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  1. The kit has arrived and by gum its going to be a long fuselage 32cm long without the nose and tail fairings which will probably add another 5 cm. Problem is the kit comes with the gun turrets and I am sort of thinking instead of the Sparrow transport what about a Long Aerial Mine layer or was it a night bomber never quite worked out what it was IMG_20191207_150202911 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191207_150104996 by Stuart, on Flickr
  2. All finished apart from a quick coat of matt varnish. Its been a learning experience and a bit of a frustrating experience at times I had forgotten how much I like building and how much I hate painting . IMG_20191207_203122531 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191207_203153070 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191207_203258593 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191207_203334601 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191207_203501804 by Stuart, on Flickr
  3. Can anyone tell me what colours for RAF Red Tops. A Google search brings up several schemes. All over white, white with grey fins lined in red, grey with pale green fins, grey with olive green fins, grey with red fins. Was it up to individual sqds what colours were used.
  4. It is quite strong stuff it has stripped the some of the varnish off the handle of the paint brush I was using to apply it. Dont know if its Acetic acid thats vinegar I believe, it smells more like Ammonia or window cleaner.
  5. Loving this build so far, keep up the good work. Its amazing how the Hurricat pilots could fly let alone climb into the cockpit what with walking around with a huge pair of solid Brass balls in the long john department
  6. I had a few hours free to slap on some transfers. I had a bit of a disaster using Humbrol DecalFix as seen above so decided to bin that muck and just use hand hot water with a tiny droplet of washing up detergent to break the surface tension. The transfers went on fine and I dont know why I bothered with the decal solution. I managed to touch up the areas with melted paint and they should disappear when I slap some mat varnish on top. To take the viewers eye off the touch up I painted the tail fins of the drop tanks red hoping it would attract the eye away from the wing underneath. Just need to paint up a couple of missiles and fix them in place and I think I might be nearly finished. One thing that needs painting on the plane is the pitot tube on the tail but I am not sure what colour it should be its currently just in primer. IMG_20191204_185949775 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191204_190014660 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191204_190027806 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191204_190116944 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191204_185949775 by Stuart, on Flickr IMG_20191204_190041976 by Stuart, on Flickr
  7. I do love the Gannet. I was lucky enough to go on a tour of HMS Eagle when she was visiting Liverpool in the early 70s I can still remember being awestruck by the size of the Gannets in the Hangar and their concertina wing folding. Oh how I would love to be able to go back to that day via a time machine equipped with my camera.
  8. It might be too late but have you thought of using a white paint pen to mark out the lines. Sharpie, Edding, Pentel and several others do them in quite fine nibs down to about 0.5mm. I used a cream colour one to repair some damaged lining on one of my OO gauge steam locomotive models, it blended in quite nicely with the original printed lining. This is similar to the type I used Fine nib paint pen
  9. Oh damn I have had a disaster putting on the transfers. Managed to get the upper wing roundels on okay and the fin flashes but when it came to putting the reg number on the underside of the wing you can see what went wrong IMG_20191201_133025683 by Stuart, on Flickr I used Tamiys paint then a coat of Humbrol Clear to help the transfers sit nicely and then used Humbrol DecalFix as instructed and its melted the paint. Clucking Bell who would have thought two products by the same manufacturer dont work together dont they test these things. Any ideas how to fix the mess would be appreciated.
  10. The inside of what I think is an air ambulance version.
  11. I have ordered 72117 Handley-Page Harrow Mk.II (271. Sqn Normandy) I need to do some research as I want to build the air ambulance version, as far as I know the air ambulance was externally almost the same as the late transport version with the long side window. The main difference is the doors which I think were made larger.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. What did you use to replace the legs.
  13. Kushan thanks for the links to Harrow threads I did a search but those threads didnt come up.
  14. Thanks I have looked at your Harrow thread and I am blown away at the quality. Looking at your photos made me hit the buy button so its your fault if it goes tits up Its only my second kit since I have come back to the hobby and I think if all goes well I might be buying more interwar Valom RAF aircraft.
  15. Corsair couldnt you order direct from Valom or buy from a UK based supplier. Postage cant be too much on a plastic kit or does it also take into account volume as well as weight. I have just ordred the sparrow kit from Oxonians Plastic Fantastic a seller I have bought from before (ADEN cannon pods). He seems to be a one man band and he has excellent reviews so might be worth dropping him a line to see if he can export. I always like to support small sellers my second job is as a Bicycle repair man I go through bike parts like you wouldnt believe and smaller sellers have never let me down on buying parts whereas the big parts sellers seem to not give a crap about customers.
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