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  1. No, that's my mistake, I think on the xtradecal it shows that it wraps around, or at least goes to the very edge of the tail. I havnt got the confidence to run a scalpel along the tail to trim it back a bit.
  2. Revells 1/48 Phantom, disguised as 892 squadron from Ark Royal. Had this one sitting in the corner for a while now, not even sure why I abandoned it. Finished off this weekend, sprayed on the black panels along the spin (although they may be a bit small) and attached some sidewinders. Xtradecal decals used for 892 markings. Sits nicely next to the buccaneer.
  3. Great job. Just got mine this morning, looking forward to starting it.
  4. Cheers for all the comments guys, really appreciate it.
  5. Yeah she does tend to take a swipe at them as I'm building them. Shes recovering from being run over so cant get to mad at her at the moment.
  6. Calling these finally done, RFI links below. A long slog to get these finished, but really enjoyable.
  7. Calling this finally done. Been on going for all most a year. Despite the reputation of this kit I really enjoyed it, pushed me to use techniques and materials I havnt used before. I should have added more painting detail to the wing folds but, I really couldn't be bothered. Aftermarket consisted of: Neomega Resin Cockpit Aries wing fold Aries air brakes Pavla resin flaps
  8. Fantastic! I though the first picture was a painting you were trying to resemble at first.
  9. Airfix EE Lightning F6 1/48 11 Squadron Thoroughly enjoyable build with any issues or mistakes caused by myself rather than the kit, would defiantly build another. Only took a couple of evenings to do, was a nice break after getting bogged down with the Revell GR4 and the never ending Buccaneer builds. Only down sides were a couple of bits missing, antenna on top of the canopy and one of the nose wheel doors, due to it being a second hand kit off Ebay and the decals were out of register. Straight out of the box with the only adjustment being to cut down the seat to fit
  10. Another Ebay purchase. Not my favourite aircraft growing up, but like the new Lightning its grown on me, plus I think the box art for this one looks amazing. Normally i have a mooch around on scalemates and on here for reviews and builds for any pit falls to lookout for or aftermarket needed, but for this one I went in blind. Having just built 2 airfix buccs, and in the past the jaguar and tornado gr1 I wasn't really expecting much, but that was fine, planning on just a quick out the box built after stalling trying to build the revell gr4 farewell tornado. Box Art and Sprue
  11. Yeah I thought the etch set was pretty good. Looks the part to me once painted. Yup definitely a tail sitter, forgot to add weight to the nose .
  12. Finally finished this one, think it's taken around 6 months working on and off between house moves and work. I know the stigma around this kit, but it's been one of my favourite builds. Kit of firsts for me, first full photo etch cockpit, using filler, using a gloss coat, vacform canopy and an enamel wash... need a lot more practice with the wash though. Airfix 1/48 Buccanner S2/S2C kit used Pavla ejection seats Airwaves photo etch cockpit Kit World decals Areoclub canopy Scratch build bomb bay Sprayed with Tamiya acrylics Humbr
  13. 365games have some on their site for 23.99, just got my dispatch email this morning.
  14. Like everyone else say, the head is fantastic. Any chance of telling your process of getting it looking so realistic?
  15. Getting to the finish line with these 2 now. S2D - decaling is all done. Just need to attach the wings and install the ejection seats. Lost the aerials off the top of the fuselage when moving house so will need to replace them somehow. S2B - build from the S2D boxing so new decals were needed, picked up kits world war birds decals from Hannents. Bomb bay was completed to hide the lack of buldged bomb bay. The kit arrived with no clear parts, lucky the other kit had a vac form canopy, but will need to make the windshield for the co pilot and lights.
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