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  1. It has plywood floors, so maybe that is what they are referring to? The fuselage - metal construction, apparently Alclad, which as I understand it usually has branding on it. I can't make out any branding so this Alclad either doesn't have branding or as others have said, likely painted. My guess is aluminium or interior green paint. The joy of it is no-one is going to be able to prove you wrong! Oh, wait, as soon as you have finished the model someone will come up with a colour photo ..... hmmm. PR
  2. great thread to revive - thank you!
  3. The North American Manual in the link posted by gingerbob also shows a blast plate for the ventral turret; new to me that one (thanks for the link!) A search of the Hyperscale forums will also give further info on this and other details of the B25. PR
  4. True - must see if I can get there. The V8's are racing there next month - always a great spectacle racing over the 'mountain' (well, a very large hill in the context of mountains, but we call it a mountain. Sounds better. )
  5. YES! May not need to bite on that WNW Lancaster now. And a Memphis Belle to boot. PR
  6. Just found your post. I am sooooo jealous! No WEC here in Oz, only a few GT3 cars with the F1 GP. Great shots! Thank you for posting. PR
  7. Thank you - appreciate the clarification PR
  8. Thank you - I thought the gunners windows looked similar but was aware some have staggered and some don't, along with all the other changes they made, including tail guns which could be different at different times on the same a/c - UGH! Looks like Paragon have done a Cheyenne set as well but this also seems to be hard to find. Looks like a scratch build job. Or wait for re-issues or new options. It also looks like the Cheyenne could have one or two guns - is that right? Photos I have seen are of restored a/c so I am a bit suspicious around authenticity. If either is an option, which for Bit O Lace or speculate. Photos I have are inconclusive. (lovely one of the a/c with a damaged tail but typically doesn't include the bit I want - the guns!) PR
  9. Rats. Thanks mate. B-17s are so confusing! PR
  10. Thanks guys for the responses. WIP - I would like to model a plane as it was actually marked up rather than one I have created, hence my desire to identify an actual serial/code tie up. Thanks Dave! I did have a collection of info on these planes, and references, but it has gone AWOL. I recall visiting that website and the wonderful info from Peter A, but had lost it with the references, so terrific ti have it again - thank you. I suspect you are right - I was getting a little suspicious at all the mods to what was a XIX just for a movie and Peter A knows his Spitfires, especially the BoB movie planes. PR
  11. I have always had a hankering for ‘Bit O Lace’ since I saw it on an Airfix kit - I’m old enough to remember when it was first released. Judging by the waste windows, this version looks similar? Can ‘Bit O Lace’ be done from this kit? PR
  12. That is great - thank you WIP! Possibly CD-J, and looks like N3318. I'll go with that, and some good extra detail - doors are closed on tail wheel and the blower has been removed from the cowling, three spoke wheels and 'guns' added to the wing leading edges. Wonderful find! For this aircraft I have the following possibilities - AI-E/G/M, CD-C, EI-K, N3314, N3316, N3319, N3321, but no 'J' or N3318 in that lot so clearly not an exhaustive list. Much appreciated, PR PS Also looks like the fuel pump on the lower wing and fuel overflow pipes at the wing tips have been removed. Presuming the one piece windscreen was retained based on the other photo of the XIX.
  13. Yes, I am aware of both those sites, but they do not help unfortunately. PR
  14. I am wanting to identify a code/serial match for one of the Spitfire XIX's used in the Battle of Britain Movie. I have a range of codes and serials used for each, but no match of which code was used for which serial. The one photo I have found of a Mk XIX annoyingly (or typically!) has the elevator obscuring the serial Can anyone help please? Thanks PR
  15. Wow, o wow! They look amazing. Thanks for the heads up - 2 sets ordered. Too hard to resist. One for the Aston, one for a Mk 2 Jag in the stash. Just hope they fit the tyres! Thanks again PR
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