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  1. https://www.pinterest.com.au/iamgerardthomas/matchbox-box-art/
  2. Thanks! Me too, 40 years ago. Now I'm building them for nostalgic reasons.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, the next model. This time an A-34 Comet. This time I coated the area with Valejo Mud, as well as the tank. The base plate is painted with different colors, mostly with a brush. The tank got mainly colors from MRP. I hope you like it.
  4. Now there is another new model from me. It's an F-15E, but it's not a real E. Hasegawa didn't take it that seriously. The kit is from the IdolMaster-series and is the 5th that I have built of it. For more details, I used Eduard etched parts, Quickboost ejection seats and Aires thrust nozzles. The decals were again very bad to stick on and required a lot of work. The colors are from MRP. I hope you like it.
  5. And now my next "Retrokit" from Revell/Matchbox. It's a M7 HMC "Priest". I build this model first 35-40 jears ago and it's no more exist. But now i have it again.
  6. Hello everybody. Now i will show you my latest model. It's a Bf. 109G-1 from AZ plus echparts from Brengun and Pitot/MG's from Master Model. The model from Az is very good i think. A vew jears ago i had build a G-2 and it was also good to build. Painted is it with colors from MRP except the RLM76. That is from Gunze. The MRP RLM76 are to green, i think. It fits bette as a variant. The Airplane flew Leutnant Heinz Knocke, Squadron Captain 5./JG.11 at 1943. But now, see it.
  7. I thank you all. @Mario For the finish I used mrp-125 semigloss varnish and the blue is Gunze H-328 FS-15050. Some believe that 15052 fits better. I don't mean.
  8. Thanks all @stevej60 I think there is also a scale effect with the degree of gloss. That's why I painted my model with semi gloss clear.
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