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  1. In his comment about my recent Dapol Rocket build @stevej60 said ",it would never get through in a million year's but it would be nice to have a static railway GB taking in all aspect's of railway modelling locos, rolling stock, building's etc," Well nothing ventured nothing gained - so I offer this up as a suggestion and see what comes up. We have until the year 1,002,019 to prove @stevej60 wrong in his prediction. UPDATED - 10-Jul-2020 Potential Members: From 2020 we have 1 @Paul821 2 @Rick Brown 3 @Ray S 4 @deser
  2. This is one of my two builds for the Eleventh Hour: Commemorating the end of the Great War - Group Build. Information about the Medium Mark A Whippet can be found here. This was a good kit to build and, despite some odd shapes to fit together around the crew compartment, it goes together very well. I made this to be part of a small vignette together with a Renault FT-17 and a few figures from Master Box. The RFI photos of the FT-17 can be found here. Kit: 1/35 Takom Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel and Railmatch Acrylic paints all applied by brush
  3. Hi Ladies & Gents,I have entered a buddy build on Facebook that has been organised by a chap called Martin Lamont, it is called the "Hawker Harrier 50th Anniversary Buddy Build".Now I want to build a variant of all the types of Harrier flown by the RAF and RN, i would like to build these in the order that they entered service. So after building the Harrier GR.1 that can be found on here, I decided to enter the 1/72 Airfix Harrier GR.3 into the buddy build.Here are the traditional box, instructions and sprue photos:Sprue shots and instructions. by Neal, on FlickrSprue shots and instructions
  4. Just one photo for now, will get more up tomorrow night of the sprues etc Will be done as per kit, but with AM decals as the kit ones are bust.. I have a good feeling about finishing this one Huey Hog by Rainbow 1984, on Flickr
  5. These are my two builds for the Eleventh Hour: Commemorating the end of the Great War - Group Build. These two were my first ever World War 1 tank builds and I thoroughly enjoyed making them both - they are fascinating vehicles in their own right. I had planned on doing a much more detailed scene but realised I was starting to run out of time to do anything too complex in case I didn't get it completed before the close of the GB at midnight today. The scene itself is set very late on in the conflict and I was imagining what the thoughts of the British crew must have been about the
  6. This is one of my two builds for the Eleventh Hour: Commemorating the end of the Great War - Group Build. Information about the Renault FT-17 can be found here. This was fascinating little kit to build which went together very well. This was the first AFV kit that I have built which included some of the interior – hence the reason I left the driver’s hatches open. I made this to be part of a small vignette together with a Mark A Whippet and a few figures from Master Box. The RFI photos of the Whippet can be found here. Kit: 1/35 Meng Paints: Humbrol, Revell, Citadel a
  7. Hello everyone,I have just started another kit for another group build on Facebook, this time the build is called #twinbrit and it is run by Tim Hedworth over at British Aviation in Scale, the group build runs until the 17th of March. So enough time for me to shoe one in before staring on my French Fancies entry!The rules of the GB are simple it is anything british made or in british service that has two of something for example a Mosquito being twin engined, a Bae Hawk being a twin seater, etc..I decided to go for Tamiya's rebox of Italeri's Tornado F3. I know it is older kit and has an issue
  8. Hey guys, finally got my MiG together. The Zvezda tooling is actually turning out to be quite nice, although looking a bit rough around the edges. The kit is quite nicely detailed. The instructions and decals are awful, they don't include all the parts and the decal sheet includes no stencils and are about as thick as the box it came in. The only problem with the plastic that I have encountered is that there are no discernible roots for the wings or stabilisers so setting them correctly was tricky. Other than that only a minute amount of filler at the base of the tail and wing roots and the k
  9. Please see the link to the progress page. http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234995376-english-electric-lighting-f3-xp753-74-tigers-squadron-148-airfix/ Built out of the box with only Humbrol products and in tribute to all those who lost their lives in this exciting aircraft, XP753 crashed in the 1980's but here she is with 74 Squadron in the 1960's at Leuchars.
  10. The Premise: So here's the idea. Boeing turns 100 this year, and is, depending on who you ask (silly Airbus fans) one of the best aircraft manufacturers in the world. Over the last 100 years, they have built thousands of planes, and designed countless different military and civilian models. So why not take the Boeing Centennial as an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and power of their aeronautical creations? The Rules: All GB entries must be aircraft, and must have been designed by Boeing. Aircraft may be airliners, fighters, bombers, anything you wish. Even spaceship
  11. Ok, I know I'm a latecomer to this but I'll try to get at least one build done in time I've chosen the Airfix 1/72 DH Vampire T.11. Made a quick start cleaning up some mould seams with parts still on the sprue and a base coat of Tamiya Rubber Black on the relevant areas (interior etc.) I reckon a drybrush of Nato Black should pop the detail out.
  12. Hello glue-sniffers and ABS addicts. This thread is a split from http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234999580-airfix-vampire-t11-x-2/ Images are spoiler tagged for ease of page loading. If you have any issues with the photos, blame RobG. If you have any issues with the model, don't blame me. If you would like a custom-built version for your mantelpiece then dream on. I haven't built a model for probably 18 years, so I began with a pre-emptive strike on the box.
