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  1. Vallejo website has colour charts that you can download https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/hobby-color-charts/ Also look for IPMS colour charts. If you're struggling with Tamiya drying too fast you can try an acrylic retarder which slows drying time. I have used Winsor& Newton acrylic flow improver.
  2. Never used one of these but looks useful https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/233655259138
  3. I know it is but it doesnt seem to be right the access to the Botha cockpit looks relatively easy and simple. Plenty of room I can see that getting from the quite small looking portside access door which was by the trailing edge then under the main spar might be a bit of a squeeze crouching or hands and knees but nothing compared to the infamous Lancaster main spar. I remember reading that the pilot access into the Boston Maryland/Baltimore was a fearsome scramble onto the wing then onto the fuselage and carefully lowering oneself into the cockpit at which point it must have
  4. I read (can't remember where) that the Vickers type 161 fighter was the original of the story https://images.app.goo.gl/VL9HV3jaZrGWuwHC7
  5. Thanks, I went on the W&N website and their seemed to be about 5 things that said they were Matt varnishes. Very confusing.
  6. Just before I press the button can I check this is the stuff to get.
  7. Received my copy of the Fairey book and after a quick look it's got what I need.
  8. I had a look and there seems to be two W&N Matt varnishes. Matte medium and Matt varnish. Which one do I go for
  9. Years ago the Putnam aviation books were the standard go to for information. Particularly if you wanted to research something that wasn't a Spitfire or a Lancaster. Are they still worth reading or are they now just for collectors. I know current research has come up with gross errors in some of the books but for their time they were the Bible's. I have just ordered a copy of the Fairey book which I spotted at a decent price on Abe books.
  10. White tack is the stuff but don't leave it on for longer than needed. Definitely don't do what I did put it on, put it safe in a cupboard then leave it for a month because I forgot.
  11. Ultimate model primer is my go to primer. https://www.umpretail.com/collections/ultimate-primersi It's Badger primer relabeled
  12. I would start by trying a cotton bud dipped in warm water first. Always start with the mildest option going nuclear with IPA is the last stage
  13. I salute you with a slightly paint smeared hand. I find an airbrush sucks the enjoyment out of painting in a ratio of 10 parts fun to 1 part paint.
  14. Go for it even if you make an absolute stinker you will learn so much. I came back to the hobby last year after a 35 year break and my first couple of builds look very dull compared to my last couple. In the last year I have learnt so much but the best lesson I have learnt is give it a go.
  15. I think I will be able to assemble the parts for the build with the help of @Graham Boak but I struggle to visualise things without the physical parts in front of me.
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