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  1. Very nice Lightning, very nice scheme 'n paint finish.... DaveH
  2. It's going to SNOW !!!! well maybe, but not sure of the scale, or if it will be the "Right kind" or not... DaveH
  3. Very nice build and finish.... great display too.. DaveH
  4. Looks really great... US pre-war markings are definitely stand-out... As is this kit.... DaveH
  5. Doing decs on new Eduard S-199, tried to remove film (on day after application), one came off perfectly, one now in bits.... So anyone out there have a tried, trusted AND successful method please ?? Cheers hopefully, DaveH
  6. 'Crackin build 'n paint job !!! DaveH
  7. Very nice NMF.... nicely weathered too... DaveH
  8. Very nice build 'n finish.... Zero looks good too !! DaveH
  9. Very nice 'n clean build. Went to Valley with 1982 Sqdn ATC for summer camp in '73... Lots of Gnats plus a few Hunters ... I remember the Gnats were really dirty, but hunters were clean in comparison.... Great job, DaveH
  10. Thank you very much Gents, glad you like... DaveH
  11. Very nice clean build... looks good DaveH
  12. DaveH

    Stoke show

    Evening, not seen 'owt about Stoke show (28th August)... Anyone else going ?? DaveH
  13. Very nicely done... DaveH
  14. I was on 231 OCU at Marham 75-79, but also did loads of time away with 100 Sqdn... felt that I spent more time there than on OCU at times.. BUT at that time I'm sure TT18's were operated from St Mawgan, I think by 7 Sqdn ?? Only time we saw them was the odd visitor... OCU used to handle all Canberra visitors. Most Canberra's flown by both OCU & 100 had underwing serials, but I'm sorry this wont answer your question, sorry. DaveH
  15. Very nicely done... I do like that...... DaveH
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