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  1. Airfix will never do 1/32nd scale aircraft as their large scale always has been 1/24th..
  2. Hopefully there'll be a V-Force Box-set! Victor, Valiant and Vulcan try sneaking that past the wife......
  3. Well! it's gone 11am now, what is it?
  4. rob

    Airfix 2020

    Big, a 48th Lancaster would have massive appeal, only competition a 40 year old Tamiya kit with known issues....... Just my two penneth.
  5. rob

    Airfix 2020

    A sure fire winner would be a 48th Lanc, only competition is the Tamiya kit which has well known errors, then a two stage Mossie! Absolute bankers imo
  6. Never seen this Mistel Combination before....
  7. My Hope is a Bomber/PR twin stage Mossie in 48th/72nd scale..... followed by a "Big Belly" PR34 in 24th in a Year or So........
  8. Less than 24 hours, I thought i'd put this here, so we can cheer, winge, moan and generally chat about the stuff....
  9. There doesn't seem to be any mention of new launches over the festive period, does anyone know if Airfix are planning anything?? Rob
  10. It Simply has to be an English Electric Lightning F6..............
  11. Well Airfix did it with the Typhoon, launched a little one then launched the Big 'un.... just sayin'
  12. rob

    Airfix 2019

    But they also do 24th don't forget... A big Viggen in splinter camo now i'd buy that for a dollar!!
  13. Yes I saw that, then it disappeared...... maybe it's something they let slip
  14. Lightning F6 24th please..... But i'd take a big Lanc as well Or maybe a glass nosed two stage Mossie in 48th or 24th......
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