air breaks had the main bit of PE attached to them, but there's still a lot more to go and will put some pictures up if i manage to finish them next weekend. Bombs and rockets are done, but doubt ill use them. I'm tempted to get the flightpath martel missiles, I see they are still open atm. Intakes, aren't so bad, one is almost seamless the other has a large gap, that will need filled. Will attempt to get some paint down next weekend, which is where things will go really wrong. Sometimes I'm quiet tempted to spray in grey primer and just leave it as that, looks so neat and tidy, before i destroy it with "proper paint". So far I've enjoyed it, I know I'm not at the join the fuselage stage yet, but I've got plenty of time with this lock down and no need to rush it. First built one when I was 9 or 10 I think in an arctic camo scheme (because why not) with a combination of Navy and South African decals . Been wanting to get one for a while, and have a phantom waiting for decals so hopefully the two should look good together once I'm done.
  3. Better get my Buccaneer build going before I run out of time. I'm using the Airfix 1/48 kit with a Neomega cockpit, resin wheels, Heritage Aviation intakes and Eduard exterior PE set: I'll be building it as XW987 of the A&AEE as it looked when I photographed it at RIAT '94: Better get cracking. I've started by cleaning up the cockpit parts and priming them. I'll start painting them tomorrow. thanks for looking Julian
  4. This Summer, Special hobby is to release a SB-2 new variant (link) the 1/72nd Brewster SB2A-4 Buccaneer - ref. SH72303 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2020/02/sh72303-sb2a-4-buccaneer-boxart.html Box art V.P.
  5. Airfix is to release in September 2019 a new tool 1/72nd Blackburn Buccaneer S.Mk.2 kit - ref. A06021 Source: https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/blackburn-buccaneer-s-mk-2-rn-1-72.html V.P.
  6. Blackburn Buccaneer S.1 Intake, Exhaust & Air Brake Update Sets 1:72 AeroCraft Models There was little doubt that once the new Airfix Bucc was released that there would be plenty of options being produced for it. This is really a pair of backdate sets to make the earlier S.1 Intake Conversion Set There are new intakes for the S.1 These are hollow cast, with new fan blade faces. The intakes feature the section of wing which joins them. Comprehensive instructions are supplied online. Exhaust and Air Brake Set While you can modify the kit parts for this Ali has taken the hard work out of it by supplying these parts for the shorter exhausts, and the air brake with the heat shield removed (opened & Closed option provided). These can still be open or closed. As with all Aerocraft products the casting is first rate and the online instructions easy to follow. Highly recommended of you want a Buccaneer S.1 n your model line up. Review samples courtesy of
  7. All done. A very enjoyable kit but there are some delicate details that need careful handling. I used Xtradecal sheet X72307 for the aircraft serials and unit markings and stencils from the Airfix kit. The seat belts were pinched from an Eduard set for the old tool Buccaneer but the other details for the IP etc didn’t fit. Paints are from Mig Ammo - 205, 206 & 207 as included in their A.mig 7203 set; I found these to be very fragile and easily damaged even with a couple of dots of Pledge floor gloss. The only weathering was a panel wash. In the end I decided not use the Air Graphics CBLS panniers or the kit rocket pods and painted the bombs from the kit as inert/practice bombs, I made some more from the Airfix Phantom kit but had trouble with paint adhesion on them and couldn’t be bothered to re-do them, I also found them to be a slightly different shape.
  8. Rumour with very basic 3D renders... Doesn't look Tanmodel quality IMO. Except the subject and the 1/48th scale I confess being up until now not impressed by what I see. Source: https://www.facebook.com/groups/8586041972?view=permalink&id=10156026295996973 Song = Kitty Hawk V.P.
