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  1. Evening all......need to build something, so I'm doing my first Tiger............ Picked this AFV one up and thought I'd give it a go. Also throwing in the specific Voyager upgrade and the ATAK Zimmerit. Not sure yet though, where and when and what unit. Still doing some reading. I need to then get a good few hours in walk around pic off the web fir any additional detail, welds etc. I think I might for the first time pick an actual vehicle in an image and follow it. I'll post that one I make my mind up....I have a feeling a tired old lady just before the end of line in April '45 He
  2. Here now my Models of the old Matchbox/Rebox Revell. I purposely didn't improve anything, just experimented with painting and other techniques. I hope you like them The first model was a T-34
  3. Hi All, The rule is as simple as this: If it's a motorbike, car or truck, it's in (including AFVs) !! Sport, Rally, Road, Commercial, Recreational, Old, New, Military, Public; the list is endless. wimbledon99 (Co-Host ) Black Knight Col. (Co-Host ) Angus Tura Redstaff spaddad Hockeyboy76 Knight_Flyer nimrod54 Arniec vppelt68 Mancunian airman Dazzio CliffB Sgt.Squarehead Graham77 Hewy Paul821 richellis
  4. Morning all. This will be my first build: An ebay purchase, still sealed in its shrink wrap. Think this is the right catalogue info for it: Airfix Catalogue information: Series: 2 First Issued: 1970 Catalogue Ref - 7th Edition (1969): A205V Catalogue Ref - 8th Edition (1970): A205V Catalogue Ref - 9th Edition (1971): A205V Catalogue Ref - 10th Edition (1973): 02305-8 I have the 1973 boxing judging by the box number and artwork. Contents This will be built as an early(ish) Mk2 as this is what the k
  5. And here we go again. Yes, it's yet another kreiger scratchbuild. No, as usual I'm not quite sure how it's going to turn out, but I do have a plan (subject to change as always). Consider the battlefield. After the flash bangs and screaming is over, there is always kit to be recovered for salvage or repair. Who does that job? Most model builders focus on the flash bang stuff, but I thought I'd try a bit of recovery work. Hover, tracks or wheels? Of the three I thought the track made the best sense, they should handle most terrains, and a crane doesn't really w
  6. Hello Fellow modelers ... We have Multiple successful Single type Builds for Armor. The M3/M4 last year. The Panzer IV, Mk.VI Tger, and Patton S.T. builds earlier this year. Currently we have the T-54/55 build running. With T-34 & Panther Mk.V next year. Let me ask you this question? Would there be any interest in a Group Build of British Armored Fighting Vehicles ? This would most likely be in 2020 or later so plenty of time to gather everything together. This would cover From 1945 to present and each has countless variants and progeny to offer up as options. Im just cur
  7. Acrylic Primer Set (PS01) LifeColor via The Airbrush Company You may prime your models or not – it's a choice that we make with some pros and cons on either side, but generally speaking I fall into the category of being a modeller that primes my models. I feel it gives a standard colour and texture over which to paint your top coats, shows up imperfections that might need some attention, and generally gives the model a key onto which you add your next layers. This brings with it some requirements for a good primer. I prefer using a primer that is sandable, and
  8. an AN/MPQ -53 radar unit? Now I have ordered some kits to start off my stash but in the mean time I was getting bored. BlackMax12's posting was very inspiring and his fine pictures were very useful as there isnt a great deal of info' out there to be had. Most of the calculations were based on comparing the unit with its tractors as their sizes are available. It's as close to a 1/72 as I could make it . Resources were limited but time and loads of scrap balsa were available Progress was fine to begin with
  9. Hey there, It's been a while since a have made a post... well, here I'm with a small beast: a Stug IV from Italeri, 1/35 scale. Is the first tank that I make since I was a little boy, and it is very grateful to do, I mean, I use to make Airplanes and when you have the freedom to make a more "dirty" work it feels good. The kit is really good, it comes with some PE parts an a metal canon barrel, separated track links, and a really good details in general. I had only added an MG34 from Dragon to upgrade him. For about 30€ is a very recomendable kit. And, here is he:
  10. German WWII Clamps & Tie Downs and Straps (STEEL 36362 & 36369) 1:35 Eduard One of the shortcuts that many AFV model manufacturers take is to simplify the tie-downs and clamps that fix the pioneer tools and barrel cleaning rods etc. to the hull of your model. Often they're just blocks moulded to the tool, and that detracts somewhat from the realism that you can achieve with your model. Similarly, everything that is carried on the outside of a vehicle has to be lashed to it in order to stop it from bouncing off when you pass over the first shell-hole. Thi
  11. Somebody found a very interesting add in some magazine Link to the source of original news By the way, artwork of Vauxhall is simply stunning, isn't it?
