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  1. I feel your pain, I struggled for ages with an Iwata airbrush, nearly lashing it in the bin, then I swapped from acrylics to enamel. Problem solved. I'm sure that its possible to spray acrylics but i just never could. And yes, get a good mask. Or spray outside, this means only painting in summer though.
  2. Thank you lads, I like the shattered glass too, as being real glass it does look more, erm.....real BB
  3. I see these as a 3D picture rather than a model, and I find it an extension of the paintings I usually make. I like the Miniart stuff, but the self propelled gun was a bit challenging to finish to a decent standard, but as part of a diorama some corners were cut. Close inspection via photographs show up some things that could be improved, but hey ho, overall I am pleased with the outcome, and most important I enjoyed making it. Didn't spend too much time on the figures, as the building is the main topic. Photos now: Hosted by Billybookcase on FLICKR
  4. No major problems with the resin aftermarket sets Brian. Just a bit of trimming here and there for the cockpit and front wheel well, but the cut outs for the main undercarriage on th echelon wings are slightly different to the resin parts so if you're using them then wait till you get them before making the cuts in the wing, or if you've already made the cuts then a few bits of plasticard to fill the gaps. BB
  5. Thank you, I have another in the stash, but I won't be starting it in the near future due to the amount of time and effort required for a vac form. Depending on circumstances I may end up selling it on, but I would hope that it would go to someone who would definitely make it and not just put it in the stash, they deserve to be displayed. I am still amazed by the ingenuity and skill of Frank Brown. BB
  6. Thank you PF, I bought mine from a man in USA, not you then?
  7. Bought this from a nice man in America. To make life with a vac form easier I got resin parts for the cockpit, wheel wells and exhausts. The canopy was well yellowed, but once put in place its hardly noticeable, and the "deckles" were quite serviceable for something nearly 30 years old. Half way through the build I took a long break and subsequently forgot which version I was making, so to the experts it will look wrong, but I think it looks like a lightning, so I'm happy with it. OK some photos. Hosted on FLICKR Hosted on FLICKR Hosted on FLICK
  8. Thank you Pete, it took even longer because I took at face value a photo that described a 17 pdr being loaded when it should have been a 6 pdr, I should have realised that it wouldn't have fitted. Anyway realised the mistake at the end of the build and had to start again with the gun being loaded. BB
  9. Hi Nick, I made it myself, a company called plasticonline cut the acrylic sheets to your exact sizes and they're quite reasonable on price, I then used Flex-i-file Touch-n-flow system to glue them together. Cheaper than getting a box made anyway. Cheers BB
  10. Very nice DV, very nice, as mentioned above a bit more work on the 'seams' of the Miniart building and it would be perfect. BB
  11. Thank you Martin, you missed the broken windows which I was particularly proud of Darby, yes initially I thought it was a bit dull so lightened it up, can't remember what colour i used. It stands out even more because I photographed it in bright sunlight. I shall revisit and darken them up somewhat. Cheers BB
  12. Miniart street scene, Tamiya tank, and Stalingrad figures. Hosted on FLICKR by billybookcase Hosted on FLICKR by billybookcase Hosted on FLICKR by billybookcase Hosted on FLICKR by billybookcase Hosted on Flickr by billybookcase Hosted on FLICKR by billybookcase Hosted on FLICKR by billybookcase Hosted on FLICKR by billybookcase Hosted on FLICKR by billybookcase Cheers BB
  13. Thank you lads, it's good to get some nice comments, makes all the hard work worthwhile. Big X, I was thinking of doing it at Pegasus Bridge, but I didn't fancy paying the best part of 100 quid then smashing it to bits. Maybe next time, and a 1/35 bridge as well BB
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