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  1. ivan ferrando

    SATA Caravelle 10R

    Fantastic job, i suppose that the Amodel kit was not so easy to assembly....
  2. ivan ferrando

    Bristol Sycamore 1/72 - S&M Models

    I forgot tell an important thing this is a tail sitter, remember tu add some weight, obviously I understood that, when the model was almost built!
  3. Very well done, fantastic subject. I’ve build this kit some years ago, and like you I didn’t care any shape issues....
  4. ivan ferrando

    Bristol Sycamore 1/72 - S&M Models

    thank for appreciatiation The join between the rear and the cabin (trasparent part) demands a good filling, wich i did with Milliput and cianoacrylate for finishing. The worst part is the undersire. I scarth built the landing gear beause the pieces of kit are not so good. Pay attention to place a pin for every rotor blade because their weight give fragile the joint. With Whirlwind, Wessex and Sea King they will be a fantastic sequence to display (at home or model shows) very good idea I also used some etched part from AGB
  5. ivan ferrando

    Bristol Sycamore 1/72 - S&M Models

    thank for your appreciation. Yes, the decals came from the kit, i used as a photografic reference, some pics of XJ380 founded on the web, that represent (i think), as you said the subjet in gate guardian laying or at least out of service. Unfortunately I didn't foud a good doc about operational history in British service.
  6. My first helicopter, I did a lot of mistakes, but at the end i’m satisfied also because the kit is not the easiest on the market (thank to S&M for giving us a kit of this interesting subject) I used some etched, built new landing gear with Albion alloy tubes, open 2 doors and folded rotor blades Colours are from Gunze Sorry for the low quality of the photos
  7. ivan ferrando

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 G6/R6 - Azmodel 1/72

    Hi, thank you for appreciation. I used Olympus hp101 airbrush and gunze colours
  8. ivan ferrando

    Messerschmitt Bf 109 G6/R6 - Azmodel 1/72

    It’s a short run kit, so it need some filling work, the smaller part need to be refined, and if you want a open cockpit you harp to cut canopy. Honestly (i’m Not a master) I’ve to say that the painting with a lot of colours and masking is longer than building....
  9. Hi folks, I’m completing the assembly of 1/72 sycamore, but I have a doubt. the subject chosen is the British coded XJ380: Thi is my doubt: the colours of rotor’s blades yellow underside and grey upper side? Black underside? Can you help me? thank you
  10. ivan ferrando

    Athens - Greece

    Hi everybody, at the end of November i’ll be in Athens (Greece), so I was wondering if there are museums or other military stuff to visit in the city or near. thank you
  11. Bf 109 G6/R6 - Regia Aeronautica - July 1943 - 364a Squadriglia, 150o Gruppo Autonomo, Pilot: Mario Bellagambi Built straight from the box, sorry for awful background....
  12. ivan ferrando

    Messerschmitt bf 109 G2 - azmodel- 1/72

    I posted whit my smartphone, probably doing some mistake...
  13. Romanian Air Force, july 1943, Escadrila 53 of Jg4 Built straight from the box Gunze colours