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  1. Have you checked your spam folder. When I joined this forum last year the first few emails went to the spam folder and I had to keep marking them safe.
  2. The ideal magazine would need to be 2000 pages long, cost 99p and have a free gift worth £10 with every issue to please everyone. I started the thread meaning to get a digital sub but I have just swapped to a print subscription I just couldnt get on with trying to read a digital magazine it felt wrong.
  3. Very nice you have done a great but subtle job. The photographs blow up well and you have included a couple of scale human height photos. I always prefer photos taken from a scale human height not only do they look more realistic but particularly for tanks give it that bulky menace of the real thing.
  4. Dohh price has gone up to£14.99 I missed the offer
  5. @HoolioPaulio thanks that's great information. I will order a pair.
  6. I am looking for a pair like this. Are they okay to use when wearing spectacles ie is there enough room for the specs without the magnifier banging inot them. I have astigmatism so I cant work without my specs unless I fancy a splitting headache.
  7. The RAF was partly formed from the Royal Naval Air Service and as the Royal Navy can trace its roots back to King Athelstans fleet defeating a Viking fleet in a sea battle in 851 this means the RAF has been in existence for 1169 years
  8. AltcarBoB


    Black with a drop of green added.
  9. I also struggle to read ruler markings. I have partially solved the problem by downloading and printing a ruler. You can find several sites that have downloadable rulers. I printed several including a 1/72 scale ruler onto 200 gsm thin card and cut them out. Obviously not robust but they are acceptably accurate and are very very easy to read. I have been meaning to give one several coats of varnish to make it less floppy.
  10. Does this mean George Lucas owes me some money
  11. I remember buying East European kits from a Liverpool newsagents and tobacconist that had sideline in cheap toys from various countries. The model kits often came in cellophane bags with no instructions or even any description of what could be built. The kits were just tipped into some boxes and it was something like five pence per bag. If the shop was busy I would grab a plane a tank or something random. If it wasn't busy I would go through the bags and try and select something interesting. It was amazing how many sci fi spaceships and flying submarines got built out of kits for T34s, Mig 15s and buses.
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