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  1. Wow a lot of informations, thank you to everibody, now i’ll study if the conversion is too difficult i will do it in military version (my kit)
  2. ?'ve just bought the Academy C-97A in 1/72. I was wondering in is possible to convert it in a Civil B-377 thanks
  3. The model was built straight from the box, except for pitot tubes which are made with Albion alloy tubes. I airbrushed a first coat of Alclad Primer, then a soft preshading and different coats of white. All colours are Gunze expect metallic parts After decals and a coat of clear I did a washing for panel lines, and some filters for weathering with oil colours. The white camouflage was more difficult than I thought! The results is a little bit “orange skin” Decals are from XTradecals sheet Before take photos I forgot to remove the masking tape from underside cockpit win
  4. Fantastic job, i suppose that the Amodel kit was not so easy to assembly....
  5. I forgot tell an important thing this is a tail sitter, remember tu add some weight, obviously I understood that, when the model was almost built!
  6. Very well done, fantastic subject. I’ve build this kit some years ago, and like you I didn’t care any shape issues....
  7. thank for appreciatiation The join between the rear and the cabin (trasparent part) demands a good filling, wich i did with Milliput and cianoacrylate for finishing. The worst part is the undersire. I scarth built the landing gear beause the pieces of kit are not so good. Pay attention to place a pin for every rotor blade because their weight give fragile the joint. With Whirlwind, Wessex and Sea King they will be a fantastic sequence to display (at home or model shows) very good idea I also used some etched part from AGB
  8. thank for your appreciation. Yes, the decals came from the kit, i used as a photografic reference, some pics of XJ380 founded on the web, that represent (i think), as you said the subjet in gate guardian laying or at least out of service. Unfortunately I didn't foud a good doc about operational history in British service.
  9. My first helicopter, I did a lot of mistakes, but at the end i’m satisfied also because the kit is not the easiest on the market (thank to S&M for giving us a kit of this interesting subject) I used some etched, built new landing gear with Albion alloy tubes, open 2 doors and folded rotor blades Colours are from Gunze Sorry for the low quality of the photos
  10. Hi, thank you for appreciation. I used Olympus hp101 airbrush and gunze colours
  11. It’s a short run kit, so it need some filling work, the smaller part need to be refined, and if you want a open cockpit you harp to cut canopy. Honestly (i’m Not a master) I’ve to say that the painting with a lot of colours and masking is longer than building....
  12. Hi folks, I’m completing the assembly of 1/72 sycamore, but I have a doubt. the subject chosen is the British coded XJ380: Thi is my doubt: the colours of rotor’s blades yellow underside and grey upper side? Black underside? Can you help me? thank you
  13. Hi everybody, at the end of November i’ll be in Athens (Greece), so I was wondering if there are museums or other military stuff to visit in the city or near. thank you
  14. Bf 109 G6/R6 - Regia Aeronautica - July 1943 - 364a Squadriglia, 150o Gruppo Autonomo, Pilot: Mario Bellagambi Built straight from the box, sorry for awful background....
  15. I posted whit my smartphone, probably doing some mistake...
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