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  1. Thanks for all the kind comments! Its all relative - started in March and finished in April is very quick for me! There are not really that many parts to slow you down, there are only 8 steps in the instructions, including rockets & bombs. Examples of the" mixed bag": - lovely detail on the radar operators station - weird "growths" at the base of the prop blades Landing gear is fairly sturdy so far, its a bit of a fiddle getting it in if you leave it till after painting though. Doors are more of a fiddle as there is little in the way of contact points to glue. Standard sponge technique using Citadel paints - their base metallics are really good for brush painting, and they have a good choice
  2. Looks like practice made perfect...stunning...
  3. Love the desert scheme, topped off with some very nice weathering effects.
  4. A very quick (for me) OOB build, and a real mixed bag of a kit: most parts need cleaning, some (props) have some horrible moulding flaws, the canopies do't fit too well and the decals silvered..one the other hand fit is good, surface detail is restrained, some parts are very nicely detailed, and the Tigercat can't help look good! I attempted to do this almost totally out of the box ,so not even seat belts, intended to rely on the finish to get it looking good. I did however replace the aerial posts: even Italeri's box art says there should be two, but they only supplied one moulded in with a fuselage half, and as that broke off & disappeared I figured it wouldn't be to much of a crime to add the second. I didn't add a wire as photos suggest that not all of the Korea birds had one, indeed the variety of aerial/wire combinations suggests there were a few different radio configurations around. No bombs and rockets because tbh I lost patience after the matt varnish and wanted to move on! I am happy with the finish, there is more variation in the black than is apparent in the photos, but the decals did silver a bit more than I hoped, taking the shine off the whole a bit - they are probably twenty years old so it's understandable! (the barrel & box is supplied in the kit for the purposes of keeping the tail off the ground, mainly necessary because I forgot to weight the nose! Still, couldn't be bothered to paint it...)
  5. This is the Kitty Hawk kit. Something of a mixed bag, there is some really nice crisp surface detail, fit is mostly good if you don't mind a little fettling first, and then there are the thickest decals I have ever seen; really not good even after a ton of decal softener. They are more like stickers, but they don't stick. Recommended if you are aware of the challenges. I also dispensed with the arrestor hook, filled over and rescribed the recess for it. The "gaps" on the upper surfaces panels were left deliberately, these are opening doors, to vent the exhaust I believe.
  6. Finished but not finished: as you can see from the pics the armoured glass windscreen is currently lost but will be added when it turns up! Work in progress can be found Revell 1/32 Spitfire MkIIa
  7. Last update before posting the RFI photos: showing the tiny section of Albion Alloys Brass used in place of the inaccurate aerial terminator on the fin, the fitting at the other end, and the replacement Quickboost exhausts painted up. Unfortunately the armoured windscreen is currently lost, as will be seen on the RFI pics; if it turns up I will be adding it.
  8. Excellent work, hope that ring sight stays firmly in place for the rest of the build...!
  9. Agreed, I have a number of 1/32 kits (Tammy Spit & P-51D, SH Tempest V, Hasegawa Ki-61 etc) in the stash and am looking at picking up masks for most of them! No way I am going to use decals on that 1/24th Typhoon either! Straight from the bottle, just kept the pressure well below 20 psi and built it up slowly. Overall I am quite impressed by MRP, just a shame about that lacquer smell! Thank you, but I am making a mess of the chipping to restore some balance! I was using the sponge method and somehow managed to create a near perfect rectangle with my random dabs...I should have laid down some gloss varnish first so I could remove accidents, but stuck with it now so will have to try to disguise it.
  10. The MRP paints arrived and after some procrastination for fear of messing up at this late stage I started applying the Montex masks. after the squadron codes and serial number, I decided to do one pair of roundels at a time so as not to complicate things too much. In the bottle the MRP look rather light, but once down the colours do look right for the scale; they are nice and thin and spray beautifully, as long as you are ready to do it in layers, on the downside they stink, and want to run out of the bottle rather than drip into the airbrush cup. Fin flashes and under wing roundels finish things off; the white is some very old Tamiya XF2 in a big pot that still seems to go down OK, and seems to have a less powdery finish than some of my newer Tamiya paints The finished result is just so much better than decals it is well worth the anxiety inducing process of doing it. There are just some tiny touch-ups to do and it is on to weathering!
  11. Thanks for the info, and the colours do look to be spot on with your Tempest, however I am off Tamiya paints at the moment: I don't know if it is my thinning or otherwise but I find them to be very fragile, they seem to rub off under handling and inevitably lift under masking. My desk has to be cleared and moved for the next couple days as the plumber needs access to the floorboards, so I have ordered some MR Paint - the only range I can find that offers the actual colours - and they should arrive by the time he has finished, so that should solve the problem without too much of a delay!
  12. A little update on my usual slow progress - I always seem to delay the airbrushing as I am not confident I won't muck it up... Gun-sight went in, windscreen & rear canopy masked up and glued in, the kit door is tacked in place to help mask the cockpit - the Barracuda door will eventually be fitted. Next up the wheel wells are done in interior green though I suspect this may not be correct in all cases The Sky went down, and as hoped for, those washed rivets and panel lines are showing through the Lifecolor! Next Dark Earth followed by an evening of rolling worms and masking in between: Bringing us up to date, Dark Green, and those panel lines still look good to me! The Lifecolor set comes with a Light Green and a Light Earth as well, so these were used very thin to modulate the main colours somewhat, its subtle but it is there I wanted to spray the markings but do not currently have the right red or blue so there may be a delay while I lay my hands on some, meanwhile I can at least crack on with the squadron codes and walkways.
  13. Finished this one in the winter scheme last autumn only just got round to taking pictures; I wanted to weather the white fairly heavily so did put a full summer camouflage underneath. Overall I think it works though using the salt chipping technique to allow the camouflage to show through did result in some rather uniform wear & tear, and I realise now that I did not do enough to weather the underside blue, although to be fair the white was a temporary paint that wore off much quicker. I am going to give ICM a lot of credit for this kit; although work was required on the joints between the inner and outer wing section to remove a step on what should be a perfectly smooth plywood surface, most of the kit goes together very nicely as long as you dry-fit religiously and clean up the parts where necessary. The decals conform very nicely, albeit they are thin and fragile (or I am clumsy, take your pick), and the carrier film just vanishes
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