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  1. I get that duplicated threads need to be removed, as acknowledged above - I was questioning the reasoning behind deletion of the original which had had an immediate response providing the exact information requested, instead of the duplicate that others repeated the same information in hours later...
  2. Could have been somewhat embarrassing had the piece of FOD left on the UK's new 'showpiece' aircraft been ingested into an engine or jammed the tailplane mechanism, and caused an incident or accident - imagine the headlines that would have resulted in...
  3. Four or so hours ago, within a couple of minutes of the OP's identical post in the Cold War section, I replied and provided exactly the same link as posted above by Black Knight - and within minutes the OP responded there to say thanks. As the post there didn't mention it was also posted here, it's reasonable to assume that this was the second of the two... The Cold War section thread, however, has since vanished - I can understand why a duplicated post might be removed, but completely fail to understand the reasoning behind deleting the one that already had an immediate reply and
  4. Anyone else notice a length of what semed to be blue paper roll that suddenly appeared in the vicinity of the port tailplane as the aircraft started to rotate? It wasn't visible around the tailplane root or leading edge as it was taxiing along the runway, but at 2:58 it suddenly flew up in the air, and certainly didn't look to come from the runway surface - though that's where it fluttered down to. Hopefully someone did a FOD sweep and retrieved it afterwards...
  5. Been quite busy round here already this morning - a Cranwell Phenom crossed Carlyon Bay at 600ft (could hear, but not see it, because of haze), a FRA Falcon passed over quite low doing a couple of approaches to Newquay, and as I started typing an Atlas just arrived over Newquay, and like yesterday's C-17, is now heading this way at around 3,000ft, presumably to do some approaches... ....an hour or so on from the above, and just had a Culdrose Hawk do a very tight circuit almost directly overhead - normally they only pass by...
  6. Don't know what BuNo Fujimi give you, but I've identified four VH-53Ds: 157166, 157755, 157756 and 157930... ....the BuNo should be presented in similar style to the Marine Corps titles - something Hawkeye got wrong on their VH-3 sheet - Microscale have it right on 72-445 (the rip-off version on PrintScale 72-135 is a disaster!)...
  7. The TR-1s were officially transferred from the 4029th SRTS at Beale to the 17th RW on its formation in October 1982, with the first arriving at Alconbury in February the following year...
  8. Not allocated here? What about the aircraft of the 95th RS, 17th RW, based at RAF Alconbury from 1983 to 1993 - it had 18 TR-1As on strength by 1986... ....third paragraph here: https://www.501csw.usafe.af.mil/About-Us/Fact-Sheets/Display/Article/436482/royal-air-force-alconbury-royal-air-force-molesworth-and-royal-air-force-upwood/
  9. Not strictly correct - the sponsons as integrally moulded are the right size for an HC.1; they have to be cut off to be replaced by the larger ones for the HC.3... ....but yes, the nose glazing features the radar so is no good for an HC.1, and yes, the instructions would have you use parts not applicable to the RAF version...
  10. The TR-1 and U-2R were effectively the same airframe - Italeri did a kit in 1/48, variously issued in different versions and under different brands. See the timeline here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-822-lockeed-tr-1a-b--115288
  11. Well you're no fun any more... Probably very sensible - my first wife had a Honda CB250, and though I tried my hand at riding it myself a couple of times, I really wasn't keen. I just didn't feel safe, even at the 'invincible' age of 21... ....the subsequent girlfriend had a Kawasaki Z1000, and knew how to ride it - I'll never forget the face of the cop who pulled us over at 2.30am one cold, wet 'n windy night... ....giving it the "you boy racers with your big flash bikes" spiel, right up to the moment when she took off her full-face crash helmet and shook her long blo
  12. That's why Bill's spending so much time in the garage - he's secretly building one of these:
  13. Ah, so presumably the autogubbinserator is the thing that holds the oil that oils the ring that takes the shank that moves the crank that works the thing-ummy-bob? Never heard our Gracie mention an autogubbinserator, but then she clearly wasn't a technically-minded lass...
  14. The 1/32 Revell F4F Wildcat sounds like it would fit the bill - folding wings, openable engine panels: https://indy-amps.weebly.com/revell-132nd-scale-us-grumman-f4f-4-wildcat.html
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