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  1. andyf117

    Sea king Falklands aew. 2

    Did I mention I acquired a CH kit solely for its HC.4 bits?
  2. andyf117

    Sea king Falklands aew. 2

    You probably need to make that four - the pilots' seats as supplied are closer to Sikorsky's later crash-worthy type than Westland ones.... ....another advantage of the Revell kit - least their dining room chairs can be modified quite easily!
  3. andyf117

    Sea king Falklands aew. 2

    Dark Admiralty Grey for the interior, with medium blue canvas troop seats along the starboard side (note the CH ones are horribly undersized)... ....crew seats DAG frames, with orange cushion covers, the seat base ones on top of yellow survival packs - seats often had sheepskin pads....
  4. As mentioned in the Chat thread for this GB, this build started life for the Sea King STGB back in 2015, but didn't progress very far, and has lain untouched for four years! Hopefully, the incentive of this GB will, as with my HAR.3 last year, see it finally being completed - so, to recap, it started off like this: It had some work done to the fuselage exterior, namely two AEW.2/ASaC.7 specific additions: 1) An extended housing cast in resin using the kit part as a master; and 2), Fitting the kit vent item. Other modifications were: 3) Centre refuelling point added; 4) Forward window filled; 5) Rear window outlines filled; 7) Aerial locating holes filled; 8.) Refuelling point filled at 8a, new one made at 8b. 9) Rear operators seat rails added. The kit Orange Crop sensor housings were fitted (6), with the moulded raised detail sanded off of the upper ones, and the sensors replaced on the lower: For the interior, some exposed cabin structure was added to the lower port fuselage side using plastic card and stretched sprue, followed by pieces sandwich bag attached with PVA glue to represent the sound-proofing/padding, while foil discs provide backings to the drilled-out nose spotlights: For an aircraft in service in Afghanistan, the main rotor blades were modified to depict Carson blades with their distinctive swept tips: Similarly, the five-bladed tail rotor had fillets added to its blade roots - an as-supplied kit part is seen left, with the modified item to the right: And, of course, after some experimentation, there was the Searchwater radome - which ended up about as authentic as it gets, in actually being a hollow and flexible bag! The photo shows the two I made, one of which is fitted to my completed AEW.2: The only other thing done back then was painting of a few bits and pieces - so after four years sitting in its box while I completed eight other versions, currently the long-neglected ASaC.7 looks like this:
  5. andyf117

    The Specialist GB Chat

    Although a lot of the empty spaces on the pictured sprues - especially the top right one - are where parts not required have been removed, there has been more work done than initially meets the eye. Most of the fuselage exterior detailing has been carried out, along with both main and tail rotor blade modifications, not to mention the radar bag - hence the link back to the original, so Rich and/or Col can take a look and make a judgement...
  6. andyf117

    Sea king Falklands aew. 2

    Just awaiting confirmation that the one I started for the SK STGB back in 2015 qualifies, and if it does, then yes I will... ....and thank you... ....as for the CH kits, I acquired one by way of a trade back before the above-mentioned GB, solely to use as a source of parts for a HC.4 conversion - which I'll still be doing, despite the Airfix HC.4 having come out since, as to my eye a Sea King devoid of rivets just looks wrong... ....my preference remains Revell for Westland variants, and Fujimi for Sikorsky and other licence-built versions...
  7. andyf117

    The Specialist GB Chat

    Hopefully, this GB will provide the incentive to finally complete another of the long-neglected builds that I started for the Sea King STGB many moons ago! It worked last year with the HAR.3 Grey Whale for the RAF 100 GB - so this time around, it would be the ASaC.7, as originally seen here: With virtually nothing having been done to it since, the current state of play is: So if I can get confirmation that it's classed as being within the 25% rule, I'll pick up where I left off!
  8. andyf117

    Sea king Falklands aew. 2

    I'll see your AEW.2(s), and raise you a Revell ASaC.7....
  9. That was my immediate thought too - scribe on the inside.... ....chalk dust's an interesting addition, but how would it remain in place? I'd suggest run some thinned white paint into the scribed lines, and wipe away any excess... ....at least it's not a mass of zig-zags like Harrier or Hawk MDC - try scribing that into the inside of a curved canopy, and in 1/72 to boot!
  10. andyf117

    "Royal Aircraft Establishment" decals in 1:72.

    You mean this one: I do have one planned to be listed on eBay soon as part of a batch of decals - if your other lead(s) don't pan out, let me know...
  11. Ah, the fabled Merlin Warrior Mistel... ....a secret joint Augusta-Bell-Textron project first proposed when the EH.101 was being submitted as the 'Marine One' replacement, the VH-71.... ....the idea was that for rapid forward deployment, the manned OH-58D would be carried to distant battlefields on the back of the Merlin... ....never got off the ground, quite literally, however - as can be seen, the tiny Kiowa Warrior rotors simply couldn't lift the combined weight... ....previous attempts retaining the Merlin's main rotors failed, as the OH-58 tail rotor couldn't counteract the torque to keep it still on the rotor cap... ....word is this project's failure contributed to the EH.101 being dropped from contention for the HMX-1 fleet...
  12. The sensors issue sounds similar to the undernose aerials on the Revell Sea King - fitted as supplied, they'd point too sharply forward and also outwards at an angle... ....I see what Scimitar's saying; his photo shows the 'short' side of the mount to the inside and the 'long' side to the outside, and the model has them the other way around - perhaps someone at Italeri is confused by port and starboard...
  13. Where's the fun and challenge in that? I have the original incarnation, but not the later Warrior version - what am I missing?
  14. andyf117

    Operation Deepfreeze orange

    Made even more confusing because in photos International Orange frequently appears red - hence both kit and decal manufacturers often quoting incorrect FS numbers... This IPMS-USA kit reviewer used International Orange: https://web.ipmsusa3.org/content/uh-34d-seahorse-operation-deep-freeze And the Max Decals 'Antarctic Helicopters' sheet specifies International Orange also: