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  1. Hi Terry We were discussing it on Tuesday night and we are in the process of putting in a booking application.
  2. Thanks South Viper, I ended up making my own, which turned out a lot better than I expected.
  3. Looking good Oz, you'll have to bring it in to the club meeting on Tuesday.
  4. This is the kind of colour although there are some variations in other pictures Did all warships have the wall painted red as there is another photo of this ship with the red just in the gun port, which I actually prefer, Cheers Mick
  5. Hi all I am building a section of a ship of the line and,looking at pictures several have the internal hull wall painted a shade of red. Can anyone suggest a suitable manufacturer's colour for the red?
  6. Well I had better luck with Trumpeter after sending another request. They are sending me a replacement sheet for £7.
  7. Unfortunately not as only trumpeter make the sa-3 missiles.
  8. Ok thanks I got it from my local retailer, the decals were supplied with the kit but I ruined a couple of them when applying them and they so was hoping to buy another decal set from Trumpeter.
  9. Hi I am after getting a replacement decal sheet for a trumpeter kit. How do you go about it these days? I tried clicking the link and it came up with an email address which i sent an email to over a month ago but got no reply. i have just re-sent it. Cheers Mick
  10. Thanks guys. I was always impressed by how clean they were kept, especially the undercarriage bays.
  11. Yes I was originally led to believe that the acquisition rounds were in deep sale blue, hence the post title, but was later informed that they were painted in an FS colour and this colour was the close match.
  12. Well done it looks great! I love the paint finish
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