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  1. So, it turns out that unlike on the desktop and the laptops, Firefox doesn't auto-update itself on the phone... ....after downloading from Mozilla (I refuse to sign up to Google) and running a manual update, everything's now A-OK, and I have pics back... ....yet another benefit of being here on BM - it's not just about modelling, but lots of other stuff too!
  2. I have exactly the same problem with my phone - I rarely use it, but when I accessed BM recently I only had little grey boxes instead of pics... ....just tried it now on the home/business wi-fi, and get the same - no idea what version the Android is, but am using Firefox as the browser... ....have tried another forum - ARC - and that's fine, pics show up perfectly...
  3. Pretty much what I was thinking of doing with the tea-bag mesh - though that, of course, has no springiness, nor stiffiness... ....so the problem I might have to overcome would be one of sagginess....
  4. Probably easier than trying to shape tea-bag mesh over a frame, which is currently my Plan A...
  5. I did that fairly recently too, when I bought a hardback copy of Sweating The Metal and then realised when I got home that I'd already got it in paperback - it was a purchase from a charity bookshop at least... ....but I'm still six months short of 60!
  6. Go to your profile, click 'edit profile', and it's the bottom section of the resultant fields...
  7. I was thinking along similar lines - there does seem to be a fair difference in the gap between the wheel and upper leg section...
  8. This one wouldn't need a vacform canopy - or vacform anything, come to that... ....as for the colour scheme - er, um, what colour scheme? (Two sets of three-bladed counter-rotating rotors - original ancestor of the Chinook!)
  9. That's what comes from marrying a (Russian) General's daughter...
  10. Me neither - earlier this year I sold on a Zvezda Mi-26 that was acquired as part of a batch... ....a few years ago I did intend to build an Mi-17 as my late father-in-law's personal transport... ....bought a kit - but like many of my ideas, it never got past the intention stage - sold the kit...
  11. Not two at a time, no, just one plus one as in the pics from that series of posts - my favourite candidate's still the Mi-26 carrying a Chinook!
  12. Nice, but still has the 'issue' previously-raised in response to some posts here:
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