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  1. Nice! I read somewhere that there was a later version of 'Dark Yellow' - is that what you have here Bob?
  2. Thanks Charlie - glad this could be helpful, it is a tricky kit IMHO. But the result is quite satisfying. I hope you can continue that 1/24 build - I have two to do and liking what you're doing there!
  3. Nick, that is looking the real bees knees! Lovely work.
  4. Just saw this one in the Gallery too - very nice recovery Greg, sweet result.
  5. Thank you Ray. After following your build and battling this one, I'm looking forward to those Eduard Spitfires!!
  6. So that is the finished construction of one tower. It is a quick build, and a fairly basic kit; if you like a lot of accuracy and detail, this isn't for you. But as a companion piece in a display cabinet, or something in the background that doesn't get too much scrutiny then this is probably okay. One very obvious issue is the join of the sides to each other - this would have looked better with angled edges so the sides meet more closely. I have two main concerns with the finished model. First, the attachment of the two part sides. There are lots of unsightly gaps along the joins
  7. With the upper sides added and dry, I added the platforms. These went together very well - everything with this kit is a very precise and generally very neat fit.
  8. Upper sides added. Need to look at the instructions for these bits 'cause they are in two pairs; one pair are plain, the other pair have slots for the platform supports so need to be positioned opposite each other.
  9. Thank you Stew. The rivets are perhaps a wee bit over scale, but I have to admit I like the effect. It has taken me a long time to come around to accepting that something as beautiful as the Spitfire had dome head rivets, but now that I have embraced it, I think it gives the plane added character. Who'd have thought it? I am old enough to have cut my model teeth on the first Airfix kits and their ilk, covered in massive rivets and raised panel lines, and to have added my voice to their abolition, fawning over kits with smooth panels and recessed panel lines, and now I am adding ri
  10. Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk I kit no 5126, finished as X4179, QV-B, flown by George Unwin in September 1940. Build is here: Photos:
  11. Supermarine Spitfire Mk I, X4179, QV-B, flown by George Unwin, September 1940 I have lightened these photos a little and they don't really do the colours much justice unfortunately. They also don't pick up some of the finer details - sorry about that.
  12. Managed to get all the fiddly bits done finally, and in time too! This Spitfire was only about a month old when George flew it, and from the photo seems to be quite clean so I kept wear and tear to a bit of a minimum. The pinned legs worked quite well with the use of some 5-minute epoxy, which allowed some final positioning using my Mk I eyeball. They still lack the prominent locking piece - I considered adding it from an Eduard PE set but i've just about had enough of this one. The wheels/tyres in the kit just look weird to my eye; they have a quite square profile so they were replaced by Edu
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