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  1. Had this kit for a while and couldn't decide how I wanted to build this one as it was my first attempt to use PE (a mixed experiance) After talking to @xvtonker who I thank for the advice and seeing this pic Landing Victor from the 55 squadron association site I knew how I needed to model this build. So on the ground shes having maintenance and a recreation of the pic for fun. So here is XL163 with some PE adjustments with additional refuel hose, semi open airbrakes instead of the kits full open or closed, partially deployed flaps instead of the kits full up flaps. Original Pic from https://www.55assoc.com/tanker-stories/
  2. Having finally got a couple of these kits, I started this one straight away. Built completely oob including decals, it did take rather a lot of filler, but was still a very enjoyable build. Victor XH669 was delivered to the RAF in December 1959, initially as a B.2 in all white, before flying to Woodford for tanker conversion in June 1970. After modification it entered service with the Marham tanker wing as a K.2 in 1977, serving on both 55 and 57 squadrons, including operations in the Falklands. At some point in the mid 1980s it was repainted hemp. On 21st June 1990 it suffered a hot air leak which damaged the flight controls, requiring an emergency landing at Waddington. Unfortunately it was not deemed economically repairable and scrapped in 1995, although the nose was saved and is currently at Duxford.
  3. Lost British Projects is to release a 1/48th Handley Page Victor B.2 3D printed resin kit Source: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=698218020664711&id=566804443806070 V.P.
  4. Despite strong competition from the Canberra, Vulcan and Buccaneer, I think the Victor is my favourite aircraft of all time. Given the frankly laughable prices on eBay for this kit, a huge thank you goes out to @xvtonker and @BushBrit66 for selling me Victors through BM’s ‘Wanted’ section at very reasonable prices. Thanks chaps, I’ll try and do the builds justice! The first one I’ll be making is as a camouflaged example based at Marham in the late 70s/early 80s, so effectively one of the kit options oob; XH669 of 57 Sqn. Love these camouflage colours on the Victor; iconic big British jet. The familiar though it seems increasingly rare kit … A lot of plastic! And a very nice decal sheet. I’m aiming for an oob build, but not sure whether I’ll need any scratchbuilt aerials or similar if Airfix missed anything. Any Victor experts out there? …
  5. Brought home this bad boy today knowing there is no space to display it. I am stashing planes with long wing span since I restarted this hobby. This kit box is huge! After going over the instructions, I realized there is no options to build it with bomb bay. Am I missing something or this version of Victor doesn’t carry bombs other than a fat nuclear one underneath?
  6. Airfix Christmas calendar surprise today: PRODUCT ANNOUNCEMENT! V-Force reunited… announcing the Handley Page Victor! All V-Bombers together in our range for the first time. More details to come… Source: https://uk.airfix.com/christmas/advent-calendar-2021
  7. Hi everyone, Much like the bus analogy, I haven’t posted In ages and then two come at once! This Is the build I completed for my model club Falklands war 40th anniversary group build competition. It is the Great Wall hobby Vulcan and the Anigrand Victor (my first resin kit!). Vulcan went together no issue, decals were a bit rubbish however. The Victor was a little more work… having never handled a resin kit before it was a bit of a shock to the system to say the least, but very proud that I completed it! The Vulcan is the infamous XM607 and the Victor is XL189, the aircraft involved in the last refuelling bracket prior to the attack on port Stanley airfield. I used the excellent XM607 book by Rowland White, highly recommended! I hope you enjoy It was something a bit different for me and I definitely enjoyed making it! Cheers, Ash! N.B - I am fully aware that the GWH Vulcan depicts a Olympus 200 series engined aircraft, rather than a 300 series aircraft, so the model looks ‘wrong’ for XM607. But it doesn’t bother me 🤫
  8. The model was built straight from the box, except for pitot tubes which are made with Albion alloy tubes. I airbrushed a first coat of Alclad Primer, then a soft preshading and different coats of white. All colours are Gunze expect metallic parts After decals and a coat of clear I did a washing for panel lines, and some filters for weathering with oil colours. The white camouflage was more difficult than I thought! The results is a little bit “orange skin” Decals are from XTradecals sheet Before take photos I forgot to remove the masking tape from underside cockpit windows..... 😞 sorry for the background.....
