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Found 272 results

  1. Hello Dears !! Just let me know if I'm in the right place for such a build !! I spent my week End at a Made in Asia convention with the kids !! it's not the first time, but I always wonder about these kits !! And yesterday, I jumped in the game and bought one !! I suppose that you both know these beastie, I mean the kit, not the kids !! But I did'nt know, I even did'nt know if there are rules in it or paint scheme or so ! Here are the sprues !! I will just have fun and try it !! What is for sure is these kits are damn good !! In no time, I've got this !! Tomorrow putty and sanding !! But sincerely putty is barely necessary !! Stunning !! Have a great modelling time ! Sincerely. CC
  2. Hello, It will be my first model build. I am used to painting gaming miniatures and larger busts, but I would like to try something new. Millenium falcon starship always fascinated me. Since I was a little boy I always wanted to build it. I have chosen 1/144 scale because finished product is not gigantic and can nicely fit in the shelf, on the other hand, model details are still superb. I was lucky to get this one really cheap. I know that recent released version has some minor bugs fixed, but for me this already is supper cool (by the way, you can read more about it here: https://sites.google.com/site/millenniumfalconnotes/bandai-s-millennium-falcon). I’m not inted to make my build supper accurate to original work – this scale in my opinion is too small to do it right. Of course, you can find many 3D printed parts to enrich you millenium falcon but they are quite expensive and not as smooth as the Bandai plastic is (here is the good example: https://www.shapeways.com So just to start a few photos of parts moved just out of the box:
  3. One of my quickest ever builds at five hours total, here's the Bandai 1/350 Millennium Falcon which I've just finished. A snap kit, which was perfectly moulded with no fit problems at all, only let down by the thick and unsticky stickers. Tiny little thing, less than four inches long, but I've photographed it with a single directional light source and fiddled with the backgrounds a bit, to give it a more suitable setting... Cheers, Dean
  4. "What a piece of junk!" This is my build of Bandai's 1/144 Millennium Falcon from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Weathered with acrylic and oils. I also installed an LED strip and battery box inside.
  5. Visiting Australia last year I happened to walk into a toy shop in Brisbane and found they were selling the Bandai Star Wars kits. I treated myself to a Star Destroyer and the Millennium Falcon, the latter for the princely sum of AU$29.99: As a palate cleanser between more involved builds, I decided to have a go at it today. It's a pretty simple snap together kit: I'm always impressed with Bandai's mouldings. They may be expensive, but there's no flash anywhere and the fit is no less than perfect. Consulting with a knowledgeable party (cheers Rich) about colours, I decided that the kit was already moulded in the appropriate colour, so I decided to go full retro in this build and do it without painting it, and even use the stickers! I applied a grey home made pastel wash to the bare plastic, and it took perfectly: The amount of detail on this kit is amazing- the whole spacecraft is less than four inches long in this scale: Stickers next... More when it happens, Dean
  6. After finally achieving a finished model in the last Bank Holiday Blitzbuild, I decided to see if I could repeat the success, so here is my entry for this weekend of holiday fun. by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr by John L, on Flickr
  7. I couldn't resist the temptation of starting this so I just put the inner frame together, an amazing bit of kit with so many amazing details tucked away.
  8. Well, after searching and searching for a suitable base I have chosen to use the support of a photo frame. If someone wants to see the process that I have followed in this model, they can do so at the following link. Andrés S.
