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  1. Well, that might be Su-25, since Zvezda was scanning a real plane Oh, sorry, I missed the relevant topic on the forum
  2. Thank you all for your feedback, I am very pleased! Thanks a lot!
  3. Thank you! Yeah, next time I'd like to use it!
  4. Darryl, thank you! Thanks! Well, I saw a few pics with this config, so I did it this way. I could be wrong!)
  5. Thanks! I forgot to mention that the decals are made by Victory productions!
  6. Thank you very much, Pete!
  7. Thanks Andy! No black primer or pre-shading, just good ol' post-shading)
  8. Thank you! The kit is great, literally! There is only one problem and it is the ejection pin marks, they are everywhere
  9. Good day, fellas! The well-known Hasegawa kit, OOB, a complete set of photo etching from Eduard and ResKit chassis wheels. Painted and weathered using Ammo. I hope you will appreciate it!
  10. Yep, that's B, but I think it will be ok if I put AN/ALQ 167, TARPS and TACTS on A
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