  9. The MikroMir Victor B1 was a bit to much of project to start now with builds for CBK SIGs display underway so I zigged instead of zagging and threw this down from the loft when I was up there. I had always had this down to build as one of the prototypes. Initially intention was to do it OOB and get to the painting ASAP. Of course things have started to spiral rapidly. The intakes and exhausts are horrid see below and the kit is B1 ish and lacks the intake and fillet at the base of the tail that the prototypes had ( this differs from the chunkier version on the B2) and then once into the build I found that the nose needed to be 5mm shorter - I was still trying to talk myself out of it when I found a saw in my hand and a headless fuselage on the desk. I suspect foul play! First a quick overview: Well actually it's a Hendley Page Victor according to the small slim box that was standard for all Lincoln/Kader releases. Like the rest this is box scale. I reckon, assuming it has a B1 wing span, that it's about 1/149 scale, so won't look out of place next to my 1/144 Welsh Model kit. The most glaring issue is the intakes and very blunt wing roots. Extending these and reshaping them would make it even more apparently a prototype as the wing roots were pretty close to the crew door. The other gross simplification is the exhausts as there are none are such and drilling these out and adding some tube will enhance things greatly. The good new is that the parts fit together well. I trimmed of the sprue attachment marks and taped it all together. I got the fuselage together without issue and proceeded to fill a number of sink marks. The raised roundels and serials were removed, the silver plastic still clearly shows their position afterwards. The control surfaces were a bit lumpy and got flatten too. The plastic is hard but sands very nicely. The intakes have been cut out from the side rather than straight on! Someone was evidently not at their best that day. These were reshaped and elongated. The insides will be built up later with Milliput. The exhausts are no better being complete blanks, concave at that with no tail pipe. I start to ream them out when I realised that one set of was ~1.5mm thinner than the other! I've started to set about how to pad this one out the match. I saw mention elsewhere that the nose of the prototype is even shorter, ~5mm. It would have been easier and more accurate to cut the separate fuselage halves hence my need to add a shim of card after correcting my mistakes. All looks good now it's sanded back though. I've built the tail spine up with card laminations and some plastic tube for the intake. These and been secured in place with "gloop" and needs to be set aside for a couple of days to cure. I really know how to pick'em ... or do they pick me?
  10. Unable to decide if the lack of WIP threads featuring the new Aifix Victor is a bad sign or not, I decided to take the plunge and start my own. I don't normally do build threads due to a lack of time (or rather a large number of demands on my time), but having recently rediscovered my mojo, acquired this kit and begun a 9 day break from work, the planets are all aligned for this to begin. I acquired the kit on Friday and started work almost immediately. The kit compares very well to other recent Airfix efforts. The mouldings are crisp and sharp and actually remind me of certainTrumpeter kits (and I mean this as a compliment). I've started the cockpit and the nose gear bay, as well as a few other structures which I have not yet photographed. The cockpit is almost there - it just needs a coat of varnish and a wash of thinned enamel to help the detail pop out. I'm not superdetailing this area as I imagine it won't be that visible once it has been sealed inside the fuselage. The nose gear bay has been primed and sprayed with alclad. An enamel wash awaits in order to help the detail stand out.
