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Found 49 results

  1. Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Let me present you my next model from my old 1/72 stash.
  2. Special Hobby is to re-release the Azur (link) 1/72nd Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I "WWII Service" kit - ref. SH72429 Source: https://www.specialhobby.net/2020/07/sh72429-supermarine-sea-otter-mki-wwii.html Box art+schemes+decals V.P.
  3. Hello As I wrote in a previous post my second 1/72 SNCASO Vautour is the bomber variant with this Azur kit. The difficulties are th same and again I scratch built the open airbrakes. I cut open the canopy for the pilot as well. The resin tanks came from the CMK range. Here she is as a Vautour IIB from the 92 Escadre de Bombardement in the early 1960s. Patrick
  4. Not a lot of people have heard about the Koolhoven FK58 it was a fighter built by the Dutch Koolhoven company for the French Air Force. Only around 18 were built before the invasion of the Netherlands halted all work. Built from a cloth covered steel tube fuselage and a Plywood wing it wasnt the most modern design but it was neatly designed with no glaring errors and had a decent turn of speed. It was used by Free Polish pilots but in the confusion towaards the end of the Battle of France it didnt manage to score any victories. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Koolhoven_F.K.58 It was a relatively simple kit to build but had some problems. There was no way to secure the cockpit interior and there was no way to secure the engine. Bits of plasticard and crossed fingers got the fuselage together and the rest was simple. I didnt have the correct French Air Force colours so I used what I had Vallejo Bronze Green, Vallejo Dark Sea Grey and Humbrol Acrylic Dark Wine. The underside was Vallejo Sky Grey mixed with a spot of Vallejo Dark blue to give a hint of blue. All paint applied with a hairy stick. P1000921 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000902 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000903 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000905 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000906 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000908 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000910 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000913 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000915 by Stuart, on Flickr P1000916 by Stuart, on Flickr
  5. hi guys here is my last work. This is a whatif for his fictional plane, based on the prototype VG33 , produced only in few number just before the fall of France in 1940. if she were produced one or two years before, she maybe would have equipped some squadrons. she wears the colors of a Curtiss H75 of GC I/5 in the beginning of 1940 ; the pilot was Edmond Marin La Meslée. i just improved the kit, the interior cokpit and some details. the worst part came from the canopy wich was completely unusable....yellow color. i spent a lot of time to vacuform a new one, many tries....here is the result, hope you like her :
  6. This GB has really sneaked up on me. This allow me a chance to finish a stalled build from MTO 1 see below I haven't worked out the easy way of doing Vichy stripes so if you have done this without creating an orange mess, PLEASE let me know cheers Pat
  7. Hello folks, Here's my entry into this Group Build and I'm quite excited about it too as I'll explain later! I had planned to make an English Electric Lightning, specifically XR720 which flew a few days before my birthday in 1964. XR720 is an F.3 which would mean converting the Airfix 1/72nd kit using the Alley Cat conversion, then the reality of my situation hit. I am a very slow modeller, mostly because I have lots going on in my life but mainly because I only have a small window of opportunity to do some modelling anyway! Many of you will know that this man in his fifties is studying part time for a degree, fitting it in with work and the aforementioned lots going on in my life, taking on a conversion probably wouldn't be the wisest of things and probably wouldn't get finished before I have to recommence studies. Therefore, something OOB was called for. Fortunately, the long announced CMK/Special Hobby 1/72nd Dassault SMB.2 Super Mystère has finally, after what seems like an incredibly long wait (accompanied by lots of teasing glimpses of progress), has been released! I was very excited when this was announced, the Super Mystère has long been a favourite of mine, really since seeing a picture of the EC.1/12 Tiger Meet aircraft in 1972, it's a classic Cold War jet and as it's French, it has a certain je ne sais quoi. The Airfix kit from the early 70's is a nice kit but isn't up to today's standards, the more recent AZ kit has some shape errors so when this kit was announced I was very pleased indeed! It certainly looks in the box, to be the definitive SMB.2 in this scale! This would be my OOB subject. Although the kit has been manufactured by Special Hobby, French concern Azur got first dibs on the releases, this is the "Early" boxing and features NMF subjects, the "Late" boxing features camouflaged aircraft. AFAIK, the kit contents are the same. Unfortunately, none of the subjects in the box were from the year I was born. Fortunately, I've got plenty of decals from Berna Decals which include some other options. Berna Decal sheet BD72-78 features three aircraft one of which is No.151/12-YN from EC.1/12 at Cambrai in 1967... ...not 1964, curses! Searching through the excellent EM37 book on the Super Mystère, it lists the histories of every single aircraft which shows that No.151 was delivered to EC.1/12 on 01/08/63 after its first Major maintenance at Dassualt, it stayed with the unit 12/09/67 when it went to IAI at Lod for its second Major maintenance. Therefore the aircraft was on the unit strength during 1964! Hurrah!! So to cut a long story short, my subject will be Super Mystère No.151/12-YN, from EC.1/12, based at Cambrai in 1964.