  9. Good evening mates, to be honest, at the moment my Jaguars’ main wheel bays are a little too demanding in terms of …inspiration and I’ve ended up postponing and postponing them. Now there are a few things happening to other members that have let me understand that probably…it’s normal to loose a bit of motivation when a project is taking too long to be brought to an end. Fritag has a perseverance I admire, but we’ve just seen he just went through what first it looked like an experiment (with those PE) and it may turn out as a new job!!! Ex-FAAWAFU was a bit tired with his Sea King and is now going Through Supermarine’ production!!! Perdu is passing with nonchalance from a “Perduxbox” Buccaneer to a “Pernovo” Gannet, Martian’s putting everything else momentarily aside to start a Kamov 28. Forgetting for a moment he did momentarily put his Roc project aside to go on with what seems to have been another project momentarily put aside … the Karel Doorman’s last cruise. This last Thread , whose meaning I understood only on a second time (initially I thought Karel Doorman was a friend of Martian’s!!!) reminded me an old dream I had for a long time , but I never started for lack of …existing models in the right scale (for me 1/48). Back in 2011, on one of my many journeys to the UK, I had bought Aircraft magazine’s April issue, to have something to read in the night. ] In it there was a beautiful article about Ark Royal’s last cruise.I literally felt in love with the opening page picture ( here below ) and I started dreaming of a diorama depicting a Gannet, a Phantom and a Buccaner parked on the flight deck. All those coloured tails were wonderful and a Wessex as that depicted in the article’s third page would have been a nice addiction. At that time, I discussed the idea with my friends modellers and I must say the picture was a real success. But then, the idea only remained an idea for all these years. The “Royal Navy… air” I’ve been breathing since I joined BM and in particular Martian’s friend Karel’s thread brought the old dream back to my mind. The only thing I’d liketo avoid, is to bring the Jaguars to an end first and start working to the Ark project every now and then. About it I have a question for the well informed,: did these helicopters belong to a Squadron ? The aircraft on board the Ark during her last cruise I found what follows: 1. NAS 809 on Buccaneers. 2. NAS 892 on Phantoms. 3. NAS 849 on Fairey Gannets EAW3. 4. ??? on Westland Wessex. 5. NAS 824 on Westland Sea kings. 1. I had been waiting for years for a Decent Gannet AEW 3 in 1/48th , but finally went for the Sword model in 1/72nd, as I saw it and couldn’t resist! That was my first model in 1/72nd after more than 20 years!!! The model looks great and I thought to depict it while landing… …so I purchased the Eduard PE flaps ( I love that system and some times I’ll scratch build it for my Wyvern, which I…left momentarily aside a few years ago!!!). Of course, the fact this set is dedicated to the Revell EAW1 kit wouldn’t have been a problem…untill I heard on this version the wing was shorter!!! My wife, whom I call “Treasure” is always disappointed as she says I don’t listen to her and she’s got to tell me twhat I’ve got to do at least twice! Eduard Staff may have been listening , and that’s probably why I had a doupble copy of theinstruction sheet!!! Anyway this isn’t going to be important, as I’m not going to use most of the set!!! I also purchased the ALLEY CAT decaal sheet dedicated to thie version of the Gannet, as I heard the orignal stencils are so thin, the ay just …get lost in the decalling process. 2. The news that Airfix British Phantom’s will be released in the next few months, together with the high quality standard this glorious Manufacturer has reached in their last products, did the rest! I’ve got it on order. I also ordered Xtradecal dedicated sheet 72268, to have more choice. The Phantom doesn’t say much in the parking configuration, much better to show it ready to launch, maybe with the deck’s heat deflectors open. 3. Perdu’s Matchbox Buccaneer’s thread gave me strength and I bought aRevell reboxing of the thing. If I follow Perdu’s instruction , I can do it!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNIrEYimmXs …sorry, but I couldn’t find the english version!!!! The only problem seems to be the decal sheet: I’ve got the Airfix sheet for 1/48th kit, but 4. Italery Wessex will be chosen to represent the SAR aircraft. About it I have a question for the well informed,: did these helicopters belong to a Squadron ? I can’t identify the crest on the top starboard (…correct…???) side, behind the cockpit. 