  11. So this was yet another of those, hey lets do something quick and simple. I've got more fingers than this kit had parts! This is an vaguely accurate 'desk' model of the prototype. The kit as a B1 is not just inaccurate it is plain wrong with the intakes being incised 90degrees to the body! A lot of body work was required to bring it somewhere close to acceptable. the kit is box scale ~1/160 I believe. Thanks to dwomby and Adam Poultney for resources. Build here
  12. Handley Page Victor B.2 1:144 Great Wall Hobbies Although I don't usually build bombers, I've always liked the 3 V-Bombers but their sheer size meant that I was never likely to build the trio in 1:72 scale. Along came the GWH 1:144 Vulcan kit, followed by their Victor, and now Mikro Mir's Valiant. Suddenly a 1:144 fleet seemed like a good idea, so I have bought all 3, and this is the first one to be completed. How could you resist this boxart! It is a really beautiful kit, the fit is faultless and the detailing superb. I'm no expert on V-Bombers, but it looks pretty good to me. I did read these forums and picked up the valuable tip that the undersides were not grey as stated in the instructions, but white. Apparently they went from overall white to camo on top, leaving the undersides as they were. Thanks guys, and it shows the usefulness of this forum. She is build straight from the box, the only adjustment being a bit of fine wire to replace the 'towel rail' aerial on top. Here she is, Victor B.2, 139 Sqn 1962. I hope you like her; The next 2 pictures are about twice actual size The model is actually quite small. Standard Tamiya paint jar for scale; And the real aircraft can't have been that big. Against of of my 'small' airliners, a Boeing 737, it is actually smaller, Thanks for looking, John
  13. MikroMir is to release a 1/144th Handley Page Victor B.1 - ref. 144027 Source: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235001063-handley-page-victor-b1-1144/ To put alongside the Great Wall Hobby (GWH) and Pit Road Victor B.2/K.2 http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234964961-1144-victor-b2-gwh-kit-l1004/ 3D renders V.P.
  14. When Airfix released their 1/72nd Victor B.Mk.2 (BS) at the end of 2016 I had to get one as soon as possible and this was supplied via the always reliable MJW Models. It was a Christmas present from me to me and was started on Boxing Day. In my mind there was no doubt what I wanted, XL512 operated by No. 139 Squadron out of RAF Wittering 1963-64 in anti-flash white complete with a Blue Steel missile. I am too young to remember this colour scheme but when I start to think about it, anti-flash from nuclear weapons? In England? The four minute warning? Mass scrambles? Get off the ground as fast as you can? Dispersed locations? A "bucket of instant sunshine"? The Soviet threat was so real way back then. To the kit. Not cheap, I think I paid over £50 however the Airfix Victor was absolutely worth every penny, no question. I cannot believe how Airfix has moved so far forward in the last few years. Overall it was a joy to build and I had around 90% of it completed by May 2017. On to the photos: The Airfix kit certainly shows the very complex aerodynamics of the Victor B.2, starting with that unique double crescent wing which was based on captured German research from WW2. Personally I love the larger 'elephant ears' air intakes as well as the 'Küchemann carrots' on the trailing edges, also the four Rolls Royce Conways buried in the wing roots. Even today the Victor looks futuristic. Obtaining the overall anti-flash white finish was a challenge. The kit instructions specify Humbrol 130 satin white which is a paint I have used with some success however airbrushing one colour on a kit this size didn't really feel like an option. I had already experimented with Halfords Appliance White on a 1/48th scale F-16A and I decided to try this approach to the Victor. I had learned to apply several coats by several passes and not to drench the model. Overall it worked really well though there were several areas on the wings where maybe another coat might have helped. I have to say that, for me, the kit went together very well indeed. The only area where I felt I needed filler was very lightly around the jet air intakes. This photo shows what was a fault for me, where the main fuselage joins the cockpit area. For whatever reason, and it might be my ham fisted approach, there was a definite step up between the two sections. I took the view that with my lack of skills at sanding and filling it was just better to leave it as it is. What this photo does show is the detail in the cockpit with the ejection seats clearly visible. It also shows the complexity of the cockpit canopy which was what scared me off completing this kit for such a long time. In the end I masked mine off using various masking tapes and although not perfect the end result isn't too shabby. I understand that there was a masking set available for this kit, maybe worth a thought. My final photo of XL512 in which the Blue Steel round can be seen tucked away under the Victor B.2 fuselage. A very enjoyable build of an iconic V-Force bomber. Michael
