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  1. So, now there is something new from me again. It is a Hasegawa F-117A. In addition, etched parts and masks from Eduard and an ejection seat from Quickboost. The paintwork is again from the Idolm@ster series with decals, some of which are glued on in up to five layers. As gray I used MRP136. I hope the model pleases.
  2. Thank you for the many comments. You make me very embarrassed. I'm glad you like the model so much.
  3. Again something new from me. This time an Airbus A400M in 1/72 scale from Revell. I got the kit 2020 as a gift for my 50th birthday. This is the re-release from 2017. To enhance the somewhat simply presented model I got myself an engine from black dog and wheels from Armory. The model was painted with colors from MRP. The gray camouflage color is MRP105. The decals were a bit difficult at times. The details inside are a bit basic and some are missing on the outside as well. But I left it like that. I hope you still like the plane.
  4. Naturally armoured car! Didn't occur to me . Thanks for the praise
  5. And now - the next one is ready. It is an Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma, my favorite tank. I love this design. The vehicle was painted with paints from the Hataka Orange series diluted with Gunze's Mr. Thinner. The base is painted with two shades of gray from MRP. The panels are with AK panel liners. Aging was done with AK Weathering Pencils. No pigments or anything. It's a really good job with the pens. Scratches and also large areas can be processed. I painted the figures with paints from Vallejo. A wash and dry painting provide more structure. But see for yourself.
  6. Hello, here's something new from me. This was the WWII RAF Vehicle Set from Airfix with a few etched parts from Brengun, which were in fact for the RAF Bomber Re-supply Set. Paints from MRP and the aging were done with washes and paints mainly from AK. I hope you like it.
  7. https://www.pinterest.com.au/iamgerardthomas/matchbox-box-art/
  8. Thanks! Me too, 40 years ago. Now I'm building them for nostalgic reasons.
  9. Ladies and gentlemen, the next model. This time an A-34 Comet. This time I coated the area with Valejo Mud, as well as the tank. The base plate is painted with different colors, mostly with a brush. The tank got mainly colors from MRP. I hope you like it.
  10. Now there is another new model from me. It's an F-15E, but it's not a real E. Hasegawa didn't take it that seriously. The kit is from the IdolMaster-series and is the 5th that I have built of it. For more details, I used Eduard etched parts, Quickboost ejection seats and Aires thrust nozzles. The decals were again very bad to stick on and required a lot of work. The colors are from MRP. I hope you like it.
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