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  1. i don't like Nazi's plane but your work is so nice ! for the last pic : holy s...
  2. it is not critical. if i may give you some advice ; here are some mix with Gunze colors to make french WWII colors i'm using like my pic above. marron ( Braun ): 50% de H 84 cacao brun et de H17 acajou vert ( Green ): - H 73 dark green 90% jaune 5% blanc 5% gris bleu foncé DARK GREY BLUE(upper surfaces): 50% H53 neutral grey + 40% gris FS36118 H305 + 10% H54 intermediate blue gris bleu clair LIGHT GREY BLUE( under surfaces ): 70% H67 RLM65 + 30% H11 blanc happy modelling !
  3. nice job as usual, but i'm afraid the green color is really wrong, and the braun also. more like theses :
  4. wouah beautiful painting and details !
  5. HI all my last one : this F5-A . the base is the beautiful Tamiya kit P-38G with the CMK resin. well....it was really difficult to adjust this resin to the fuselage but i succeed. Her are the pics : at the end : decals are from CMK but they need some microscale liquid decal film to avoid some BIG trouble. Fortunetaly i tried with the roundels before, wich i could replace easily. ho
  6. very nice job; especially the work in surfaces ; riveting and so on. Inspiring for sure.
  7. craking build ! concerning Kinetic...hum....i've done some, and the earlier kits are tough : the Mirage family needs some work, the alphajet the same, the superetendard...also....only the last productions like F-104 or F-18 are better but it is not Tamiya....
  8. hi SAT 69. It's exactly what i wanted to show. In fact the rear place is full of radio equipment when guns are mounted. thanks for your comments. it's in french but you can easily understand this pic.
  9. My last work for 2020/ My goal was to do a Heller nose transplant on the Hobbyboss fuselage. Finally no real problem, everything fits easily. Here are the pics : The base real plane : the kit : one big issue anyway : the canopy...i had to vacuform another one, and i made many many tries before succeding... enjoy.
  10. my provider is a french one: casimages.com. Nothing special with him..i don't understand.
  11. i agree.....decals from Ultimate Sabre kit were amazing !
  12. ah ? strange...you're the only one apparently.
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