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  1. Thanks Bill. The Y wing is a space ship from "Star Wars". Cheers, Manu.
  2. Thanks mate, i mainly used airbrush and felt tip pens to weather the metal. Cheers, MAnu.
  3. Thanks guys, I didn't varnish the bare metal but maybe i will try the AK gauzy agent next time to be abble to use washes diluted with white spirit. The weathering is made with airbrush and with felt tip pens. Cheers, Manu.
  4. Hi guys, here is my latest build, the excellent Eduard Spitifire Mk IX in 1/48. I've choosen that camo beacause i wanted to test the AK Xtrem metal. The WIP is here : Thanks for watching, Cheers, Manu.
  5. Thanks Christer, The spit is finished. A little bit of weathering... ... and it's done. Cheers, Manu.
  6. Hello guys, some work to do on the engine and the gun bay, and I'll can glue the landing gear. Cheers, Manu
  7. Hi guys, painting is finished. I've painted some panels with dark aluminium or with a mix of steel and aluminium. Ak paints are good, but imho, alclads remain the best metallic paints. I've built and try to paint an ICM mechanic (my first try as a figurinist, but i'm afraid i'm a plane modeller only). Cheers, Manu.
  8. Thanks guys, I've airbrushed the AK interactive Aluminium. The paint has a good coverage, doesn't dry in the nozzle, and is very nice to airbrush. But it's very shiny, too shiny. It looks like chrome, but maybe it's because of the gloss black undercoat. The white alu is more dull and seems perfect for the parts covered with fabric. Cheers, Manu.
  9. Hi guys, I've undercoated the kit with the AK interactive black base. The paint is fluid, gives a good coverage, has a very shiny finish dans covers efficiently the imperfections of surfaces. To use a protecting mask is recommanded. I cleaned it with a cllulosic thinner. Cheers, Manu.
  10. Thanks Ilan, This kit, with modifications, is not easy. There is a lot of adjustments to do. But it's now quite ready to be painted. I'm going to try the XTREM Metal from AK. To increase the metallic appearance, i will undercoat the kit with the black base of the brand. Cheers, Manu.
  11. Hi guys, here is my new build, a Spitfire LF IX from Eduard in 1/48. THe kit is beautifull and seems easy to build. I've decided to open the left gun bay and a panel from the engine cowling. I want to represent the MJ 250 all aluminium exept the upper engine cowling that is camouflaged. First i've made the gun bay in plastic card (it's not finished, last details will be added at the end) Then, i've built the cockpit and added some details. I've used the gunze H 312. I've detailed the ICM engine (only the middle left part will be seen). THanks for watching, Cheers, Manu.
  12. Thanks guys for your nice comments, Cheers, Manu.
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