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  1. Don't know which aircraft you're going to choose, but I see the instructions show '55' as XV850, when it should be XV650 - hopefully the decals themselves are correct? Those quoted dates are not right either - the top scheme with the white bird was still in use in 1976 - the stylised yellow one came later (certainly not 1974)...
  2. andyf117

    Krieger Lunadiver variant - MANTA

    The yellow fuselage is Fujimi's HAR.3, and being in need of the cockpit glazing from one (or more!) I was appalled when I first saw it - but having now read that it was minus the cockpit when you received it, I'll refrain from sending hatemail!
  3. andyf117

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    A pair of ASaC.7 Baggers just crossed Carlyon Bay - with a Merlin following behind - performing the final farewell flight of the Sea King in FAA service....
  4. andyf117

    Final Sea King Flypast

    A pair of Baggers - down from the originally planned four - just crossed Carlyon Bay with a Merlin following behind...
  5. andyf117

    Final Sea King Flypast

    The last Royal Navy Sea Kings will be making their farewell flypast today: https://www.facebook.com/rnasculdrose/photos/a.1440831802899818/2074946602821665/?type=3&theater
  6. andyf117

    RN Sea King colour

    It isn't visually that obvious, but does show up nicely in this photo of an ASaC.7: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/ROYAL_NAVY_Seaking_Surveillance_Helicopter_over_Afghanistan_MOD_45153161.jpg
  7. andyf117

    RN Sea King colour

    Don't overlook the fact that the main airframe isn't overall MSG, but that the underside is actually BS381C:626 Camouflage Grey....
  8. andyf117

    World war two, movies and tv-series...

    Oh well, as my wife reminds me occasionally, I'm not always right about everything!
  9. andyf117

    1:72 Falklands War Has.2 RN Sea King

    Hi The following post details the external modifications needed to the Revell kit - though you won't need the Orange Crop fit: This picture shows the internal stages applicable to the RN HAS.6 kit - exactly the same for the HAS.2: As for the decals you have, those are for the HC.4 - the only items common to a Falklands HAS.2 are the roundels, black 'Royal Navy' titles, and some of the danger markings...
  10. andyf117

    Aurora 1/72nd restored kit builds

    Seen it, seen the price, seen the amount of resin replacement/correction parts - the torture would be to my bank balance... ....back to basics modelling works for me!
  11. andyf117

    World war two, movies and tv-series...

    My wife admitted it was a mistake suggesting we watch Dunkirk together when I sounded off about the Spitfire pilot trying to smash the canopy with the butt of his revolver, instead of using the crowbar fitted to the door hatch for just such a situation... ....up to then, I'd managed to restrain myself!
  12. andyf117

    World war two, movies and tv-series...

    Watched 'Hurricane' online over the weekend, and have to say wasn't very impressed - some considerable distorting of facts, which is highly disappointing when portraying real people and events... ...eg., Jan Zumbach actually escaped to England by boat, yet the movie has him stealing a French training plane and flying across; in the film Josef František 'quits' his Czech unit because the RAF is making it a bomber squadron, when in fact he had flown with Polish units in Poland and France, arrived in the UK with a Polish contingent, remained with them and was posted to 303 - the film later has him and Zumbach cross to France in pursuit of a 109, and František crash into the White Cliffs due to lack of fuel, whereas he actually disappeared during a routine patrol and crashed in Surrey... ....I always feel it dishonours the lives and deeds of such men when their stories are sensationalised in such a manner, simply for the sake of it...
  13. andyf117

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    A Marineflieger Sea King Mk.41 was clattering around overhead for a couple of minutes before it headed off eastwards.... ....presumably coming from Culdrose, and apparently doing some sight-seeing, as the fairly tight circuit it just flew would have been right around The Eden Project...
  14. andyf117

    What is a Spitfire IX LF LR

    Interesting that the provenance section indicates that particular airframe, after being damaged 'around D-Day', was stored from late 1944 until 1946 - clearly at that stage of the war, there was no shortage of Spitfires!
  15. andyf117

    Aurora 1/72nd restored kit builds

    I've got a semi-derelict Aurora Boeing 737 that I one day hope to transform into a USAF T-43....