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  1. Coming back to the kit, while a bit difficult to tell from the pictures, it looks like they’ve got the wheel wells right - slanted walls - but the undercarriage doors may need replacing (?) - not ‘bulged’. Maybe one for after market companies.
  2. Thanks for the replies gentlemen - good point re operational use. Will watch this with great interest and hope something comes to light.
  3. Very interesting discussion gentlemen, much of which goes above my head. Therefore, please excuse my ignorance, but I have to ask. This equipment is listed for only select Marks of Mosquito, yet some Squadrons were operating other Marks around this time (eg. 456 Squadron had Mk XVII nightfighters) Is there any reason for limiting installation to only a few Marks?
  4. Thank you Christian, appreciate you taking the trouble to raise this one again. I for one missed it the first time around. Great to get your input into this kit.
  5. Answer - the 1/24 Spitfire Mk I. Being re-popped I believe but needs retooling to add better details, as per the recent Hellcat.
  6. The surface detail on some of those early 1/32 Revell kits (1960's vintage) such as the 109 and Spitfire was exceptional. Sadly, that was about all they offered, but it does make you wonder - if they could achieve that over 50 years ago, why can't it be done more regularly now?
  7. So what colour was the hand rail in the Lancaster cockpit, WW2 era? Oops, more thread creep.
  8. In 1939 RAF Squadrons were operating as four sections of 3 aircraft, typically split into two Flights, hence 12 aircraft would be standard commitment. As pointed out above, the Squadron would also have spare aircraft to cover routine maintenance or unexpected repairs. Full strength would vary based on crashes and write-offs and speed of replenishment.
  9. Work in Progress - thank you, but no link (?)
  10. Depends on your definition of accurate. Where are the rivets on the rear fuselage and overlapping panels? Airfix panel lines, Tamiya lack of armour over fuel tank (as per my earlier post a strip of tape is NOT accurate) Shape wise they may be a good representation but for me the devil is in the detail. Then again, maybe I'm just obsessed.
  11. 'yet another state of the art Mk I Spitfire' - ??? It would be nice to have an accurate state of the art model. 'State of the art' doesn't cut it for me if it lacks accuracy. I say bring it on.
  12. I for one will be in line to buy a bunch of these if they get it right. The Battle of Britain remains a passion for me and in my opinion we are yet to get a great Mk I in 1/48. The most recent Airfix kit has issues with the undercarriage, and the panel lines are still on the heavy side to me. The most recent Tamiya kit comes close but they got lazy with the covering on the upper fuel tank in front of the cockpit - a strip of tape? Seriously? It strikes me as a detail they missed until after they had the kit ready to go, then had to come up with a last minute option. That said, NONE of the above kits capture the true essence of the early Spitfire fuselages. From around the cockpit back It has overlapping panels with raised and flush rivets. Special Hobby did a good job with the overlapping panels on their kits. Hopefully this is an area Eduard can capture, as well as all the detail changes from first production to end of BoB aircraft. If they do, I for one will be a very happy camper and my wallet will be a lot lighter. PR
  13. Is it too much to ask for a Seafire III as a follow up to this kit? PR
  14. Thanks Rob. My preliminary investigations suggested 1/48 wasn't a good scale to go to. Good luck with your build! Andy, great find! Thank you. PR
  15. Brilliant - exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much, appreciate the guidance. PR
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