  12. Hello all. This is my first GB entry. I'm a bit late, but at least I made it on time. This model have some small story behind it. Usually such vehicle would not be in my field of interest, but a few years ago I was playing a World of Tanks, around five I think, and I had so much fun with this vehicle. Around this time a new model shop opened in my city. It was mostly a RC one, but it had a set of models from Mirage Hobby, so I decided to pick up this one. Unfortunately it was closed soon after that. Then I had noticed a GB proposition, I looked through my stash and and
  13. I don't think there is need to make a separate thread for each new plastic model in 1/72, because it is not that popular like aircraft, so I will run one thread to aforementioned company. First of all, catalogue for 2016: http://www.ibgmodels.com/2016_IBG_cat.pdf New models for 2016. Otter Light Reconnaissance Car Chevrolet C60S with Holmes breakdown Stridsvagn m/38 Swedish light tank Stridsvagn m/39 Swedish light tank Stridsvagn m/40 K Swedish light tank Stridsvagn m/40 L Swedish light tank TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Early TYPE89 Japanese Tank, Mid-production TYPE89 Japanese
  14. Been modelling for a few years now. Usually aircraft, although I did build a T34/85 early on - nothing to write home about I'm afraid. But I've always wondered what the acronym 'AFV' stands for? My guess is 'Armoured Fighting Vehicle'. But please enlighten me? I love the weathering work you armour boys do BTW, fantastic. I rekon the armour boys show off some amazing skills in their work. I like to look at it. But personally, I've always been fascinated by aircraft. In the main, military, but I do love a Constellation. Anyway - what does AFV mean
  15. I've started this topic as a place to post any current works in progress. Tamiya's venerable PzII. This one's nearly done and should be finished soon. Filters, pastels, some extra stowage and crew then I'll call it done. Thanks for looking!
  16. So what Revell prepared for tanks in gentlemen scale? Source: http://www.kitreviewsonline.de/revell-neuheiten-fuer-das-jahr-2017/ My German is even worse then my English, but if I'm correct, we are getting those: Reissues with new camouflages: 1) LKW gmil 5t in May 2017* 2) TPz Fuchs in July 2017 3) Leopard 1A1 in July 2017 New variant: T-55 AM/AM2B in October 2017 * And the most interesting, a new tool: M109G howitzer in September 2017 (cat. no. 03305) * Update: according to offic
  17. According to the 2017 Catalogue HERE the following are planned for 2017; 48192 SdKfz 223 German Radio Communication Vehicle 48193 SdKfz 260 German Radio Communication Vehicle 48194 SdKfz 261 German Radio Communication Vehicle Catalogue shows only photographs of the real things but I hope ICM have brought the PanzerTracts volume!
  18. A Happy New Year greetings from FtF According to a company comment under Polish greetings, C4P will probably come as next. Oh, and more about what C$P is can be found there: Polish artillery tractor C4P / halftrack car wz. 34.
  19. Hi there! Just photographed my new model) I didn't work a lot on it, made only mantlet and searchlight covers and machine-gun shield. Hope you'll like it!
  20. Ok this was something I originally suggested way back in 2013 but then it was just for the airforce, this was a bit restrictive. It got into this years vote and I had completely forgotten about it and didnt remove the earlier restrictions. But it seems like there is still a lot of interest in this so its now opened up completely. So if it was made in Italy or wore the Italian colours then bring it along. I have always liked the flare and passion the Italians put into their designs and if that wasnt enough then add a few more cylinders or even an extra engine!! Which would you rather listen
  21. Hello Britmodellers, here is the newest roll out from my "production line", which is in the "finish something" modus, currently. Normally i don t do paper projects but this was fun. This build was intended as a birthday present for a good friend, he is playing the World of Tanks game and added a E 25 for his tank garage. The kit itself is a really good one, the modeller can choose between, rubber band style tracks or plastic single links, different hull tops, mudguards from plastic or PE parts and there are also a lot of tools for the so called Entwicklungsfahrzeug, or development vehicle.
  22. Gorgeous kit oozes quality and the detail is excellent. Tempted to fork out for their Gato class or do a Guppy build. Still not very good with photo etch but getting there slowly
  23. Ok while having a long boring nightshift I have come up with an idea for a GB which could include almost everyone! A South Latin American GB Ok after lots of requests by everyone.....well Steve anyway, I had a think about this and decided to open it up to the rest of Latin America. This GB will now cover anything and everything South American "of the border", as long as it was used there or built there it’s ok. There should be a bit of something for everybody here with all forms of transport covered, both military and civilian, even the automotive crowd with Dakar bikes/cars/trucks So
  24. This is my first entry for my very first Britmodeller AFV build which will be built OOB with maybe some scratch refinements. As I have said in the build up I have only ever built two AFV's and one of these (1/76 Airfix King Tiger) is languishing in it's box awaiting completion, when I can decide how best to tackle the vinyl tracks. Here are the box and sprue shots This is the only reference I have so I am looking for any advice from the expert Russian heavy tank builders out there amongst you, along with any hints and tips that I can try plus anything else I can find on t'in
  25. Hello, here is another build from my 1/72 tank collection, was my second (new) one. Right after the Revell T-72. Done before new years eve 2013/14. This is an older kit, released under the Matchbox and Monogram label as well, its more on the crude side by todays standart, but fun to build. The parts needed some clean up, especially the snorkel and the small stuff, some sinkholes had to be filled. Made some additions to the otherwise oob build. The headlights got "guards" over, done by stretched sprue The front skirt, seen on these tanks were made by thin plastic card The turret was impr
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