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  1. grayh

    Airfix Club?

    I did contact them as i have many flying hours, they said it is open to existing members to carry on but they were hoping to launch to new and lapsed ex members this summer regards Graham
  2. Really nice, Also the photography is fantastic
  3. Really nice build the weathering is spot on
  4. grayh


    Very informative , Many thanks
  5. I have just got the new Revell 1/32 Spitfire , I must say am very happy with it , as far as i can see it is really well made and looks like a spitfire,
  6. Wonderland are showing availability on 1st June
  7. What a fantastic build , Super photos aswell
  8. Fooled me i thought is was a picture of a real one fantastic
  9. grayh


    Thanks Martin Now the proud owner of a Bottle of old Formula Klear, Should last me a Few months
  10. grayh


    I will have that from you if thats ok Thanks Graham
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