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  1. Sorry, I don"t have the answer. I just know it had got 2 guns wing.
  2. Thanks guys, Indeed, it's the old Hobbycraft kit.
  3. Thanks guys, in the musthave kit, you can find resin parts (engine, weels, rudder, wing flaps, cockpit parts) and photo etched parts. they're quite old but do the job. The inside photo etched parts of the flaps are too big. Manu.
  4. Hi guys, here is my latest build a H 75 in Dutch markings. THis plane was piloted by sgt P. Van Breen in Java in 1941. The Musthave kit is the Academy kit with add-ons from "Hi tech". It's an old but good model. Hope you'll like it, Cheers, Manu.
  5. thanks guys for your nice comments. Manu.
  6. Thanks guys for your nice comments. I didn't use aftermarket except the belts. Manu.
  7. Hi guys, here is one of my latest build. This is a tribute to a friend modeller, Joël Ducasse, who passed away a year and a half ago. I've finished this kit he begun to honour his memory. [/url Manu.
  8. Thanks guys, they were used for coastal surveillance essentially.
  9. Hi guys, I've corrected the squadron insigna on both doors. Manu
  10. Thanks for your nice comments, the model is riveted with Rosie. Manu
  11. Hi guys, here is my latest build, The Eduard P 39 N in 1/48, an old but nice kit. [urlhttps://goopics.net/i/lOGx8][/url] Thanks for watching, Manu.
  12. Thanks guys. The cross was for a promotion. This aicraft seems to be an experimental plane tested on the battlefield (testing mw 50 ?). Cheers, Manu.
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