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  1. So I'm looking at this pic, and thinking something doesn't seem quite right - and realise that it's the sponson-mounted dispenser in black that's the offending item... ....no, methinks, that should be green or grey, to match the camouflage - so I nip back to take a peek at the girls on page three - and sure enough, green and grey... ....then I go to page two, and EX herself - wait a minute, uncovered, but black, and same on page 18, uncovered again, but black! Who knew? Well, you, obviously...
  2. Don't know if anyone's posted this anywhere on BM before, but IPMS Denmark has virtually the entire collection of their magazine available to view/download here: http://www.ipms.dk/IPMSNYT.htm
  3. Thanks, Johnny, and I do, which is why I've long kept an eye out for one of those locally-produced conversions... ....but I have never seen one for sale - I'll do the early silver and DayGlo scheme, if I can ever get hold of one...
  4. Not mine, Rich - just an online pic I linked to, to show the decal sheet and which kit it's from!
  5. The Fujimi 'Flying Tiger' Sea King boxing included Danish decals: I think this build utilised the conversion set I'm thinking of: And then there's this one, of course - complete with decals: http://www.scale-rotors.com/kit/artikel.php?id=3655
  6. There have been three injection moulded CH-3/HH-3 kits, all quite old - the fore-mentioned Revell is the best of them... ....there were also offerings by Aurora and Lindberg - one of which was re-issued by Starfix, and those appear often on eBay... Whirlykits have done resin kits - one of which is being built with a C-130 right here on BM:
  7. There was a conversion to do a Danish S-61 from the Fujimi kit, but it's extremely rare - have long wanted it myself, but never found one...
  8. I was including the flat-rate shipping cost - obviously for multiple sets that reduces the unit cost slightly...
  9. I can't help but read that phrase with a 'Gone With The Wind' Southern Belle's accent in my head....
  10. The green looks good on my screen - but then so did the first grey, so don't listen to a word I say! The pic was a Meatbox being carried by a Chinook because I couldn't find one of a Wokka lifting a Frightening - so meant purely for illustrative purposes only!
  11. All duly noted for when I - one day - get around to one of mine... ....which I now discover I'd mis-counted back here in Perdu's thread: Turns out I've actually got seven!
  12. Superb, makes me want to break out my Academy and Hasegawa kits, one of which will be a Lakenheath bird... ....simply love those exhausts - but at $21.00 a pair, would cost more than I paid for both above-mentioned kits!
  13. As in different boxings? Originally there were six, the E, C/J, RF-4C/E, Bi-Centennial J, Toned-Down F, and RAF J/S...
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