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  1. For my 1st GB of the year I will be building the HobbyBoss 1/48 A-4E .. and yes someone has to build a TopGun themed Skyhawk (it is to join the TigerMig I am also building) ... being crafty with the title I have left myself with the option of either the desert camo style or the 2 tone grey aircraft The build will be OOB , though I plan to make the flaps and slats droopy , Eduard PE cockpit and homemade decals , painted with Mr Hobby and Tamiya acrylics. The Box and Sprue shots
  2. Since there is a little time left in this GB I would like to enter a little vac from Sanger, a 1/48 Airspeed Oxford. As usual the vac exterior detail is sparse at best and non-existent, but I'm going to take a page from @Martian s biplane build ,and see if I can do the Oxford justice on the exterior and stuff what I can on the Interior. I know the part that nobody will ever see. But thats the fun part about vacs, It's a blank canvas that one can nuts with. And I'm about as nuttier as they come. Enough of the long winded speechafin' lets cut some plastic
  3. My aircraft WIP started off with a couple of 1/48 RAF Phantoms I was building, but somewhere along the way I started putting together a background to photograph them with. This turned in to a hair-brained scheme to build a Hardened Aircraft Shelter (HAS). I live near Wattisham and have taken some photos while passing of the site, and using google maps I got started on some plans. A full size hanger in 1/48 would just be too big, so a single aircraft HAS seemed do-able. So this is what I was aiming for: Most of the build so far is on my other thread, so I won't
  4. With my Build for the Skyhawk GB completed (still hosting though) it is time for me to make a start on my Harvard for this one. I have a few Harvard/Texan kits in the stash (4 at the last count) but decided to go with the Italeri release of the Occidental 1/48 kit for this build. Very nice box art and I would like to build an RAF one at some point. The kit was completely unmolested until I fetched it out of the stash and started taking pictures. One of the big pluses of this kit for me is the extensive decal sheet with markings for no less than 6 diff
  5. Hi all This is the HobbyBoss Fw190D-11, built OOB, although I used paint masks for the national markings. This is the 'alternative' scheme offered in the kit, with little or no information to support it, as far as I can tell. Basically, it is one of the D-11 prototypes (V57 to be exact), but in the colours and markings of a staff Major at JV44 in Munchen Riem. There doesn't seem to be any evidence of this a/c ever serving with JV44 - but then there's no evidence that it didn't, either . Painted in a fairly typical late war mashup of colours and tones. The Hobbyboss D-9/11/13 k
  6. Hi! Edit: Changed from a AJSF37 WIp to a JA37D/Di one 20181007 See below. It is time for yet another Viggen for me, this time one of the recce variants. (The last one can be seen here.) I have yet to decide which variant it will be, an AJSH or AJSF 37 - I have aftermarket goodies for both - and I will build both but which one first? I am deciding between an AJSH 37 from F10 Ängelholm during the late 90s and carrying a pair of RB15Fs and a pair of RB74s (AIM-9L) or a SWAFRAP (Swedish Air Force Rapid Reaction Force) AJSF 37. SWAFRAP was set up dur
  7. This was one of my Christmas presents and it’s a treasure trove of odd WWI designs including scale plans. I wanted it for details of the Sablatnig planes but there are several others that I intend to build starting with the Oertz. Having just finished one Quad, I thought why not do another. So this is my intended victim the Oertz W6 aka the flying schooner. I know the GB doesn’t start till the 20th but I thought I’d crack ahead as I have a lot to do and I’ll make sure I don’t break the 25% rule. First off make the hull. Plans copied 20 times and former trans
  8. Hi all ! Thanks very much for my acceptance in this group build . As discussed with modelling minion , I'll start posting my WIP today but I actually started my build a few months ago. So , don't think I'm a fast builder since I'm a very slow builder indeed . The model : As usual for most of our kits , let's start with the bang seat . My A-4F his equipped with an Escapac IC-3 ( black in this case ) and I will represent it with it's security on ( pilots call it the headknocker !!!! ) in other words with it's headkno