  15. I tend to overdo things just a little bit.... It's exactly the same with my P-61 build. I can't help myself, when I try to build things out of the box I end up scratchbuilding most of it. So I thought to myself why not start a second long term project that involves a lot of scratch building. I take my inspiration from the likes of Airscale, tomprobert and roymattblack on these forums, all you amazing scratch builders out there inspire me to try on pretty much the worst best idea ever. A 1/32 Handley Page Victor K2. This all being said I could not even have started out on this project without the help of Antti_K and his mountain of resources on the Victor. You truly are a hero Antti. I shall be using the plans that were provided to me as a reference to the build along with my Wilhemshavener Modellbaubogen cardboard model plans that I recently acquired. The plastic required for this build is going to be epic in volume so I've gone ahead and ordered a few 1000x600mm sheets of the stuff in various thicknesses. All the plans and references have been scaled up to what can only be described as 1:31 scale. So let's just call it 1:32. I am not going to be aiming for 100% correctness as long as it looks the part. That's the main thing here. I am in love with the looks of this magnificent aircraft. So no more words and just a single picture to prove why this might be one of the worst ideas ever:
  16. Here is my Airfix Victor B.2 that I finished over a year ago but never got round to posting When it came to which Victor to model there was only one choice for me and that's XL231. Been a member of the team who maintain XL231 at the Yorkshire Air Museum the choice was simple. I added Eduard's excellent pre painted etch to the cockpit and despite the fact that much of it can't be seen it did give the cockpit a very much real look to it. The model represents 231 as she was as a Blue Steel aircraft of the Wittering wing. Enjoy Victor B.2 XL231 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Victor B.2 XL231 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Victor B.2 XL231 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Victor B.2 XL231 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr Victor B.2 XL231 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr And here she is with the real XL231 shortly after finishing the build 100_2627 by Scott Clayton, on Flickr ScottC
  17. Hi folk's,this is definitely my last entry here's the story,my mother in law's Christmas present tends to be a model,"just get one you want" being the mantra,I tend to keep it around the twenty quid mark so I'm happy and she's not spent a fortune(last years Airfix Gnat/Hawk red arrows is still not started and was a mere £12:99) anyway much as I was tempted to grab a Heyford this one came in at £14:99 at Wonderland Models so definitely a post Christmas build as once it arrives it will go to her for wrapping up for the big day.
  18. My KUTA project to hopefully get finished by the end of the year, the excellent Airfix Handley Page Victor B.Mk.2 (BS) kit which I started I think just after last Christmas. In fact there isn't a huge amount left to do. I managed to keep working on it until May which is when the garden needs a lot of attention, then we went on summer hols, and I found masking the cockpit canopy just too fiddly! She is going to look fabulous when finished, I just need a gentle KUTA
  19. Hi all Having recently made the Revell Victor K2, I’ve finally splashed out on the Airfix B2. Just one question; for the white XL512 would it be accurate to leave off the trailing edge Kuchemann carrots to depict it at an even earlier date? Or would that mean it also needs other mods? I’ve seen photos of various Victor B2s in white without the large fuel slipper tanks or the ‘carrots’, (including XL191 & XL230) - does anyone know when the carrots were added? I don’t have the skill to start modifying intakes or anything so no biggy if I add the carrots, just wondering about giving her cleaner lines. Thanks!
