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  1. Hi Rich Welcome from another fellow Wiltshire resident who was also a blue suiter. Mick
  2. Thanks. I used Vallejo's eau de nil lightened with a bit of white in the end.
  3. Looks great, well done. Does it come with the GR1/GR3 recce pod?
  4. Thanks chaps. Terry it is Revell kit no 03025 Land Rover 109 (Series III). They also do one in right hand drive.
  5. Ok thanks. I ended up with cutting 4.5mm off the pipe and now they fit fine. There were another 2 manifold and pipe pieces on the sprue but they were not the right part numbers and were too short anyway. The kit was going together great until the pipes didn't fit.
  6. Thanks for your appreciation guys. I remember that kit, APA, but never got one.
  7. Hi All I built this Land Rover a while ago but was having trouble logging into Flikr which I finally got sorted. I used the RAF option as it is in the livery of the ones we had on my first squadron - before they went to dull green. I didn't weather it much as they were generally kept in good condition and were cleaned every week. Mick
  8. Hi All Has anyone built Trumpeter's SA10 Grumble kit and did you have problems with the engine exhaust pipes? I assume that the their Scud B kit uses the same chassis so the problem may be present on that kit as well. I am currently building this kit and have a problem with the two exhaust pipe end pieces. Take a look at this picture The pipe should sit on the bracket to the right of it. The engine was glued to the correct slots in the chassis and, even if wrong, there is not the space for the engine to move that far forward. The exhaust pipes
  9. Sorry to have got your hopes up I have just had a look on the model hobbies website and they are sold out. There is a set for sale on ebay.com: https://www.ebay.com/c/940695494 but they don't show up on ebay.co.uk, which is unusual Also there is a set for sale by lucky model . https://www.luckymodel.com/scale.aspx?item_no=AF%2035226 These are made by AFV club so they may not fit your kit.
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