  9. Hi all, So to go with these two tiny TIE Fighters, I've decided to have a go at this one which was a Christmas present from my lovely wife Bandai_Solo_Falcon_box by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr What's in the box.. Bandai_Solo_Falcon_contents by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Compared to the Revell Easy kit.. Bandai_Solo_Falcon_size by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Started with the cockpit - primed Bandai_Solo_Falcon_Cockpit by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Started painting. Great detail on those tiny seats. Bandai_Solo_Falcon_Cockpit_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr And all done! Bandai_Solo_Falcon_cockpit_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr More soon, thanks for looking. Cheers, Dermot
  10. To “celebrate” the 50th anniversary of Cup Noodle ..... anybody know the correct FS-number for a ramen noodle? https://comicbook.com/gear/news/cup-noodle-ramen-model-kit-from-bandai-order-amazon/
  11. Some more from the archives... The Mercer was completed at the start of 2006, and the Bugatti that summer. Both were built straight from the box and I still have them although a few repairs are needed due to their size and several house moves... The Mercer went together very easily, but painting all those black stripes took a lot of care and patience. The Bugatti however was an utter pain, as the floorpan / wings wouldn't sit in the right place on the chassis, and also the bodyshell was badly warped which caused issues with both the fit of the doors and also of the body to the floor / wings. At one point, just when the body and doors were all fitting correctly, the model took a plunge and rolled off my workdesk. The impact then snapped the already much straightened and thus very delicate B pillar as well as one of the C posts around the wheel arch. I managed to repair them, but the joins are quite visible. I nearly gave up on this body, which is the Binder Coupe de Ville (a poor copy of the Coupe Napoleon) in favour of turning it into the Esders roadster... The Mercer is not a small model - however it is dwarfed by the Royale! Compared to1:24 models... And completed. In addtion to all the doors opening (hence the body rigidity problems) even the trays on the division are hinged... In this pic, the door hides the mangled B post - once cemented in place, the division was holding that area together. Unlike the Mercer, which was a pleasure to build (& thus why I bought the Bugatti kit from the same series) I think the Royale was one of the few models I was really glad to finish & just have out of the way. It turned out ok in the end, and certainly looks good as shelf model in the display cabinet but I'm not sure I would want to build another.
  12. RX-78 test type. My custom exceed gundam head modified into what I think a prototype RX-78-2 head might have looked like. The standard RX-78-2 was the other one of these I built for a bit of a before and after.
  13. Good evening ladies and gentlemen! In this build I intend creating a somewhat different looking AT-AT from the canon version many of you are used to. Hopefully this won't upset too many of you! Those of you familiar with my crazy thinking know what's in store! Below are some examples of the type of thing I'm looking to achieve. My rational behind a scheme like this is that the Empire was looking to both improve the survivability of its mobile heavy assets and intimidate the enemy with an imposing scheme. With something as big as an AT-AT being difficult to hide in a desert environment I decided to base this scheme(s) on the Dazzle camouflage as used on ships during World War One. Plus, it looks cool! Also, because of the sensitive nature of Bandai plastic I won't be using any enamel based weathering products. Instead I'll be using Derwent water colour pencils, Prismacolor pencils, Faber-Castell PITT artists pens, Vallejo Model Wash, Vallejo Retarder Medium 70597, Vallejo Glaze Medium 70596 and Matisse Drying Retarder to achieve all the weathering on this model. I'll explain all their uses along the way. But first, the boring stuff! Seams filled with Mr Hobby - Mr White Putty R, thinned with Mr Hobby - Mr Color Leveling Thinner 400. With regards to the top of the feet, I decided to remove the molded on detail provided on the kit part and just keep it plain and flat. The feet will get a lot of attention later on, as I will be showing the dirt/wear marks left by the compression of the feet (as illustrated below). The neck section received a lot of work to get rid of the join seam. This was achieved using files and Tamiya Extra Thin glue to help melt the plastic and hide the file marks. Next, with all the parts (except the legs) ready to go, the parts were sprayed Stynylrez Black thinned with Isopropyl alcohol. Don't forget the inside of the main body............................ ......................and the inside of the head. The red cockpit part (blue arrow) will be added later, after painting is finished. Next step will be to check over the primed parts and see if anything needs sanding etc. Then on to the painting! Cheers Richard.
  14. As a complete break from scale aircraft, tanks and cars I’ve built a Sci-Fi model as a pleasant diversion. This is the first Bandai kit I’ve made and I’m impressed how well detailed it is with hardly any flash and I must say it goes together extremely well. The most intensive/difficult task was the painting and weathering (my Achilles heel) which I’m not overly impressed with if I’m brutally honest, but nevertheless I’ve decided to present it here for you amusement. Any constructive criticism gratefully received.