  8. This is my first post in 'Ready for Inspection'. I'm still thinking about the right format. I believe the bulk of the images of the finished model should reside with the build log and I do not want to replicate the effort too much. Here's a teaser image for his build: The build itself, its background, stages, modifications, paintwork, scratch building and a lot of images can be found over at 'Work in Progress': Comments are welcomed here or in the build post. Thanks Ran
  9. So... With the Sea King done (still need to update the build report with final images) and the A-26B done as well (here too some update of the build report is due) I'm off to my next build. The Hasegawa Typhoon is still stuck - looking for a missing part (PART J4, right side panel, front of cockpit is missing - if you have a spare J4, or can send me a photo with scale I will be very very happy) So - next build will be a new one. As my father's 77th birthday is coming up, I had an idea. My father was a mechanic with Squadron 119, IAF back in the end of the 50's and beginning of the 60's. He spent time working on the squadron's Vautour II N's. One day he was showing the cockpit to one of the new mechanics recently assigned to the squadron. The new guy was sitting in the front seat while my father was perched on the ladder showing him the different dials and knobs. At one point he was pointing to the Landing Gear lever telling the guy - 'You see this - never ever touch this one' and while saying that - accidentally moved it. All of a sudden this hissing noise was very noticeable and the front MLG started to retract. Luckily there was only a small amount of hydraulic pressure in the system and the MLG only retracted part of the way and not completely. As it happens with many aviation related mishaps - there were a number of malfunctions that contributed to this event - hydraulic pressure left in the system, rear MLG (the Vautour had 2 MLGs one behind the other) had a faulty WOW switch (that switch should have shut down hydraulics on the ground completely). The only damage to the plane was due to a tow bar that was connected to the front MLG and raise up as the MLG collapsed - to hit the front of the A/C. My dads punishment was to be re-assigned to the depot maintenance team - to help them fix the A/C. So, my idea was to build a Vautour II N as a birthday present. I had this idea quite a while ago so I already have the Azur 1/72 - the only one I can find. Its the IDF package - so I have markings of his squadron: I knew it a short run and I'm just returning to the hobby - this is why the project was not started for his 73/74/75/76th birthday I was not sure if I'm ready for a short run, and following the Sea King I was not eager for another 1/72 - but he is not getting younger. So I started some two weeks ago. I'm sure its not the worst short run you can find, and it does have resin and PE, but - its a pain. Plastic is soft. Gate are HUGE and looks like someone had gone into a lot of effort to make sure they are located at the worst possible location on the parts. Part breakdown is also something that induces a lot of 4-letter-words. I could not find a spare canopy or a vacuform one - so the kit will be presented with the cockpit closed. A bit of a shame considering the story above - but considering the detail level of the cockpit - not that bad. I started with the cockpit - no pins, for most parts - no location guides and hardly any useful information on where exactly to locate parts - A short run !@#@#$@$ Cockpit painted with Tamiya X-18 Semi-Gloss Black, Seats with Mr. Color 320 Green FS34092 which I eye balled from ref. pictures. Harness were painted Tamyia X-14 Sky blue - also eye balled from ref. images. The engine nucleus has a small balancing wheel - the wheel well part is too short and leaves a hole which I filled with putty. Wheel well doors have hinges - small, not identical and easily broken - I had to re-manufacture one. I cut a thin piece of a spruce (the oval one on the left) then cut it in half and cut some parts to create a kind of crescent. I opted to skip the micro sized resin hinges of the side doors. Of course all hinges have to glues with minimal to no location guides - did I say Short RUN @#@#$@#. Good reference is not that easy to come by - but I think the IAF birds had a yellow chromate paint for wheel wells. I used Model Master 4851 Yellow Zinc Wheels were glues (no that easy with this plastic) and painted black. I then used a new technique I learned for painting the hubs. After studying the structure of the wheel and the ref pictures (the rim between the tyre and core is painted silver/aluminum) I covered the black part with Microscale Micro Mask. Doing so I used the surface tension of the liquid mask to hug the rim. The different parts that comprise the cockpit and front MLG wheel well have to be glues ONLY AFTER a massive dry fit exercise- otherwise there is no chance to nail the exact location. So - that's it for now. Comment, war stories about this kits (or others) are welcomed as always. Best Ran
  10. Based on the old AZUR Loire 130M kit (ref.A051), Special Hobby is to release in September 2018 a 1/48th Loire 130CI "Colonial" kit - ref. SH48182 Source: http://www.specialhobby.net/2017/11/sh48182-loire-130-cl-148.html Box art V.P.
