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  1. Mark, be wary of that dark triangle just aft of the "LOU IV" (3 in your picture) being a painted colour - on Mustangs the panel surrounding and to the rear of the exhausts is in a darker metal, that triangle is likely to be just the only corner of that panel that is unpainted.
  2. fantastic weathering and the nose looks genuinely translucent, very cleverly done!
  3. That is very nice, the subtle, low contrast wash over the rivets works beautifully - easily visible close-up, not so much at distance, just like the real thing!
  4. Copyright on the instruction dates this release to 1990, its been in my stash since around that time, and its turn has finally come around...I fancied doing something BoB this year, and chose this beastie, however lockdown and I did not get on, progress has been spectacularly slow after the mojo evaporated, only picking up again recently. Overall 2020 is likely to see only two kits come to completion, and one of those was started in 2019. I can only hope that next year is better all round...anyhow, to catch up with the progress since March, we kick off with what all old kits need, a good sound
  5. Just the postage, I don't want to fold it so it will be a large letter - I'll let know. PM me the address and I'll get it sorted this week
  6. I have the early 1990's release of this in my stash, with the Big Beautiful Doll decals - let me know if you are still in need.
  7. Thanks for all the kind comments! Its all relative - started in March and finished in April is very quick for me! There are not really that many parts to slow you down, there are only 8 steps in the instructions, including rockets & bombs. Examples of the" mixed bag": - lovely detail on the radar operators station - weird "growths" at the base of the prop blades Landing gear is fairly sturdy so far, its a bit of a fiddle getting it in if you leave it till after painting though. Doors are more of a fiddle as there is little in the way of contact points to
  8. Looks like practice made perfect...stunning...
  9. Love the desert scheme, topped off with some very nice weathering effects.
  10. A very quick (for me) OOB build, and a real mixed bag of a kit: most parts need cleaning, some (props) have some horrible moulding flaws, the canopies do't fit too well and the decals silvered..one the other hand fit is good, surface detail is restrained, some parts are very nicely detailed, and the Tigercat can't help look good! I attempted to do this almost totally out of the box ,so not even seat belts, intended to rely on the finish to get it looking good. I did however replace the aerial posts: even Italeri's box art says there should be two, but they only supplied one moulded in wit
  11. This is the Kitty Hawk kit. Something of a mixed bag, there is some really nice crisp surface detail, fit is mostly good if you don't mind a little fettling first, and then there are the thickest decals I have ever seen; really not good even after a ton of decal softener. They are more like stickers, but they don't stick. Recommended if you are aware of the challenges. I also dispensed with the arrestor hook, filled over and rescribed the recess for it. The "gaps" on the upper surfaces panels were left deliberately, these are opening doors, to vent the exhaust I believe.
  12. Finished but not finished: as you can see from the pics the armoured glass windscreen is currently lost but will be added when it turns up! Work in progress can be found Revell 1/32 Spitfire MkIIa
  13. Last update before posting the RFI photos: showing the tiny section of Albion Alloys Brass used in place of the inaccurate aerial terminator on the fin, the fitting at the other end, and the replacement Quickboost exhausts painted up. Unfortunately the armoured windscreen is currently lost, as will be seen on the RFI pics; if it turns up I will be adding it.
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