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  1. The book 'Gifts of War' by Boot and Sturtivant has some good info and is well worth a look. The following is extracted from this book - hope it helps. W3325 - 'Newcastle-on-Tyne I', Mk Vb, issued to 611 Sqn (according to GoW) 25/6 41, coded FY-D, shot down 9/7/41, P/O Johnston KIA W3324 - 'Newcastle-on-Tyne II', Mk Vb, issued to 92 Sqn 8/7/41 (QJ-W from Johns post above), damaged, to 403 Sqn (RCAF) 5/5/42 coded KH-E, shot down 2/6/42, F/O Parr (RCAF) POW R7125 - 'Caput Inter Nibila Condit', presented by Gateshead, carried Gateshead coat-of-arms. Mk I, issued to 123 Sqn 22/6/41, damaged 27/6/41, to 61 OTU 11/10/41, damaged and eventually issued to 761 Sqn RN 19/5/43, then 759 Sqn RN 31/5/44, struck off charge (SOC) 20/12/44 R7208 - 'City of Liverpool III', a Mk Va, issued to 611 Sqn 13/5/41, shot down 11/7/41, Sgt Fair RNZAF POW R7072 - 'Sunderland I', Mk Ia issued to 124 Sqn 7/5/41, damaged 12/10/41, to 53 OTU 13/1/42, lost at sea in transit to Pt Sudan 7/12/42 R7073 - 'Sunderland II', Mk Ia, issued to 123 Sqn 27/5/41, damaged and issued to 58 OTU 25/9/41, crashed 17/4/42 after colliding with X4905, P/O Malkiewicz killed. R7074 - 'Sunderland III', Mk Ia, issued to 124 Sqn 7/5/41, spun into sea 27/7/41, Sgt Jones killed. R7114 - 'Sunderland IV', Mk Ia, issued to 1 PRU Benson 10/3/41, damaged same day, to 52 OTU 8/11/41, damaged 12/4/42, SOC P8089 - 'Miners of Durham I', Mk IIa, issued to 66 Sqn 21/3/41, to 118 Sqn 9/4/41 as NK-W, to 313 (Czech) Sqn 2/10/41, to 306 (Polish) Sqn 6/11/41, to 308 (Polish) Sqn 11/12/41, to 350 (Belbian) Sqn 8/2/42, damaged and to 58 OTU 16/8/42, crashed 23/12/42, SOC P8091 - 'Miners of Durham II', Mk IIa, to 72 Sqn 6/5/41, 74 Sqn 8/7/41, 350 (Belgian) Sqn 3/12/41, then to various training units until crashing on 7/1/45, SOC 18/1/45 P8389 - 'Metabox', Mk IIb, to 610 Sqn 10/6/41, 130 Sqn 27/6/41, 616 Sqn 19/7/41, 315 (Polish) Sqn 26/7/41 as PK-O, damaged 5/8/41, variously to 61 OTU and 59 OTU, eventually SOC 21/6/47. Not a lot of codes there but hopefully some leads for you to search a bit further, PR
  2. Good luck with the build Steve - maybe apply the "14" and "-" to black decal first, then carefully trim (?) - but may be difficult to get consistent edging. PR
  3. Troy, you have ESP! I was just about to search for this scheme and there it is! Yes, your original posts and added info have been VERY worthwhile I think - thank you PR Thanks Nick - I'll see if I can track down some copies. PR
  4. Aha! Thank you for posting Nick. That's brilliant! Wonderful information - that clinches it. Can I ask, is there a source somewhere for that information, or is this from your research over time? (Would be great to have that resource stored somewhere.) Would be interested in other information your sources may reveal, Most appreciated, thank you PR
  5. I think I have this scheme sorted, thanks to the kind help offered above which is most appreciated, with the exception of the upper wing camouflage pattern. To distill this down a little, was the saw tooth pattern of upper wing camouflage on Bf 109s a 'standard' scheme used by all manufacturers, or a variation only used by certain manufacturers? If only certain manufacturers, which ones, and was this plane built by one of them? PR
  6. Wow! Thank you gentlemen, appreciate the replies. Interesting FalkeEins link - good find. Troy, thank you so much! That is an amazing amount of reference and information there! Those colour photos are priceless. I envy you your obvious organisation with reference. I didn't think to check the YouTube vision, will go back and check it. Great lead, thank you. Your screen grab has me a little confused though - the upper wing pattern does look saw tooth at the wing root, but not further out. Maybe just wear and tear at the wing root? Will have to investigate that one a bit more. EDIT - YouTube vision is inconclusive, but the other photos posted above show a saw tooth pattern to the upper wing camouflage. Hmm. My understanding regards the Werk No is that it could be just painted on the left side of the fin. Typically, only images of the right side. Think I'll go with smaller font and full 5 digit no. The wing tips don't appear all that white - could be dirty - but I'm tending to think not white. EDIT - YouTube vision clearly shows camouflage wing tips - NOT white. Really appreciate your help with this one guys, PR