  11. Or at least find it. My attempt at Azur's Maryland to turn it into Commander Rotherham's aircraft of 771 Squadron based at RNAS Twatt in the Orkneys. Rotherham and his crew discovered that she had slipped moorings and escaped into the Atlantic initiating the hunt that had tragic consequences for both the Bismarck and HMS Hood. Azur kit, Print Scale transfers and Eduard seat belts. Kit was OK at times, the resin parts being easy to work with and the plastic fitting most of the time. The front transparencies were a nightmare and the WIP gives the trials and tribulations (but not the cursing and swearing). Brush painted with Xtracrylix and a coat of Liquitex matt varnish. I used Montex masks for the transparencies Thanks to all for their advice and cheering from the sidelines.
  12. Special Hobby is to reissue in 2017 the AZUR/FRROM 1/32nd IAR-81C kit - ref. SH32068 Source: http://www.specialhobby.info/2016/12/special-hobby-newsletter-january.html AZUR/FRROM IAR-81C kit review: http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/reviews/kits/fr8001reviewbg_1.htm V.P.
  13. Off I go switching on the maximum madness. A biplane, from a relatively short run company. It has resin, especially for the engine, etch and film. The instructions have a rigging diagram so may be tempted although I've never done it before. Oh and it needs some scratch built wire parts too. It does look rather nice and the post war paint scheme does rather strangely suit the airframe. Sprues The resin, not many components of the kit. But the whole engine and its cowling. Nice transfers and the film typical Azur instructions, brilliant at times and 'where does this go' at others. Gives three options,all the same livery. Two land based aircraft and one from HMS Triumph during the Korean War.
  14. AZUR/FRROM is to release in June 2017 a 1/32nd Industria Aeronautică Română IAR-80A kit - ref. FR8002 Source: http://www.frrom.com/index.php?page=frrom-fr8002-2 V.P.
  15. Hello everyone! I just saw this notice from Special Hobby that they're discontinuing all their Azur and MPM kit lines. They're now running a 50% off sale to close out their inventories of them. Anyone else here catch wind of this and what's behind it all? Are the moulds going to be taken into the Special Hobby line? Eliminated entirely and redone, eventually, with new tooling? Special Hobby Website Announcement - Plastic & Steel Online - Azur and MPM product lines are being discontinued now!
  16. Another civilian Brit used during Spanish Civil War - GAL ST 25 Monospar. Kit was from Azur, 1.72 This was a reletively small conversion to an ambulance which was home made work by me Monospars in different variants were used by both sides of the war. The choice was really difficult. Finally I did this model which present airplane with factory serial number 80. Originaly she was registered as G-AEGX, having individual name "Florence Nightingale" and was donated to Republicans by Dennis Corrigan in Feb. 1937 after conversion to ambulance. During service it was captured by Nationalists. The model presents markings while she was belonging to Nationalists airforces in the end of Spanish Civil War -in the begining of 1939. As source I have used the same book, which I quoted in post about DH 89 M - "Aviones en la Guerra Civil Espanola 1938/1939 Ingleses/Checos/Polacos (English, Czech and Polish)" by J.Miranda and P.Mercado. Best regards Jerzy-Wojtek
  17. I would like to show you my latest finished kit, it took about 5 months to complete. It was the first short-run kit for me. The following enhancements were done: - riveting - drilling out in and outlets and the exhaust pipes - thinning the trailing edges - added more detail to the cockpit Gunze paints were used: H77, H405, H325, H329 For chipping I used AK Worn Effects fluid. WIP: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235017047-morane-saulnier-ms-410c1-azur-172/ It won Gold medal in its Master category at Moson Show 2017. http://www.flickr.com/photos/martinhronsky/sets/72157682949580035
  18. Hi! I've recently started this tiny aircraft. This is the first short-run kit I've made, and I'm very pleased with it. I plan to paint to winter Finnish camo. So far the followings were done: - riveting - drilling out in and outlets and the exhaust pipes - thinning the trailing edges - added more detail to the cockpit Cockpit was painted with Gunze H337 onto black base. Details were made with Vallejo, and for weathering Tamiya enamels and Weathering Masters were used.