  20. Any comments welcome, it's the only way to improve ...
  21. My first attempt at modelling again for 20 years. Any feedback appreciated, as that's the only way to learn and improve. https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPCI14vv0TSoMqjWCGgwFNbhLLqFRbdyjZ1y4Na https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNa2LPv5d3O5W0vFNuBCps8FHTAgtgdUfTzmdGK https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipNSzhtcz5dt-WXoao3mT6WdGokjShOMSHP6mY7l https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO9pWBxc3nvX4u1wjluhZP0qUnfIa9RA-zdDxfT How do you get photos to show as images not URLs!?
  22. Hopefully will be going upto Elvington in October, how often do they fast taxi the Victor?
  23. Hello again, long time no post. I'll be doing this in the white colour scheme. I want to do a bit of a diorama so I'm building my own AEC Mandator transporter for the Blue Steel,and possibly a trolley if I can get some decent photos of the trolleys used for the Victor. Anyway onto the build, I splashed out on some Eduard photo etch for inside and outside. Airfix rendition on the left, Eduard on the right. Kit detail of the undercarriage bay. Eduard version. For the cockpit Eduard would have your replace the Airfix equipment at the top of the picture here...... ...with this, which is not as detailed. Anyone know why? Lots of bits to make the seats look a bit better.......below Building the next bit was quite literally a pain in the neck, hunched over the desk with massive magnifiers on putting together the smallest clocks and dials Ive ever used. And finally a start made on the Mandator lorry. I believe AIM are supposed to be bringing one out, but I don't know when. (Probably the day after I finish this one) A couple of questions:- 1. What colour should the cockpit floor and walls be? 2. Has anyone got pictures of the blue steel trolley used for the Victor (am i right in thinking it was lower than the others?) That's all for now, thanks for looking. BB
  24. As a side topic to the 'what should Airfix be making' and the inevitable 'why?' and 'why not' posts that follow can you list your personal wishlists in 3 categories: Near term - those you feel are likely to come to fruition in a year or two, even if you won't be buying it Medium term - within say 5 years, and can include those models You want to see that are a faintly realistic proposition. Long term - when you will be planning a release from your cryogenic chamber. (note: whilst the long term plans may include unlikely makes or marks, or even a corrected version of a current bestseller please try keep them fairly realistic - I doubt Airfix will be making a Tibetan homemade glider at any point despite the clamouring for one) .... Ok I'll start off (and I'll try to keep it as new kits only not rereleases) Near: Single seat Vamps P-47 (razor and bubble) D3A Val (extending the pacific WW2 niche) Buccaneer (a big UK seller and the old one is aged) Meteors (including at least 1 each T & NF) 2 seat Lightning (so many fighters, needs a matching trainer) Medium: Whirlwind (the forgotten WW2 fighter) DH106 Comet (4s please, RAF & Dan Air schemes) Victor (much demanded to replace the aging Matchbox) F-4 Phantoms (a European sized hole will persist unless FujiGawa get cheaper, or Revell add to their F) Panther/Cougar - (expanding the USN theme in to post war) Long: Vulcan (old mould is creaking) Wellesley (Forgotten type, fits with a WW2 desert theme) Gazelle (hard to find, simply needs updating to modern standards) Wasp/Scout (a missing link so long oop) Viggan (actually pretry much any Saab as the reborn Heller seen reluctant to mass market, and non-Gripens aren't commonplace) *I reserve the right to change my mind if I think of new options (and given time I could extend to top 100s!)
  25. I got me a 1/96 Frog Victor B.1 recently (another interesting story which has got to do with a rumour of a sunken ship, a not-so-amused wife and myself getting moored by her next to that wreck in the cold and fathomless depths of the Pacific... ). Anyway, as the intakes of that beauty were non-existent, they had to be scratch-built. So I was wondering how the intakes on the Victor B.1 might look like. I know that there a a lot of pictures of the Victor B.2 (including their intakes) around, mainly due to the 1/72 Airfix one. Can I assume that the intakes differ a lot from the Conway-powered B.2? My Google-fu let me down so far. Perhaps the one or other member can point me to the right direction. Any help would be gladly appreciated.
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