  15. Hello and welcome. This area of Britmodeller is new ground to me I have been stalking a few builds over here recently looking for inspiration on building Gundam suits. (Excuse me if my terminology is a bit off I’m new to these kits). I’m finding some good WIP builds but nothing that goes through step by step like what I’m used to on the other side, mainly it’s finished kits or finished parts, not a bad thing but I was looking for a WIP that might help me build THIS. . I was gifted this lovely looking kit by a work friend on my birthday in April who has far too many in the stash. I decided that this would be my next build and I’d do the WIP exactly how I do them for my other kits. It’ll be a bit photo heavy and I’ll be learning on the job. I’ve gleaned some info about how these kits go together and they seem a lot different to your regular Airfix our Tamiya kit but we shall see. I’m planing on doing a nice amount of weathering on this but I’m not sure how you go about building and painting. Folk seem to build first and paint together (alien to me) or paint in chunks frame them armour? Oh I don’t know but I do know it’ll be fun so here goes let’s open the box.... I’d be honoured if some of you guys would follow along and help me out if I’m headed in the wrong direction. Here goes.... Okey so lid off and I get another lid? Nice pic though. woah!!! There’s a lot in the box. I love the feel of this crisp Bandai plastic and the cool multi coloured trees are sublime. loads of bits and my first stumble block. I don’t know why I expected the instructions to be in English but what with Tamiya kits and the like you never know. So even still how hard can it be eh. just like Ikea. Looky that molding so crisp. I do have these too. I’m used to water slide decals and these things are?? Stickers and what looks like those run on transfers?? What is this cRaZy? right one with both feet. The first few steps sees lots of putting together and no glue? Oh my, I just don’t get it. strangely addictive though. sanding off the nub ( there’s no flash to speak of ) bits is great as the plastic is so nice. It does really scratch the plastic though. I got around this by smoothing off the rough bits with Tamiya extra thin. this part was rough as a badgers Harris but with TET it looks great. I’ll be priming and painting any how but how I don’t know yet. Quick as you like all the chest parts came together. I guess after each section gets put together I can see what needs painting then I can dismantle and paint accordingly. It’s this the usual procedure with these kits? What slightly rough bits there were I sorted out with TET. Looking sassy. And you can see how the TET has worked it’s magic in this shot. Even though it’s freaking me out that I’m not gluing any of this together yet I’m loving that all the seams are in logical places. Like here on the head. Oh man this is ace!!! The instructions (I think) ask for stickers to be put on the eyes... screw that. I’ll paint ‘em .... probably.. So here we are. Looking good. I’m really loving this so far even though it’s totally alien to me. Thanks for looking in hopefully it’s not too boring and if she turns out well others might be able to use this as a good reference point. Take care and any comments are welcome. Happy modelling. Johnny.
  16. Bandai BB8 and Bandai First Order Stormtrooper. plus Black Series Firetrooper action figure. ” Yeah. You’d better run you little *#@% “
  17. Hi all and hope you're all staying safe and keeping well. This was a little build to restore the mojo - they're the Bandai 1/144 TIE Fighters from Force Awakens but backdated to Empire-era and one converted to a TIE Brute. Build thread if you're interested is here but to recap: Kit: Bandai Vehicle Model 004 First Order TIE Fighter set Build: One built OOB and one converted to TIE Brute Paint: Halfords Grey Primer, Revell Acrylics, Flory Models Wash Bandai_Model_004_Tie_Fighter by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Fighter_2 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Brute_1 by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Brute_head by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Fighters Rear by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_TIE Fighters_scale by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Bandai_Model_004_Tie_Fighters_done by Dermot Moriarty, on Flickr Thanks for looking and stay safe! Cheers, Dermot
  18. 'tis the season to build Star Wars, fa la la la la, la la la la Kit Manufacturer: Bandai. Scale: 1/144. Paints used: Vallejo Model Air. Clear coats: Tamiya semi gloss and Windsor & Newton Galeria Gloss/Matt varnishes mixed 50/50ish (because I ran out of Tamiya semi gloss). Weathering products - Flory washes overall, AK Interactive Bearings and Grease enamel wash. Aftermarket - Picture frame, rose gold copper wire, Tamiya Diorama Texture Paint (snow). Krystal Klear for sticking down a couple of the stickers on the Snowspeeder. I assembled these models in 2017, with a grand idea of sticking an arduino inside the body of the AT-AT, to control a couple of fibre optic strands in the chin guns, for a guns firing effect, and an LED in the "head" for the red "windscreen". Decided to abandon that idea as it was never going to be visible, just too small an effect on the guns at this scale and you don't see a red "windscreen" lit up in Empire anyway... ...So it sat for 2 years waiting for me to paint it all and put it on a base! Surprisingly the stickers on the Snowspeeder were as thin as decals, and didn't pose any problems, apart from a couple peeling on me... The purists will say "that's Luke's Snowspeeder", "your AT-AT is grey". It's not, I didn't put the specific markings on besides the grey stripes. I also really didn't fancy masking off the grey stripes on the Snowspeeder and painting them orange instead. And, I know. I would have preferred to have achieved that whiter grey look to the AT-AT, but I didn't, for reasons... I was going to buy a Rebel Alliance turret from a seller on Shapeways, I'm glad I didn't as there wouldn't be room on the base and due to limited display space I couldn't go bigger/longer on the base... Photos - Tried to get a "person standing on the ground looking up" view with these, unfortunately they're not much different to those above as I couldn't get my camera low enough - Couple of photos "from above" - Thanks for looking.