5. Hannants seems to have only the Airfix kit on stock, which should be a new tooling. Any ideas if there’s some PE or decal suggested for the version belonging to NAS 824 on board Ark Royal in her last cruise? On second thoughts, I’m getting interested in depicting the Ark herself. The model which seems to be the closest one to this configuration of the famous ship seems to be Fujimi 1/700th scale kit. The main question mark for a project like this is: how to develop it? I mean, the first idea started from was a diorama with a Gannet, a Phantom and a Bucc as shown in the picture. This could do, with all aircraft in parking configuration with wings folded. On the other hand, these aircraft could be depicted in a quite effective “ready to take off” pose . • The Buccaneer is quite singular in both cases, ( wings and airbrake folded or nose up , ready for launch).Even showing it on the lift notfully up wouldn’t be bad!!! • The Phantom’s best configuration is with th nose gear extended , ready for launch. • The Gannet is quite singular with folded wings , hook down, open canopy and ladder out, but it’s not bad even with those curious flaps extended. Even a pre-flight configuration could be interesting , with a couple of crews and what seems to be a starter, as seen for Buccaneers too. At the moment I’ve already started cutting the Gannet’s flaps, just to discover the Eduard PEset is wrong for this model. I could still use the folding mechanism struts( if this is the right name for them!!!) and modify the flaps cut off the wings. • The Wessex could be depicted parked with folded rotor or even i 1/144 scale in the background of a Buccaneer or the Phantom ready for launch, as shown in one of the article’s pictures. • The Sea king is the less colorful of the party and is still a question mark. Suggestions are welcomed. I could : 1. build a big base depicting the flight deck for the three aircraft as in the article’s picture; 2. Build a separate base for each model; 3. Build a big base with some sort of …”islands “for each model, something like my F-15, as in the picture below.I like this idea, but room might be a problem. That’s all for now… enough written modelling , for this weekend!!! Hope I’ll soon share some real modelling. In the meantime, any answers to my questions or suggestions are welcomed. Thanks for your patience!!! Ciao Massimo
  10. Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer S.2 800 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Eagle, 1971 New 1/72 Airfix kit In my opinion this is the best 1/72 kit Airfix have produced. I know that’s saying something profound, but as a Buccaneer fan since the 1960s this kit is just spot on. I’ve spent quite a lot of time trying to make the old Airfix and Matchbox kits look like Buccaneers, which was all good fun, but I can now go and just build a kit OOB and get a model that looks just right. I even used the kit decals – something I very rarely do. What more can I say – well done and thank you Airfix.
  11. Evening all, It's been a very long time since I posted a WIP on here, and even longer since I joined a Group Build, but given my passion for naval types in particular it seemed rude not to join in this one. I've plenty of options in the stash, and I may end up entering more than one build, but looking through the build threads I didn't see a Buccaneer, so I thought I'd put that right for starters. I'll be building the new Airfix 1/72 kit OOB, although I may choose to finish her as a 736 NAS option on an old Model Alliance Sheet I have knocking around. On with the now very familiar box and sprue shot... I have a Stuka on the bench that is nearing completion, so hopefully I'll be able to get cracking with this one sooner rather than later. Cheers, Shaun
  12. Does anyone have a list of serial numbers and codes of the Buccaneers operated by 809 Sqn on the last cruise of the Ark Royal in 1978? TIA!
  13. So I will be building the Bucc' by Airfix once I finish my Victor. Was slightly disappointed to find that while the Bucc' does come with an open bomb bay position it does not give any ordnance to go with it. Would this be the correct bomb to buy/use on the model? I am also unsure about how I will attach the ordnance to said bomb bay. could anyone supply good pictures of the bomb bay loaded with 1000lb freefall bombs. Thanks in advance.
