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  1. Thanks guys. The cross was for a promotion. This aicraft seems to be an experimental plane tested on the battlefield (testing mw 50 ?). Cheers, Manu.
  2. Thanks guys. The car is a Steyr kommander wagen and comes from Tamiya. The RLM paints are classics : RLM 74, 75, 76 from Gunze. Overpainting on the fuselage white cross is RLM 70. Cheers, Manu.
  3. Hi guys, here is my latest build, the Eduard BF 109 G 5 AS. It's a fantastic kit, easy to build, accurate and very well detailed. The Gunther Specht aircraft is very special with a original camouflage and a few modifications. Thanks for watching, Cheers, Manu.
  4. Hi guys, Painting of the underside... Cheers, Manu.
  5. Hi guys, Cockpit is done, and assembly is perfect. The Specht aircraft seems to be a prototype tested on the battlefied. There are specicities that don't exist on a G 5. There is a little air intake just in front of the windshield. The armement plate on the hood has a strang shape. The drop tank is profiled. Cheers, Manu.
  6. Hi guys, stuck in my house, I’ve started the excellent BF 109 G 6 AS from Eduard in 1/48. My goal is to build the G 5 AS of Gunther Specht. The well detailed cockpit is painted in Schwarzgrau RLM 66 from Akan. The tint is too dark to stay like that but i’ll use it as an undercoat. Then i’ve airbrushed RLM 76 to highlight some areas. Finally, a higly diluted mix of Akan RLM 66 and white is airbrushed over the surfaces playing with transparencies. Details are painted and dark washes ar
  7. Thanks guys, It took 7 or 8 well separated steps of 30 minutes to cover the fuselage, engines and tails. Best wishes for the new year, Manu.
  8. Thanks a lot guys , The wavy pattern is painted with a thin brush and Akan RLM 82 mixed with AK driyng retarder. This kit is not easy to build, the engine bays don't fit well the wings, and the wings don't fit well the cell. Plus, there is no precise location and no "tenons" for the radar antenna on the nose of the plane. Manu.
  9. Hi guys, here is my latest build, the Messerschmitt BF 110 G 4 in 1/48 from Eduard. The kit is very well detailed but not so easy to build. This plane is from the 6./NJG 101 captured on the airfield of Fritzlar in 1945. The camouflage was very exciting to paint. Hope you like it. Cheers, Manu.
  10. Thanks Francis. The antenna is a photo etched part from the box. to Darryl : the offset wheels is not an option offered by Dragon.
  11. Thanks guys, I will continue to build AFV models, I like that, but planes are still my favourite subject. Manu.
  12. Hi guys, let me present you my first attempt as an AFV modeler. I usually build planes model kits. I really enjoyed to build, paint and weather that Puma. Merry Christmas, Manu.
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