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  1. Think these versions of the above clinch it - dated 9/1/82: http://cornishmemory.com/item/YOC_1_84 http://cornishmemory.com/item/YOCN_4_007 http://cornishmemory.com/item/YOCN_4_008 http://cornishmemory.com/item/YOCN_4_009 (Touch of deja vu here - didn't we do this back in the original thread?)
  2. If I might suggest, the photo actually dates from sometime between delivery date of 6/7/81 (helis.com) and being recorded hangared in Invincible on 29/3/82 ('Falklands - The Air War') - the latter has her as being N/015 on that date, and she's pictured in pre-Falklands 'hi-vis' markings...
  3. The convention itself is, of course, much, much older... "One evening at dusk as Noah stood on his Ark, Putting green oil in starboard side lamp....."
  4. andyf117

    Revell 1/72 Sea King HAR.3

    A very minor update... After adding the spotlight well to the rear of the starboard sponson, done by drilling out and squaring off a simple hole, and adding a piece of plastic card inside, both sponson interiors have been boxed off, and lightening holes drilled through the undercarriage units before fitting. And a few more things have been taken care of with the fuselage exterior - namely adding oil drains made from scraps of sprue under the forward section, fitting the Decca box at the rear, below and aft of the cabin door, and (barely visible in this shot) installing a 'grab bar' above the cabin door where the winch fits.
  5. andyf117

    Revell 1/72 Sea King HAR.3

    So, after suddenly getting a 'like' despite not posting anything new for 10 days (which it appears may become my posting timeframe!), probably time for a very brief update... I've actually done very little, apart from filling a number of holes in the fuselage halves for items only applicable to the kit's intended Mk.41 version - visible below the rear windows in the original exterior and interior fuselage shots above, I've no idea why I opened them up, but they're now filled! The only real construction work has been to assemble the main rotor after finishing off the blades by painting their yellow sling bands. The assembly is pictured on my very simple Sea King rotor jig, which consists of nothing more sophisticated than a 30cm polystyrene base tray from a supermarket pizza, marked up at the centre and outer edge, at the hub and blade tips points respectively. The blades had droop induced prior to attaching to the hub, again nothing more then simple bending and flexing to set the desired amount - using a recessed tray for the jig helps with establishing during dry fits that they look fairly even before committing to glue. This has now been safely placed out of harm's way to set firmly, whilst work is done on other components - have still got the interior details to finish off and paint!
  6. andyf117

    Westland Puma

  7. ....no Hunters, Harriers or Phantoms either...
  8. I'm going to say Puma, and the Heller 1/50 kit?
  9. Off-topic content deleted, with apologies....
  10. andyf117

    Sea King questions

    Apart from the fact that the entire line of your post is acting as the link, yes, it appears to - I see three photos...
  11. The cockpit and cabin interior is now complete and painted - and although the rear cabin will be all but invisible when the fuselage halves are together, I've nevertheless added some panel detail to the sonar consoles and control unit using some spare decals from a Revell HAS.6 sheet. As previously mentioned, the instrument panel and console are finished using home-printed decals - just as well, as the kit sheet has turned out to be completely unusable!
  12. andyf117

    Sea King questions

    I was aware of the scale difference - though quite often seeing what someone does in one scale can be translated or adapted for another... ....as Crisp's carriers are for the HAS.5 that he flew and you're intending to do the HAS.2 trials aircraft, then presumably the originals were different to the later in-service versions?
  13. andyf117

    Sea King questions

    Crisp's superb 1/48 build linked to above by Scimitar has recently been dealing specifically with the carriers....
  14. andyf117

    Sea King questions

    Some will suggest converting the 'new' Airfix HAR.3 (but definitely not the 'old' one), whlist others - myself included - will suggest finding a Revell kit. It's been discussed previously, as here - which also refers back to earlier threads: Either will require work to make the RN version, again linked to in the above....
  15. One thing popped straight into my head when I saw that pic: " Sorry Goose, but it's time to buzz the tower." And that one is simply brilliant!