  14. Blackburn Buccaneer S.2C 1:72 Airfix The Blackburn Buccaneer was an all-weather naval strike aircraft designed and built by Blackburn Aircraft Limited (later Hawker Siddeley) to fulfil a Royal Navy requirement for an aircraft to counter the threat posed by the Soviet Navy's Sverdlov class of light cruisers. The requirement called for a two-seat aircraft capable of sustained low-level flight at up to 550 knots over a combat radius of up to 800 nautical miles. The resulting aircraft made use of a number of novel features in order to fulfil the mission requirements, including the use of fully blown wings to improve low-altitude performance, area rule fuselage and very robust design and construction in order to ensure survival of the airframe in its tough operating environment. The Buccaneer was able to carry a range of conventional munitions, as well as the 2000lb, 20 kiloton 'Red Beard' nuclear weapon. The Buccaneer got off to an inauspicious start due to the relatively low power output of its de Havilland Gyron Junior turbojets, a feature exacerbated by the extra power needed for the blown flying surfaces. The S.2, fitted with more powerful and more efficient Rolls Royce Spey turbofans, was far more successful. The Buccaneer served the Royal Navy with distinction until the replacement of the last of the large carriers with the smaller 'through deck cruisers'. The Buccaneer was also offered to the Royal Air Force, but was rejected in favour of the TSR.2 and then the F-111. With the cancellation of both of these programmes, the RAF reluctantly accepted the Buccaneer as an interim measure until the MRCA became available. As it turns out, the Buccaneer served the RAF very well for over two decades and even participated in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Notwithstanding the excellent-but-expensive CMR resin kit, fans of the Blackburn Buccaneer have been poorly served by kit manufacturers for far too long. The previous Airfix kit, along with the Matchbox and Frog kits, are long in the tooth and have issues in term of accuracy when it comes to the complex, area-ruled shape of Blackburn's finest. When Airfix announced their intention to redress the balance be releasing an all-new kit, it therefore seemed like a logical move for the Margate firm. Inside the red top-opening box adorned with the usual high-quality Adam Tooby artwork, are five frames of grey plastic and a single clear frame, holding 140 parts in total. The mouldings are clean and crisp, with fine, recessed panel lines throughout and plenty of nice detail on smaller parts. The assembly instructions are divided into 84 stages, which gives a good indication of the level of detail that Airfix have crammed into their new model. Assembly begins with the cockpit, the tub of which reflects the correct offset arrangement for the observer's seating position. Speaking of seats, the three-part Martin Baker Mk.6s appear to be a pretty good representation of the real thing, although some photo etched harnesses are a must. Crew figures are included if you are so inclined. The tub, instrument panels and side consoles are nicely detailed, although decals, rather than moulded details, are used to represent the controls. The nose gear bay fits onto the underside of the cockpit tub. Once complete, the forward fuselage halves can be joined together, forming a small-sub assembly entirely separate to the rest of the aircraft. The distinctive profile of the nose, which has always looked off on the other injection moulded Buccaneers, looks spot on. The nosecone is not moulded as a separate part, however which means another seam to clean up. Once the forward part of the fuselage is complete, construction turns to the central part of the airframe. The lower part of the fuselage includes about 80% of the lower wing surface. In order for the pylons and fuels tanks to be attached, holes must be drilled at the appropriate points. The outer wing can also be cut away at this juncture if you wish to build the model with wings folded (yes please!). The inner structure of this section comprises the main landing gear bay inner walls, front and rear bulkheads and tube structures for the engines. The front and rear faces of the engines are nicely represented and it should be possible to clean up the internal seams on the engine air intakes prior to final assembly. Once all of the internal detail has been fixed in place, the upper half of the fuselage can be cemented to the lower half. At this point in the build, you really have to decide whether to finish your model with folded or extended wings. If building the former, you can attach the wing fold mechanism and then miss out the next few steps. If finishing your model with wings extended, little spars are included to help you align the separately moulded upper wing surfaces and to give the model strength. Whichever route you take, the last major step involves assembling the rear fuselage and tail. The vertical part of the tail is integral to each half of the rear fuselage, while the horizontal tail is a single, solid part. There are seperate parts for the RWR fairings, which is handy. Apparently the rear RWR