  19. Thanks to our hosts I have been given the opportunity to rescue this previous GB victim from the shelf of doom, to attempt to complete it this time. It's previous GB appearance is below http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234978711-walrus-crashes-into-bus-shelter-azur-loire-130-c1-colonial/ Box art and parts below The last attempt failed due to the usual running out of time and a sneak attack by the carpet monster which stole some of the parts, that remain lost unfortunately. Good luck to everyone in this GB Cheers Pat
  20. Hello, Been a little while since my last WIP, but this lovely little kit has got me motivated again. It's the Accurate Miniatures Vindicator reboxed by Azur, who supply revised wings for the French version, resin and etch detail and new decals for three 1939/40 Aeronavale options. two are all over light blue-grey, the third having additional blotches of green/brown cammo. Think I may be doing the one on the box. Having read a little about the real plane, it seems it was yet another design that was good for 1936, but way behind the competition by the time it was used in conflict, as both the land-based French attack bomber squadrons, and later US usage in the Pacific proved, at the cost of many crews' lives. It was underpowered, under-armoured, and had poor flight characteristics when fully loaded. The kit is beautifully moulded, full of detail in the large cockpit, and the Azur additions seem to match the original parts well, with a quick tape together showing no issues at the wing/fuselage join at all. The engine is a good place to start, and shows crisp detail, and an ambitious approach to moulding the wiring loom and rods by Accurate Miniatures: However, after a bit of paint and a test fit in the cowling, it feels like the detail is too heavy (although about as good as you might get in plastic) and obscured the engine unrealistically. What to do? Leave it, or scratch build an alternative? Given the fineness of the detail elsewhere, I decided to have a go at scratching it. So, off comes the moulded detail, and the spares box provided a new ring to attach the plastic rod and wire replacement detail to. Just as I was about to start with the wire, and out gardening in the fine weather, I realised the plastic netting I was using to keep cats out of the raised veg beds/luxury cat loo (depends if human or feline...) would be an ideal alternative for the wiring: Hopefully this will work, as its got a nice randomness to the lines and is flexible stuff. given it was about £4 for 20m of the stuff, I've got enough to wire a few thousand engines! More soon, Take care, Matt
  21. We have a few bits of news to advise people of today. The new Airfix Beaufighter TF.10 is in stock now priced at £18.99. We've restocked on the new Sword Spitfire XIV's. The third bit of news, is that we have reduced the price of our remaining stock of Azur 1/72 kits, as we will no longer be restocking them. We will of course be able to order them on request but have a look on our website and see if any of the remaining kits are of interest. thanks Mike
  22. Breguet Br.1050 Alizé 1:72 Azur FRROM The Breguet Br.1050 Alizé (French for "Tradewind") was a French carrier based anti submarine warfare aircraft. In a design similar to its British counterpart the Gannet it was a conventional low wing monoplane, powered by a Turboprop engine, though the Alizé had only one engine and propeller. The aircraft was a development based loosely on the Breguet Vultur which was modified into the Breguet Br.965 Épaulard. The aircraft was fitted with a CSF radar system and could carry a torpedo or delpth charges in its internal weapons bay. Wing hard points could carry 68mm rocket pods of wire guided AS.12 missiles. Unusually the front section of the undercarriage nacelles carried sonarbouys. The prototype first flew in 1956 and the aircraft was exhibited at the Paris Airshow in 1957. 75 aircraft were produced for the French Navy, and a further 12 aircraft by the Indian Navy (the only export customer). It was reported the Indian Navy purchased a further 5 used aircraft from the French Navy. The French Navy would go onto upgrade the aircraft in 1980 with a new radar as used on the Atlantique aircraft, an OMEGA navigation system, and a new ESM system. Another upgrade was to follow in 1990 to 24 aircraft. This consisted of a new decoy system, digital data link, new avionics and a FLIR. France would use the aircraft during the NATO campaign in Kosovo in 1999 flying from the aircraft carrier Foch, They were to retire the next year along with the Foch. The Indian Navy would go onto use their aircraft in Combat during the invasion of Goa in 1961, and the war with Pakistan in 1971. One aircraft would be lost to a Pakistani F-104. India stopped carrier