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  1. Also note no rear vision mirror and presence of a head rest in the photo - two common attributes of BoB Spitfire Mk I's
  2. Wish you luck? Mate, you're smashing it. Great kit, great start, looks good and makes me want to start one too... but I'll finish the ones I'm building first. Following with interest PR
  3. I would also like to mention I am using these with good results: I purchased them from the chemist (here in Australia - maybe available elsewhere, different brand?) They are for buffing nails but will also give a shine to plastic. After I have finished sanding I use a high grade wet and dry, then finish off with these and they give a great finish. They are fabulous with canopies and clear parts!
  4. While I think of it, I get a lot of use out of these - I purchased them from the chemist (in Australia, maybe available elsewhere, different brands?) They are for buffing nails. The darker side is very mildly abrasive - VERY mildly, and the paler side is quite smooth. After I have finished sanding something, I finish off with a very high grade wet and dry, then buff with these and it gives a shine to the plastic. These are GREAT for canopies or clear parts!
  5. The lower wing to fuselage join finally worked out quite well, but still needs a clean up. This also shows the new shell chutes in the outer wing panels - these are still in need of some refinement and a clean up. I still have to fill an existing chute under each wing further in. Wheel wells have been painted, lights added to the outer wings and fuselage signal light moved back.
  6. Bit more work with this one. The fuel tank cover has been installed, but not quite how I wanted. The original intention was to use spreaders, but this wasn't working very well as it was hard to work out how long and get them to stay put. Then I tried some gentle persuasion and managed to get a good spread and the right overlap that I was after. Or so I thought. Only after it was attached did I see that the sides were showing nicely but the top was flush - UGH! Not wanting to cut it out and re-do it, and not happy with the result, I resorted to adding a bit of primer to the front top of the panel and blending it back in across the panel. It sort of worked - well good enough to live with. Cowling fasteners were added with a beading tool after removing the raised ones on the kit. They are perhaps a bit oversized, but I like them better flush and again, I can live with it. This aircraft was going to be 'Brunhilde', but after finding some controversy over the serial number of the plane, I chickened out and went to plan 'B', Ken Colliers Mk XIV also from 91 Squadron. An early Mk XIV. Hmm, an EARLY Mk XIV. Oh Bu**er, it likely had a 'C' wing. A quick check of the plans showed that not a lot of conversion work would be needed to make a 'C' wing - fill some ejection chutes and add extra ejection chutes in the lower wing, and a new panel on the upper wing. The spares box offered up some panels from an old Hasegawa kit that fit almost perfectly, if you are careful removing the panel. My first attempt was lazy - I scribed along the panel lines and found the opening a bit wide, needing a shim of plastic card. The second wing was drilled and trimmed - much better. I also found some Ultracast 'C' wing armament (if you haven't checked out Ultracast goodies, do so but I recommend you hide your wallet first) so thing were looking up again. Some pics. First up the fuel tank cover and nose. This also shows the additional chutes in the lower wing for the 'C' wing Upper wings with panels taken from the Hasegawa Mk IX kit. These will fit well but need an additional panel scribed on them, and some packing to bring them up to the right level for the wing surface. The cannon stubs on the wing will also need a bit of work for the new fairings and blank. The cut sits just outside of the wheel wells too.
  7. She's coming together really well Adam. Nice job.
  8. The lower wing has been attached, but needs some cleaning up. Lights have been installed at the wing tips and the belly light has been moved back. The forward position was been filled with darkened superglue filler so perhaps doesn't look filled, but it is. Honest. Wheel wells have been painted, and I put some MSG in the radiator areas too - probably a bit superfluous but there was paint left over.
  9. Wow, exactly a month since the last post. Life does get in the way sometimes! Fuel tank cover attached now. This is a neat fit, but needs to sit a little proud of the surrounding surface. After wrestling with the other build I have going, I found applying a bit of pressure to the soft plastic I could spread the cover to give the correct width, but the height was not right so I shimmed the lower and front edges, trimmed and found it sat ok. The finished result is okay, passes muster - just. I also put a beading tool to the cowlings and made knew fasteners - I think they may be a bit over sized but I decided I can live with them. I also think they are a lot better flush. I also filled and sanded the camera windows, then re-scribed the panels. I have decided to build NI-<>, using Red Roo decals and this plane has these panels painted over.
  10. Thanks Thomas, yes, I stand corrected re: Airfix. Clearly my memory of the kit was better than the product ( ) Post amended. What Troy said for SH. Perhaps my bad - I should have said my comments relate to the fuselage, apologies. PR
  11. The Spitfire Mk I has lapped panels and raised rivets on the fuselage. None of the more recent Mk I kit releases have this detail. The ancient Revell 1/32 and Airfix 1/24 scale kits have the rivets, the 1/24 scale kit also has the lapped panel effect. Can't be done in smaller scales? Don't buy that - check out the 1/48 scale Special Hobby Spitfire Mk V, it has a very good representation of the lapped panels; and my 1/72 Italeri Huey has some very fine rivet detail so that is also possible. Maybe it's cost, maybe it's laziness with the more recent releases, but what ever, the Eduard kit has gone the extra mile here with at least including raised rivets. I am not so sure about the recessed rivet detail but will reserve my judgement until I have the kit in my hand. Note, I am talking surface detail here. P.S. - looks like the test shots are no longer viewable on that link (?) EDIT - further observations - hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like the panel in front of the windscreen, over the fuel tanks, is flush which is ok only for early Spitfire Mk I, and the cowling fasteners look slightly raised - all photos I have seen of these show them as flush. In places there are rivets in place of fasteners, but how picky do you get? Still looks very good to my eyes.
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