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  1. Happy to see this is back for another year. Finishes two days before my AS exams start though... I still have that Eastern Express 737-300 that I was building last year for the Airliners GB but got frustrated with and abandoned. I don't think it would qualify for the 25% rule though, as I already added the wings and tail and converted it to be a -300WL. Also unsure of whether or not I want to face off against Eastern Express for a second round...perhaps a Zvezda -800 will be good, I already have a set of Nordstar decals for it. EDIT: Just realized its not 'back', it didn't hap
  2. They look beautiful! Makes me want to get some more F-RSIN Britannias and create a production line as you have done. Who are they by, if you don't mind me asking? F-RSIN or something else?
  3. Seems Zvezda will be releasing a 737 late (?) this year, just in time for the STGB next year! If it's an -800, that's what I'll use instead of a Revell one of course! Much prefer Zvezda's quality and details.
  4. The yellow plastic is a result of what you bought being a Zvezda anniversary kit, as stated on the box. Zvezda models are usually cast in a very nice gray plastic.
  5. Congratulations Ian - that win was completely deserved! And Skoda, good luck - those are some very interesting liveries. I presume you'll be using decals for VQ-BAS, and masking all the squares on the Germanwings one?
  6. What would be better - an Airfix BAC 1-11, perhaps in Virgin or British Airways colors, or an F-RSIN Bristol Britannia?
  7. I'm in if I can find somewhere to get a DC-9 or MD-80 here in Russia...
  8. Oh, so it is! Completely missed that. I apologize.
  9. Just one thing - isn't the top part of the canopy meant to be painted, not transparent?
  10. OK, I guess the EE 737 wins this round. Didn't get much done since last month due to, again, my complete lack of motivation to deal with this thing. I'd be grateful if someone could move this into the WIP section...or perhaps I'll start a new thread there once I get back to this. Thanks to Ray and Enzo for organizing this and to everyone else for participating. For now, I'm just going to set this build aside, start a new one, and stay away from EE for a bit.
  11. Photos not working, in other threads too. Is this virgin trains east coast wifi being weird or is photobucket down again?
  12. Very well built. The VC10 is an already beautiful plane, and that scheme really completes it well.
  13. Images not loading again in this and some other threads. Is photobucket down again?
  14. Could I ask...which stupid-looking decal on what air intake do you mean? I can't seem to find anything stupid-looking in the photos...
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