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  1. Lots of progress over the weekend, especially yesterday with the terrible weather. The whole thing got a coat of Vallejo grey primer and then I added the glazing. The glazing went on pretty easily and only needed a little filling. I sprayed the bottom with some Medium Yellow Vallejo Model Air. For once, the yellow went on well and looks a decent colour. Sometimes it is watery. This was masked and then I sprayed the Dark Earth and Green on the top surfaces. One of the landing lights is cut out, the other need
  2. I want one! I'm referring to the modelling shed of course! I'm sat at the dining room table doing mine with continual disapproving comments from the wife about how untidy it is
  3. Reminds me of a trip to the Grand Canyon! How do they get away with the fit of these things?!
  4. Despite my reservations, the base of the fuselage fitted nicely into the sides. I need to do some filling and sanding around the joins but it went together ok. Wings on and some filling and sanding done. The wings are really long for the fuselage length. I've glued the rudder on at at angle to give it some "life" or character or something
  5. The downside to the Dorawings instructions appears to be the lack of colour information. They tell you how to paint the outside but nothing more
  6. I have one of these in the stash that I hope to do for this GB. I'll be watching along.
  7. I've made a start on the internals. The fit isn't great. Many of the parts have lugs that are supposed to fit into holes but the lugs are bigger than the holes so I've gone for the easy option and trimmed the lugs off and fitted it that way. The instrument panel has gone together well and I've managed to stick on the PE levers without my eyes exploding. The internal parts are glued to the underside of the aircraft. This is unusual as it goes the length of the plane rather than on the wings. Hopefully the joins will be flush between it and the
  8. My ww2 plane stash has 3 candidates for this GB. I'll start with the one I've had the longest. This will be the first Dorawings kit I've built so I'm interested to see how it goes. Here is the obligatory sprues and box shots. The detail on the plastic looks pretty good. The kit comes with a small PE set. The decals are nicely printed but I think there is a mistake on the Z7237 set as they have post war roundels but the instructions suggest 1942. The photo he
  9. I have a couple of kits in my stash that I think qualify for this GB. I'd like to just double check them before I make a start..... The first is a Percival Proctor. https://dorawings.com/products/1-72/53-dw72014-percival-proctor-mkiii.html I think this is unarmed and was a communications aircraft. The second is a Bellanca Skyrocket. https://dorawings.com/products/1-72/123-bellanca-ch-400-skyrockets-dw72013.html This was another communications / hack aircraft. The 3rd is the big one which I'm puttin
  10. I had forgotten this build was happening. I had bought the Eduard Dual Combo kit ( 2x Hellcat Mk1 or Mk2) to do with my son while he was staying with me. We've both finished our Hellcats ( photo later maybe ) and the long and the short of it is..... The kit came with 4 canopies, 2 mk1, 2 mk2. I have 1 spare mk1 and 1 spare mk2. Do you want them? They are free to a good home.
  11. Count me in! I've recently completed the only Matchbox kit I had in my stash. The Helldiver was something I made a bit of hash of as a kid and when I spotted it for £4 in a local shop, I snapped it up. Some aftermarket decals from Starfighter and some rigging and she's come together ok. I'd forgotten the 3 tone plastic she comes in!
  12. I can't see my name in the list so count me in! I have a Leo 451 that needs building after seeing all the trials and tribulations in the Heller GB.
  13. This one was one of many hanging from the ceiling in my bedroom. Bought with the proceeds from the paper round. Ah the memories....
  14. I've just bought this kit thanks to seeing it in the GB. I hope to start AND finish it within the next couple of weeks. Yours is looking good so far. What colour blue did you use for the spinner?
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