  9. Hi Chaps (and Lady as I see Heather is in this GB already) Plenty of scope for me here in this GB but I have decided to build the Unicraft Resin kit of a Fletcher FU-24 which I originally planned for the NZ Group build before defering after Andy Scotts untimely death in September. The kit I planned for this might make an appearance later in the 'Unarmed GB". This model combines 2 equally rare things, a New Zealand made kit and a New Zealand made plane. After WW11 top dressing land with fertiliser was big in New Zealand and huge numbers of war surplus Tiger Moths were used for the tas
  10. Time I picked this up again (as several of you have hinted in not entirely subtle ways of late...) It's been 6 months since I last did anything to this model, so some of you might not even be aware of it. If so, I hope you have some spare time, because if you are really interested you have a mere 103 pages of build log to get through... "Fill yer boots" as they say in the Navy. The original build has already walked through: a. the back story (I ditched this aircraft in July 1988, flying from Ark Royal just outside the mouth of the Med); b. t
  11. This is the 1/48 Academy Dauntless. I chose to interpret an SBD-2 from VMSB-241, based on Midway Atoll in 1942 and, I assume, one of the planes used in the fabled attack on the Japanese fleer in June. Since it was first produced by Accurate Miniatures, this vintage kit has justifiably developed a reputation as the definitive kit of the Dauntless in this scale. It’s well engineered, with great fit and a level of detail that requires no after-market parts. However, having chosen to represent it in-flight, I had to invest in a gunner from PJ Productions and requisition a pilot from a
  12. New Polish company decided to release new tool plastic kits of PZL W-3 Sokół helicopter. Firstly in 1/48 and then later in 1/72. Company have normal site, but it is empty now.
  13. Against my better judgement I'll start one here right at the end. The kit was already started (barely) by the previous owner, then I suspect got frustrated with the fit of the resin cockpit (there appears to have been a prior attempt too). I picked the kit up from a yard sale at a hobby shop for a paltry $10. Hopefully nothing critical is missing. There is a bunch of resin bits.....some decent, some not so much. Not sure what all I'm going to use but it will give me some options to pick through. Anyways, here is the starting gate.
  14. Sorry for being late to the party, but Affairs of State, took precedents over.... the Affairs of State. Todays entry for your edification and amusement, I'm going to try, (operative word try) to take this old Monogram A-4E, strip down and restore to an A-4C configuration. I built this originally wayy back better than 20 years ago,. Rattle can and hairy stick thick coatings all over. If I remember rightly I got more paint and glue on me than the model. THis was the original Box art And as always any comments , suggestions, or ideas are always welcome. Lets begin shall we?
  15. Well seeing as how I am running this show I thought I had better get my build thread started! Having a few A-4 kits in the stash and quite a few decal sheets to choose from I thought I would build something a little more unusual and the fact that this is the 30th anniversary of the Gulf War made my choice a simple one, a Kuwaiti KU. The ironic thing is that this is the one operator that I don't actually have any markings for! But when you see how few markings they actually carried this becomes far less of a problem as the only national markings carried are a small national flag on
  16. I am a bit of a serial scratch cardboard builder. This started a while back when I built a RAF Phantom kit and was disappointed how it looked sat on a table. It needed a home. And so the HAS build started to create a versatile diorama. I was thinking about adding a new building / module / structure to my ever growing collection of 1/48 airfield bits and pieces when two things came together. One I spotted a couple of buildings at RAF Mildenhall that turned out to be the servicing & storage barns used for the SR-71 deployment there. Then two, Revell announced that they are releasing a 1
  17. A little late getting started on this GB - I'm still finishing my 'Interceptor' and 'Heller' GB entries ATM! However, I couldn't resist this one and will be joining in with this kit: As soon as my workbench is a little emptier I will get started!