  13. Hi all, If you haven't seen yet:- later this year, from the 25th June until 23rd October 2016, there will be a Vignette Group Build taking place over in the Group Build section. If you are already into making dioramas and/or vignettes this will be the Group Build for you! If you haven't ever tried to make a scenic display for your lovingly built kit then here is the opportunity to give it a go - hopefully there will be lots of other builds going on to inspire you. 49 Britmodellers have already signed up to take part. If you would like to see who has signed up so far and the guidelines for ta
  14. Would there be interest in a Minor Conflicts of the Cold War GB? I ask this because interest in the proposed Suez Crisis GB seems sadly limited. However, it occurs to me that there were a number of "little wars" (though traumatic enough for those unlucky enough to experience them) during the Cold War between 1954-1979. (25 years is a nice span of time, and excludes some of the bigger or harder to classify conflicts like the Korean War or the Falklands.) It would include things like the Portuguese in Angola and Mozambique, the British in the Aden and Malayan Emergencies, French "Jaguar Diplomac
  15. I managed to find this little gem on eBay recently... One of my favourite aircraft of all time and a legendary combat plane, i have very fond memories of watching these at Mildenhall and Weathersfield as a kid so im really looking forward to this build. The plane in question is 68-0493 which had a confirmed Mig-21 kill in July 1972. Its a good looking kit with plenty of detail, very little flash and a really nice decal sheet so it should go together quite well. Im going to try some different paint on this build, im usually a Tamiya kinda guy but ive heard good things about Hataka paints a
  16. Hi, i will be entering my build of the Airfix 1/48 Ready For Battle gift set. i have had my eye on getting this kit for some time, and when i found out about this group build i thought it enough justification to build this kit/set (i was going to build the Eduard 1/48 Spitfire Mk IXc, which will just have to wait). annoyingly i will have to hand paint it as my airbrush is broken at the moment, but will try my best. (image courtesy of airfix)
  17. Knowing how slow a bulder I am (TV is in the other room major distraction issue) jumping in so late may be a bit of gamble, but after an impulse buy at Cosford I am going to give it a go. The kit of choice here is the Hobbyboss P-39L in 1/48: My secret weapon here is that two piece fuselage/wing/tailboom assembly, which will speed things along and help me catch up - once I get to that stage. Because there is another hurdle to get over first: Yes I am going to try to wedge the Aires cockpit set in there...an exciting challenge or over-ambitious foolishness only time will tell. The reason
  18. Number Two: "Du mußt Amboß oder Hammer sein." Number Six: "You must be Anvil or Hammer". Number Two: I see you know your Goethe. Number Six: And you see me as the anvil? Number Two: Precisely. I am going to hammer you. -- The Prisoner, "Hammer into Anvil" Then Achilles, in a fury, said to his horse: "Xanthus, why do you prophesy my death? There is no need. I know well enough I'm fated to die here, far from my loving parents. No matter. I will not stop till I have driven the Trojans to the limit of what they can endure in war." -- Homer, The Iliad, Book XIX Well, this is proba
  19. First the obligatory picture of the boxes I think we all know what the insides look like! I haven't yet decided what aircraft to build other than a MK 4 in delivery condition with the white lettering. I was thinking of doing either a Pakistan aircraft with the Exocets (Old bobcat kit of the super puma has them I can rob) or an Indian navy one both decals on the way to me if eBay is to be believed. If not as you can see I have 2 set of C Scale conversion for the Mk 4 and decals for 8 different aircraft so may do a winter one or SFOR aircraft Anyway here we go....... Cockpits can be done with
  20. Hi all, TC2324,s excellent Hellcat deck accident dio over in Aircraft RFI got me thinking,what about a "build the picture" (or boxart) group build it could be anything so it would appeal to every genre on the site in one GB! any thoughts,better still any pics,boxart etc I know one of the SIGS did it with Airfix box art for the Model shows a few years ago,Warning! no Naked flames,you know someone will do the Hindenburg! Here,s one of my faves
  21. HI Everyone, Following the deletion of the Starship Enterprise STGB thread, I am opening up this new thread with a difference. Rather than just being a Starship Enterprise or Star Trek group build, I am opening this group build as a Full SciFi group build. You can build anything within the realm of SciFi - Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, absolutely anything. as long as its SciFi. Please post your interest in this thread. We need 30 members to make this Group Build happen. Cheers, Rick
  22. ok this is something a bit different and could be cherry buster for some! I know there are quite a few twisted soles out there who like to dabble in resin, or just like to sniff it! So how about a 100% (ok not counting PE and white metal bit) resin build? These lots of choice available out there plus plenty can be had quite cheaply on EvilBay. There are probably heaps of members out there sitting on resin just waiting for the right time, plus probably lots of curious members wanting to know what the fuss is all about. So why not have an open build for whatever you have stashed away or wha
  23. After reading about some people felling left out with the Group Builds in the poll thread. I thought of one that would allow any modeller to have ago as a Diorama can be of anything from any period or genre. It is also a very imaginative and fun type of modelling that can really add to your tank or plane or whatever and something I have recently gotten into. The Dio would not have to feature a kit either you could just make a scene from scratch.. the lonely battle field or just someones back garden perhaps,. Anything goes really. It would be good for Armour and Aircraft nuts and everyone el
  24. Just been trying to fill in time on shift and came up with an interesting idea for another group build…….though resin one has to be first. During the Cold War and especially at its peak East and West Germany would be the great meeting ground for NATO and Warsaw Pact, with the most likely spot being the “Fulda Gap”! The Fulda Gap was the hypothetical ideal strike point for Soviet forces to strike deep into West Germany and towards the Rhine. This area was smooth and flat which was ideal for swift mechanize warfare and would provide a chance to split the NATO forces in half. With the 72/73 ti
  25. This going to be one of my entries, its an Airfix Boeing 727-100, in a -200 box... It will be in the last Dan Air livery, decals from RichW. Im making no mods, my entires are going to be straight out the box..... so this is the kit, i will post a photo of the decals when i get them.... Thanks Bradley
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