  19. I just finished this for my brother's birthday. It's the 1/144 snowspeeder that comes with the 1/48 Bandai kit. I coated it with pledge and dullcoat, hopefully the Tamiya and Valleo paints don't peel off in the water. I got the snowglobe from Amazon and the glitter from Michaels. The snowglobe had some instructions for the adhesive to use to seal it.
  20. R-33K Protocol Droid Bandai 1/12 Another repaint of Bandai's C-3PO to add to the collection (I still haven't built this kit as it's intended subject yet). As with the previous ones, this is a non-movie droid of my own design by the name of R-33K, or Reek to his friends (if he had any). He's clearly not had the best of lives, and is probably even more decrepit and useless than Boris. No real modifications to the kit apart from the various hacks and gashes, and the missing arm, the joint for which was made from spares box bits and a few lengths of wire. Thanks for looking Andy
  21. Hello again folks, I thought I'd share with you my latest project, For this I took a bandai K-2SO and decided to give him a new job, hence the name change, so may i present K-SSU, or 'K-series Stormtrooper Support Unit'. He's been tasked with assisting Sandtroopers on the planet of Tatooine, looking for hidden rebel sympathisers. I didn't feel the need to do a WIP due to it already being covered by Andy Moore with his fabulous K-2S0, but for anybody thinking about grabbing one and having a bash, then push the button, you wont be disappointed. (please excuse the mass of pics)
  22. Hello everyone! Another recently finished build, along with my Rebel T-65 X-Wings of Red Squadron - this is Bandai's 1/72 kit of the T-70 X-Wing from the sequel (Disney) Star Wars trilogy. The less I say about my opinion of these movies, the better, and while I did find most designs bland and uninspired, the new X-Wing was very nice! I got this back in 2015 when it was released and I've only managed to completed it a few weeks ago. The build process was very fast, two afternoons and it can be completed even faster if you do not paint or weather. Painted with a 50:50 mix of Mr. Color H338 Light Gray and H11 White, practically the same color as the kit plastic, over a preshaded surface done with black washes. I didn't want mine to be Blue-3 from the movies (the only paint scheme seen), so I decided this would be a New Republic squadron leader, Blue 1. The squadron markings are placed similar to the older Rebel ones, I've added some paneling of various colors, most of the chrome plating decals weren't used opting instead for the fuselage color, and I've replaced BB-8 with an R5 droid taken from one of my Fine Mold's T-65 kits. Weathered using enamel washes, oil paints and soft pastels. Finally, sealed up with a few thin coats of 50:50 Mr. Color Clear and Clear Flat. I may have overdone the weathering a bit but it was difficult given the light base color - unfortunately, the photos turned out too dark but it's a lot lighter in person! Criticism and feedback welcome!
  23. Finally I have finished one of my favourite starfighters. Here is the WIP-thread: My goal is always to be as close as I can to the studio model, what is not always easy because this 1/72 model is so much smaller. I hope you like it. Thanks. Green Leader standing by.
  24. Hello all, Recently completed for the Film, Fictional and Speculative Group Build. Here is my Bandai 1/48ish S.H.A.D.O Interceptor from Gerry Anderson's UFO. Completed with a mix of home produced and printed decals plus spare stencilling from a Eurofighter Typhoon kit. The larger red stripes have been airbrushed and the panel lines added with a pencil. Cheers, Mark.
  25. Ok, this probably won't be your typical Work In Progress thread. This started out as me trying out some pre-shading techniques which I've never really used before. I usually build 1/32 aircraft but thought the Falcon would be a great test subject for pre-shading and for me to see how it works (or not). The kit is the Force Awakens release of the Falcon. For AM, I've got Tyridium's lighting kit and the Green Strawberry PE. I started with the main hull sections. I used Tamiya NATO Black for the pre-shading on the bare plastic. Over this, I started to fill in the panels using Gunze H338 thinned down to about 70/30 thinner to paint. I went back and did the mandibles to match.
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