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  1. Finally managed to trawl through my files and found the following; an answer from Edgar, dated 8 October 2013, in answer to "Spitfire Landing Gear Question" posted on Hyperscale by Iain on the same date: Iain: "Does anyone know when the manual hand-pump for operating the undercarriage was replaced by a motorised hydraulic system? ......." Edgar: "Definitely in the Mk.I; can't give an exact date, but it appeared as an amendment to the Air Publication in April 1940, so would have been just before that, I'd say." Seems to be in line with what has been posted he
  2. Interesting point re: the Walrus. I believe the associated hydraulic tank mentioned earlier, mounted behind the seat, was also from the Walrus. Something about not having to re-invent the wheel?
  3. I have recollections of Edgar suggesting the change over of undercarriage retraction mechanisms occurring around May 1940. I may have something in my files (print out of earlier posts) - will check. It would seem April/May is the time period. I also recall that Edgar noted there were no retrofits of the new mechanism and indeed there are anecdotes of pilots flying the early pump type equipped Spitfires (eg Wellum) with the later equipped Spitfires during the BoB, and also at OTU’s into 1941. Edit: correction, 'May 1940' should read 'April 1940'
  4. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/317011-new-airfix-avro-vulcan-bmk2/&tab=comments#comment-3042229 Looks impressive
  5. Does anybody have a photo, diagram or details of the inside of the accumulator point on a Spitfire Mk I? I have a plan for doing a large scale Spitfire (either 1/32 or 1/24) with the accumulator plugged in and suspect there will be some view of the internals that will need to be represented, so any info on this would be appreciated.
  6. Thank you for posting guys - very evocative. Makes me, for one, very grateful for what they did.
  7. http://www.aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/History/Aircraft/Roberts - Tiger Moth.html I got some walk around shots of the Tiger Moth at Benalla which were posted on AMI - may help?
  8. I see Historic Racing Miniatures did a set of 1/24 Rudge wheels with tyres, but these are no longer available? Are Historic Racing Miniatures still in business?
  9. Nice subject, I’ll follow too if I may. Your posting this one in your last 300SL build piqued my interest so I googled this one too. I am concerned that those last two colour photos are from more recent times, not from the period, which begs the question - is this the real car or a replica? It also appears to have been marked up with markings that don’t appear to be on the original car, as per the b/w photo you posted. Good pick up on the deflector! They always have to add something that we modellers don’t get in the kit, don’t they.
  10. VERY nice job, inspiring! Thank you posting this build, especially in your circumstances. Much appreciated.
  11. From Spitfire Production: R6692, First Flew 3-6-40, 6 Maintenance Unit 5-6-40, 609 Squadron 7-6-40, Over stressed attacking Ju 88 Cat E 12-8-40, Struck Off Charge 2-9-40 R6691, First Flew 3-6-40, 6 Maintenance Unit 5-6-40, 609 Squadron 7-6-40, Cat 2 ops 25-9-40, AST 616 Squadron 10-11-40, 602 Squadron 2-5-41, 58 OTU 12-6-41, Struck Off Charge 31-3-43 (entries edited for clarity) PR
  12. Will see if I can get to the NAA here in Melbourne. This may take a few days due to my own schedule, and the need to book these items for viewing. At least that was pre-COVID. Not sure what the go is now. In the meantime, this may be of interest? https://recordsearch.naa.gov.au/SearchNRetrieve/Interface/DetailsReports/ItemDetail.aspx?Barcode=164127&isAv=N Directorate of Armament - Beaufort aircraft - Gunnery Equipment, Series no. A705, Control Symbol 9/18/114, Item ID 164127 This entry has a digital copy and can be downloaded as PDF (252 page
  13. I have to admit I'd rather defer to Magpie22 on this one. I know he has studied Aussie Spitfires (ref the Eduard Mk VIII and accompanying masterpiece book) and the quirks of each place of manufacture. You certainly triggered some memories Troy and Aidrian. When I had enough pocket money, racing home with my latest Airfix kit, slamming it together (I think I took off the sprue nubs, but maybe not always!), slapping gloss enamel paint on while the glue dried, followed by decals on semi-dry paint!
  14. Thank you - I found the comment regards a 'deeper rear fuselage' a bit strange so appreciate your insights there.
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