cone is the wrong shape for an S.2C, but this is an easy fix if such things trouble you. The foremost part of the engine air intakes, as well as the rearmost part of the engine exhausts, are moulded in such a way that the clean up of seams will be absolutely minimal. The bomb bay can be finished in open or closed position. If the former, there is plenty of nice detail to catch the eye. The prominent air brake at the rear of the fuselage can be finished in open or closed position as well, and is nicely detailed. The Buccaneer's robust landing gear is nicely represented and subtle flat spots are moudled into the tyres. There are different parts for the arrestor hook depending on whether you build the model with gear down or up. Aside from the wing slipper tanks, you get two Matra rocket pods and two 1000lb free-fall bombs to hang under the wings. The canopy is nicely moulded and can be finished in the open position, although the instructions don't show this. Two options are provided on the original decal sheet: XV154 of No. 809 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Ark Royal, January 1972; and XV336 of No. 800 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Eagle, June 1971. Both aircraft are finished in overall Extra Dark Sea Grey with Type D roundels. The decals themselves look thin and glossy and a full set of stencils are included. Conclusion I know I wasn't the only modeller to get excited when Airfix announced their new-tool Buccaneer. Thankfully, the finished product doesn't disappoint. The level of detail is very nice and it's clear that Airfix have put a great deal of thought into their model. There are plenty of options, such as folding wings, airbrake and bomb bay, and they are are all nicely realised. It would have been nice to have a low-viz roundel option, but in all fairness there isn't a huge amound of variety when it comes to S.2Cs. Overally this is an excellent model which finally plugs a huge hole in the world of injection moulded cold war British aircraft. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  15. Hi all - and please excuse me, if this has already been asked, BUT..... Apart from the bulgier bombbay and the wingtips, what would it take to convert the new Airfix 1/72 RN Buccaneer into a RAF Desert Storm plane? Cheers Hans J
  16. I'm shortly about to begin the ancient Airfix 1/72 Buccaneer Mk.1. I'd like to make it as an early-mid 60s S.1, but not sure on the colour scheme. Some are all anti-flash white, with other upper EDSG (or is it DSG?) with white undersides. A few questions if anyone is kind enough to answer?: Does anyone know if all S.1s started life all white, or were some delivered grey/white? When was the changeover to the grey uppers? Were all white ones on carriers or all shore-based (Lossie?) I know I need to add the bullet fairing ahead of the tailplane, are there any other obvious external mods I'd need to turn this 'Mk.1' into a proper front line Royal Navy S.1? Does anyone even do decals for S.1s? Thank you in advance - any help greatly appreciated!
  17. ... not the new one, sorry This is the 1989 version of Airfix Buccaneer in 1/72 painted in the Gulf War scheme. Spiced up with few extra parts - such as resin nose & tail, etch details in the cockpit & air brake. Making the airbrakes open up was bit fiddly as they clearly weren't meant to be displayed open. But I think I got it figured out eventually. Painted with Vallejo paints using brushes. Dirtying up using Tamiya panel liners & pigments. Model was bit on the more challenging side to build, it felt like older kit than -89. Most of the plastic was pretty soft & clunky but I'm pretty happy with the results. Hope you like it - feel free to comment & post constructive criticism.
  18. 15 Squadron Buccaneer S.2Bs at Red Flag, Nellis AFB, January 1983. I think they were there to support the Jaguars, designating targets. XX891 XX899 Thanks for looking, Sven
  19. Another heritage group build!!! For me, the biggest problem with these GBs is deciding how to build the kit. Do you build it OOB in the same way as you would have done back in the day? Do you build it OOB with all your current skills (in my case that can sometimes end up looking like the previous choice! ) Or do you improve the kit and build it to the highest standards you can achieve using aftermarket bits and pieces that were never even thought of when the kit was originally issued? For this one, I'm going to choose the latter - sort of. I always loved FROG's full colour painting instructions The kit is apparently very accurate, shapewise. However, the fuselage is an empty shell. You can see strainght through from the intakes to the exhausts. The open undercarriage bays provide a lot of light to aid the view. So I shall be using some Neomega resin sets to deal with that issue. They are designed for the now-obsolete Airfix kit but I see no reason why they shouldn't fit the FROG one. I will be building the box top scheme, complete with four Martels. However, I'll be using most of the markings from an Xtradecal sheet intended for the forthcoming Airfix kit. The FROG decal sheet will provide serials. Looking forward to this one!