  18. I came across the decals on ebay and just had to buy them, so my entry is a Brazilian Navy AF-1 in the "15 Years" Anniversary Scheme. As I understand it, the Brazilian Navy Skyhawk's were ex-Kuwaiti Air Force A-4KUs, which were modified A-4Ms. Hasegawa has boxed version of both the Brazilian and Kuwaiti aircraft, but was unable to find either. My starting point will be the Hasegawa A-4M. Luckily the decal instructions list the changes you need to make to the nose and fin to build the AF-1. And finally my references and some
  19. I blame @Procopius and @Cookenbacher. And @CedB In what feels like a very different world, c.2 years ago, 2 young(-ish) Americans well known to this community came to visit the UK. They visited a truly epic number of air museums in a short time, met many of us at Telford and/or some of the museums, and generally appeared to have a blast. As far as I am aware there was no direct evidence of their being over-sexed, but they lived admirably up to the example of their ancestors 75 years ago by being over-paid and over here. One of the museums they visited was at Old Buck
  20. Hi all. I've gone and done the unthinkable by doing a few commission builds for a work colleague. There are a lot of first (and lasts) with this build. I'll try to explain that in a bit. The kit has already been removed on numerous sites so I'll keep the summary brief. The kit is by Special Hobby that was released in association with Red Roo banner in 2016. Included are vacform canopies, photoetch details, white metal gear and a selection of five schemes./ Indications from other builds are the RAAF roundels are partly transparent. I might end up masking and
  21. Since I’ve been told to self isolate while I wait for test results I’m not likely to get anywhere near the bench for a week or two , so on my way to my bedroom I snagged these three kits from my stash. I’ll cleanup the various bits ahead of time so when I can get back to the bench they’ll be ready for a serious assembly session. I already have a Pup and a Snark built and a triplane well advanced so will end up with a fairly comprehensive Sopwith fighter collection. Kit quality varies. The Dolphin is beautiful and comes with a PE fret for the fine detailing, which I’ll copy i
  22. I have completed my build of the Dynavector Supermarine Scimitar kit which I started just on a year ago after being motivated to tackle a vacform by Martian & his Hawker Horsley vacform WIP. Subject aircraft of th is build is Supermarine Scimitar F1 XD248 195/R circa 1959/1960 ish. Kit type is a vacform which was surprisingly easy to put together although a lot of work was involved in preparation but satisfying when it started coming together. The Dynavector kit really captures the handsome lines of the Scimitar but I elected to make changes to reshape the fin, tailplane a
  23. With it's front wheel drive (which gave it its name) and monocoque chassis, this little Citroen was quite innovative on it's introduction in 1934. It stayed in production until 1957 by which time over 750,000 had been built. Aside from civilian use, it was popular with the French army, and was captured or confiscated in huge numbers by the Germans who used it in all theatres of the war. I'm going to build a pre-war civvie version using one of the options on the decal sheet but I'm going slightly off piste in that instead of the standard all black bodywork I'm going to attempt a two
  24. Hello ! I'm in ! just have to finish a P-38 next week and i'll join you with my third haseg scooter in nineteen years. The first one The second one Usually I do not make several edits of the same plane. But this kit being what it is, a real gem, and this plane beeing what it is, a pure badass, this will be a real pleasure to build here a M version in lowiz colours (still have to choose the one, surely VMA311). Some goodies will be added : Aires cockpit and wheels bays, RES wheels and Furball decals from "Lo V
  25. After having a look through the stash for a suitable subject for this GB I decided to select this Hasegawa boxing of the A-7E. I have ordered some decals for the Blue Hawks aircraft. I have also ordered some pre coloured etch to detail the cockpit, but I still need to source some weapons to hang underneath. More information about the Corsairs deployment and hence the idea for my choosing this as a subject for the group build can be found in the link below. https://www.historynet.com/gulf-war-the-corsairs-last-hurrah.htm And here are the box and contents sho
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