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  1. And now my next "Retrokit" from Revell/Matchbox. It's a M7 HMC "Priest". I build this model first 35-40 jears ago and it's no more exist. But now i have it again.
  2. Hello everybody. Now i will show you my latest model. It's a Bf. 109G-1 from AZ plus echparts from Brengun and Pitot/MG's from Master Model. The model from Az is very good i think. A vew jears ago i had build a G-2 and it was also good to build. Painted is it with colors from MRP except the RLM76. That is from Gunze. The MRP RLM76 are to green, i think. It fits bette as a variant. The Airplane flew Leutnant Heinz Knocke, Squadron Captain 5./JG.11 at 1943. But now, see it.
  3. I thank you all. @Mario For the finish I used mrp-125 semigloss varnish and the blue is Gunze H-328 FS-15050. Some believe that 15052 fits better. I don't mean.
  4. Thanks all @stevej60 I think there is also a scale effect with the degree of gloss. That's why I painted my model with semi gloss clear.
  5. Hello everybody, now i will show you my sixth A-4 Skyhawk and my second A-4F. It's also from Fujimi. The Decals wasn't good (too much orange), so i bought me some from camdecals.com. also i used a Nozzle and Wheels from Aires.
  6. Now i have two helicopter. This are AH-1S from Hasegawa in 1/72. i had very long wait for it bevor i could buy it. But now – here they are. The painting are no phantasy. You could see them like that in 2011-2013 (if i'm not mistaken) at the Airfieldbase Kisarazu. The signposts were like that by the helicopters. Hasegawa added a verry big Decalsheet with a lot decals. But now see....
  7. Now i have a special. It ist a model in 1/24 from the series „Ghost in the Shell“. Concrete from the serie „Ghost in The Shell: S.A.C. 2nd GIG“. It isto long and to mutch to elaborate on that here, and my english is not good enought for this. But you can all infos found in the WWW. This model is from Wave and i had lucky to got it for a good preis. The man is Batou, a verry important person at the series. He is wearing a Combat uniform. The Roboter is a „Tank“, but with higher KI, it's a Uchikoma. It can walk, drive, jump.... and also a human can in the box at the backside ride along respectively command. It have in the arms guns and one cannon. So, I can many more say, but let it go. The model is movable and was verry easy to build. Colours are from MRP. The figure is coloured with a brush and Colours from Valejo Model Color.
  8. Wow, verry nice I love the Chaffee.
  9. Verry nice . Good painting and weathering.
  10. Many thanks for the kind prais . And thank you Steve. It was do with the httpS. I have lonely http . Now i'm a new blogger .
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