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  1. On holiday in the south of France and a Conair Turbo Fireboat flew through the valley at approx 300kts 500ft just as the sun was setting. A very impressive sight and quite a rare aircraft, also they keep flying in formation overhead at high altitude
  2. sorry for the ;ack of updates, progress has been slow as i had to wait for ages for paints and then when i put the fuselage and wings together they wouldn't fit! it seems the intake is misshapen and so the wing cant fit into its slot. I had to do a lot of cutting with the dremel and its a bit of a mess now but at least the wing actually goes on! hopefully now i can finally get onto painting as long as i dont have any issues with the tail.
  3. its been back on its wheels at Duxford since the day after the accident. The right wing tip is damaged as there was a concrete post hidden in the field boundary were it landed which also made it slide sideways. the prop will need replacing obviously and the canopy was jettisoned so is shattered. The engine will need to be broken down and inspected both due to the prop strike and the engine failure which caused it in the first place. Apart from that damage doesn't seem to bad.
  4. According to the pilot, Nick Grey, the canopy disintegrated at 360kts on the first pass. I saw it on the ground o the sunday and there is a dent in the vertical stabiliser from a fragment of the canopy.
  5. The ban on flying civilian hunters placed on them after the Shoreham crash has now been lifted, so they will be allowed to fly again although with the new regulations regarding maintainance and also not being able to do aerboatics, as with other classic jets. Hopefully this will liven up the classic jet scene a bit! http://publicapps.caa.co.uk/modalapplication.aspx?appid=11&catid=1&id=6886&mode=detail&pagetype=65
  6. The hunter is progressing nicely although i now have to wait for some paints which have been very slow to arrive. I have finished the cockpit (although a bit more was done after the photos were taken to improve the paint finish of the black paint) and also doing some odd jobs such as filling mould release marks on the flaps (which i forgot about until after they had been painted, so they will need another few coats of paint) and also a bit on the nose where it was damaged during sprue removal. i have painted the struts and the wheel hubs along with the gear doors but they need another coat as the wash went slightly wrong as it wasnt thin enough. During the painting of the gear i had a very near miss where i tripped on the air hose between the airbrush and the compressor, pullint the airbrush and the jar of dirty thinner that it was resting on off the table and onto a new carpet! i dont think i have moved that fast in years, but fortunately i was able to mop it up before the carpet stained hopefully nobody will notice! more filling will follow tomorrow and hopefully then ill be able to start assembly of the fuselage and wings. I have got some klear for the first time so im excited to see how much of a difference it will make to the canopy and also how it will improve decalling.
  7. also there is P3700 which is owned by the historic aircraft collection, in addition to R4118 there are also P3717 and the sea hurricane based at old warden, B505 with Hangar 11 although i dont think it has flown since 2015 and AE977 based at biggin hill heritage hangar and G-ROBT which flew again last week from Elmsett with hawker restorations.
  8. I have made a bit more progress, the seat is in and some final weathering and washes have been done on the seat and the bottom of the cockpit tub. They dont show up so well on my phone camera. At the moment im waiting for some filler and new paints to arrive before i start to put the fuselage together, as its been so long since ive made anything that my filler has all dried out and the paints are more like tar! Im still not decided on the final scheme, i would like to do XE601 but i cant seem to find any decals for the rasberry ripple hunters so i may just use the stock decals. So far im really enjoying this kit. the fit is excellent and for £20 its probably the best value for money you can get in this hobby! the detail is not really 1/32 level and it is more like a blown up 1/48 kit but it still looks excellent. Will
  9. A bit more progress. The panel needs a bit more work. after a lot of fiddling trying to paint the dials with a brush i figured out that i could use a scalpel to scrape the painf off the needles and raised details to make them look like they have been painted! To paint the side panels i used a base coat of of tamiya black paint and then did a coat of railmatch weathered black, followed by a black wash which gives the illusion of slightly faded black paint that seems to be in most of the pictures of hunter cockpits. I had some issues finding what how the different buttons on the side panels were painted since most cockpit photos are just of the front panel so i used a bit of modellers license. Hopefully ill be able to get the cockpit together soon but first i have to put the decals on the ejector seat.
  10. I've had the revell hunter for a while and wanted to build it but just haven't had the time since i gave been very busy for the last few months with exams. However, with my final exam this week the group build seemed like the perfect motivation to start the hunter as a summer project, since i never seem to finish models without the pressure of a GB! Im going to be building the hunter without aftermarket parts although i may get aftermarket decals as i am very tempted by the idea of modelling XE601, the 'rasberry ripple' hunter which was sold for spares use a few years ago, as it is a much more exciting scheme than the green and grey camoflage. I've been taking abit of a break from modelling and this will be the first ket of the year for me, and also my first 1/32 kit so im excited to see what it will be like making a larger model. So far i have only started the ejector seat but more progress should follow soon. Work has started on the ejector seat. I need some new paints as they have all started to dry up! Will
  11. About to start my entry which will be a Revell 1/32 Hunter FGA.9. Hopefully i finish it in time! Last group build i did i had hardly started before i ran out of time
  12. i think they were functional as the flames the photos are from the fuel in the tanks, most likely they are made of fibreglass as they seemed to fall apart rather than denting. i watched it again and I'm still amazed by the smoothness of the touchdown. the photos of the flames really dont do justice to what was some extraordinary piloting as it makes it look far more violent than it was.
  13. footage is here (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5qEhY3XD6Q&app=desktop Hats off to simon hargreaves, an absolutely perfect belly landing from the looks of it. it must have taken some serious guts to bring her down (mostly) in one piece.
  14. apparently it was a hydraulics failure. i dont normally donate since i dont have a lot to give but I'm certainly going to donate if they plan on trying again, they must be gutted to have an accident on the first display of the season after so much work. you can see that the Ram Air turbine is out in the one of pictures here:
  15. oh dear. Glad to hear that the pilot is ok and walked away. A great shame considering how much work must have gone into getting her ready for the 2017 season after Eastbourne next year. Navy Wings dont seem to have much luck. I hope it can be repaired easily.
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