  20. Hello everyone... Well I'm in with my 1st ever Frog model. Im going with this the S.2A Buccaneer Frog #F.238. The kit comes with early RAF & SAAF markings. Which i plan on keeping for a backup. However i just don't feel good always going with kit markings. So I'm going ambitious with this as my option. Aircraft coded XW986 or XW988. Im going to have to source the decals for the plane as i don't have any. Biggest ones are roundels but should be able to figure something out ? Even if i have to mask them. Here are the complete sprue shots. Questions, comments, & suggestions always welcome. Dennis
  21. Hello everyone... Well I'm happy to say this one is done. As I mentioned in my build log this is a tribute to Lieutenant D.H.J.Owen (R.N.). While i was looking for some answers during the build process i found my aircraft XV348 was a part of 237 OCU. It was lost in a crash on 31/10/1977. The plane had left Bødø Norway for the U.K. and struck power-lines shortly after takeoff. The back seater survived the pilot did not.  This was my first ever build of a Frog kit, it was a pretty bare bones kit. I was able to scratch the wheel bays and build a cockpit. I have an Airfix Data-link pod given to me by one member for the Martel's. I am using an A/M pitot for the kit given to me another member. And finally i modified one of the Martel's to a T.V. guided variant. I hope the Buccaneer meets your expectations. I used this photo from Canberra kid as the basis of my model. This build is Dedicated to Lieutenant D.H.J. Owen (RN). R.I.P. ... Questions, comments, or thoughts ? If you're curious here is the build log link. Dennis
  22. Hello everybody I have the RAF Green & Grey for the uppers but whats a good equivalent for Light aircraft grey I have a few light grey's ? Light aircraft grey like you would see on a SEA Camouflaged USAF bird out of Vietnam ? Or something darker like RAF Med. sea grey from WW2 ? Or a Light ghost grey like that used by the USN ? I know i have asked this before a long time ago but have lost the notes ? I want to paint an RAF Buccaneer from Honington in 1970 ? This is for the Classic Frog models group build. I was initially going with a different scheme but changed my mind ? Dennis
  23. Apologies if this is i the wrong section, please feel free to move it. My son and I have recently visited the RAF Museum in Hendon after its recent make over and was rather impressed. Seeing the Bucc in close up again after many years (worked with them at RAF Abingdon) was very impressive. Looking at it just made me think that something wasn't quite right. The airframe in question is XW547 still marked up as 'Guiness Girl' I'd taken a few pics and checked when I got home. The powers that be have painted a veil over the young ladies chest!?! I could be wrong but if a museum attepmts to change history to spare a few blushes then what's next??????? Rant over.........for now
  24. The website has been updated to cover; 1) 60th Anniversary http://www.thebuccaneeraviationgroup.com/event-60th-anniversary-xx894-xw544-and-xx900-1.html 2) Cold War Jets August 2018 with a very personal story http://www.thebuccaneeraviationgroup.com/event-cwj-aug-2018--xx894-xw544-and-xx900.html 3) Events for 2019 http://www.thebuccaneeraviationgroup.com/event-25th-out-of-service-event.html Best,
  25. Hi all, newbie member here after some help! A friend of mine recently gave me a selection of old kits, having sadly reached a point where he's had to give up modelling due to health issues. Having recently rediscovered a love of aircraft modelling after a 20-year hiatus I've promised to build them and give them a good home, so at least he can see them made... I've 'warmed up' on 1/48 TSR2, Lightning and Jaguar (he has excellent taste in aircraft) and just started the big one - a 1/48 Airfix Buccaneer S2 (08101 - the 1996 rebox). I say the 'big one' as this is his favourite aircraft and the one he was really looking forward to building prior to his health problems. The trouble is I've just realised all the clear parts are missing, despite the fact that all the sprues are still bagged and sealed. I've been trying to source a spare canopy to no avail - does anyone know where I may be able to get hold of one?? Thanks!
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