operations in 1987 but the aircraft still saw active service supporting Indian operations against the Tamil Tigers during the Indian peacekeeping operations in Sri Lanka. The aircraft was retired in 1991. The Kits Each kit comes on 4 sprues of light grey plastic. The plastic is typical of that we see from FFROM with restrained panels lines. The canopy sprue is bagged separately to protect it. Constructions starts of surprisingly in the cockpit! The consoles are added for the pilot, navigator and radar operator followed by their seats. Additional parts are then added in the cockpit area to the insides of the main fuselage. the turbine exhausts are also made up and installed one into each half. The cockpit and front landing gear well are then installed into the right fuselage half. Into the left fuselage half you then have to install the rear radar and its compartment. This can be in the retraced position if sitting the model on it's undercarriage or extended if you wish to model the aircraft in flight. Once in the coaming can be fitted in from of the cockpit and the fuselage closed up (it is recommended 8g of nose wright is added). The next step is onto the wings. These are of conventional Left/Right with upper/lower surfaces. The four part main undercarriage nacelles are then made up and one added to each wing. The main wings, tail planes and rudder are then added to the main fuselage. The next major step is to construct and add the undercarriage. This is substantial as you would expect for a carrier aircraft. There is a single nose wheel with double wheeled units for the mains. The launch tubes for the unique nacelle mounted sonarbouys are also added along with the gear doors, arrestor hook and propeller. The six wing pylons are added along with the modellers choice of rocket pods or AS-12 missiles. 3 prominent aerials are then added to finish off the model. Decals Each boxing has a small decal sheet. There is no printer mentioned, they are in register, and look colour dense. FR0028 This boxing represents earlier aircraft and has three decal options all French Navy; A. No.72 Flottille 4F 1966/70. B. No.2 Coded I, Sqn 10S (CEPA), 1959/60. C. No.16 Flottille 9F 1966. FR0026 This boxing represents earlier aircraft with the ALM upgrade, and has three decal options, A. No.42 Flottille 6F High Vis Scheme 1981. B. No.41 Flottille 6F Low Vis Scheme, Clemenceau 1997. C. No.55 Flottille 4F Low Vis Scheme, 1989-1996. FR0031 This boxing represents the aircraft operated by the Indian Navy and has three decal options; A. IN206 INAS 310 "White Cobras" INS Vakrant 1970. B. IN204 INAS 310 "White Cobras" INS Vakrant 1985. C. IN203 INAS 310 "White Cobras" INS Vakrant 1971. Conclusion Though there have been other Alize kits, it is great to see the at people FFROM do a new injection moulded kit of this important French aircraft in 1:72. Highly Recommended. Review samples courtesy of
  23. Azur is to release 1/48th Marcel-Bloch MB.174 & MB.175 kits. - ref.07848 - Marcel-Bloch MB.174 Source: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AZUR7848 - ref.07948 - Marcel-Bloch MB.175 Source: https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AZUR7948 V.P.
  24. Les Avianteurs Polonais en France 1940 Azur FR.ROM / Artipresse Until the arrival of the book I must admit despite many years of reading about the history of WWII and in particular the war in the Air; I was completely unaware that Polish Airmen had fought for France as they later would for the British. This book gives the full story of the participation of Polish airmen in combat against the Luftwaffe during the Campaign of France. Much of the staff of the Polish air force had withdrawn into Romania after the country's occupation by the Nazis in September 1939. From here the Polish airmen were sent to France, where they formed several units within the Air Force. After the French debacle they joined Britain where they continued fighting with the RAF until the end of the war. The author has conducted long-term research in the Polish, French, and British archives; he met with most of the protagonists still alive at the time of the research. It is a study in depth in to this little known subject. The over 10 year of research have produced a leading reference work on this subject. The book is a massive 416 pages illustrated with 772 photos and a hundred colour illustrations. It should be pointed out that the book is in French only. Even with my limited language skills it is fairly easy to follow the narrative, and the pictures/illustrations are undoubtedly first rate. Though to get the complete picture and a full understanding you will have to have fairly good French. Recommended. Review sample courtesy of Available direct from The Publisher
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