  7. Thank you - Google has not been very helpful with further information regards manufacture or W.Nr appearances. Appreciate the reply, PR
  8. Troy recently posted about Spitfires, but also included a reference to the old Airfix Bf 109 G6 kit. This stirred nostalgic memories, and reignited a passion for one of the subjects of that kit - yellow 14, W Nr 15270 from JG 53. I have the decals from the 1/48 Academy kit to use (on a 1/48 scale kit, not the Airfix kit ), but there in lies some questions that I would appreciate help with please. 1. Academy show this plane with saw-tooth upper wing camouflage. Would this be correct? My understanding is that the Werk Number can identify the likely manufacturer which may in turn suggest how the plane was camouflaged - ? Can this be discerned from the Werk Nr 15270? (I am ignorant of such information here) 2. Am I safe in assuming 74/75 over 76 as the predominant camouflage colours? 3. From the photos I can only discern the theatre markings as yellow lower nose cowl and white rear fuselage band with standard camouflage wing tips, yet one profile suggests white wing tips? (yes, hard to trust a profile) Am I seeing things or is that actually a white wing tip? 4. The photos of this plane do not clearly show a Werk Nr on the fin. Is it safe to presume one would be present, and if so, how would it be presented? Entire number? Last three digits? Any help with the above appreciated, Thank you Peter Roberts
  9. I am planning a visit to aviation and maritime museums in England and noticed that cameras are not allowed in the BoB Museum. Is that the same at all other museums now in England? PR
  10. 66 Squadron codes were initially RB, then changed to LZ. Does anyone know when this happened? Google hasn't been kind PR
  11. Good pick up - BOTH aircraft are presentation aircraft. P7966 was named "Manxman" W3185 was named "Lord Lloyd I" This information according to 'Gifts of War'. Also according to 'Gifts of War', W3185 was NOT a new aircraft when Bader began flying it. After passing through 39 MU it served with 145 Squadron, receiving damage on 22 July 1941. It was returned to 41 Sqn on 28 July but taken over by 616 Sqn and became Baders' plane. Apparently photos of the aircraft coded 'D-B' show the presentation name has been obliterated. PR
  12. And has a shield for the exhaust flames, usually associated with night operations (?) PR
  13. Troy, thank you for posting this! Very interesting questions posed. For what its worth, I agree - black lower surfaces on the Spitfire. One wing with lighter lower surfaces? I think Tony has the best explanation, replacement wing. But you have touched an emotional chord - Yellow 14 Bf 109G from JG 53 - I bought and built the old Airfix kit when it was a new release (!) and have fond memories of that scheme so LOVE seeing that photo! I have been fighting a losing battle to model this plane. So a question please for the 109 experts - colour scheme for yellow 14? I don’t trust the Airfix guide. My guess is two greys, with both used on the fuselage mottling, and light blue (?) lowers surfaces, but would be grateful for guidance on this from those who know more. RLM nos? TIA PR
  14. According to airhistory.org, RG134 only ever served with 60 Sqn, starting 9 August 1945. Maybe ortho film to render the yellow dark? PR
  15. There was a very detailed discussion on Spitfire U/C legs here some time back, discussing splined and linked legs and where they were fitted. I am not that organised to have details to hand and the search facility doesn't help. Maybe others recall and have it noted? PR PS Here
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