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  1. Ed, you don’t only get to ride in this plane, you get to fly it! Out of some place called Biggin Hill….
  2. Agree - for me, this is my favourite aircraft and to see this level of detail is sublime. The team at Kotare look like they are doing an extraordinary job with this one. I’ve pre-ordered two; they say they are doing a ‘late’ production Mk I so will be in for a few of those too. I hope they also do an ‘early’ version, so many subjects there as well! Very happy days!
  3. They look great - are they preassembled? Thoughts are around keeping paint away from the oleo.
  4. For my money, probably an after market instrument panel. These products usually look a whole lot better than anything I can conjure up. And some cockpit stenciling/placards. I think Baracuda have a set out, so would be an option here. They do nice work too. Might have to hunt out some wire for plumbing in the cockpit and undercarriage
  5. When it comes to price, I’ve always thought that typically, ‘you get what you pay for.’
  6. Oh no, not ANOTHER Hurricane! When will we have a decent kit of the Fairy Fruit Bat!!
  7. 1/72 by the sounds of it - which kit will you be using Clive? Doing a WIP?
  8. Can I chime in here too please? Planning a nostalgia build for this one as well (plus the Airfix 1/72 Bf 109G-6 JG53 yellow 14) Can anyone say for sure the colour of the name on the nose? I have seen this in both blue and black…. And, have the upper wing stripes been overpainted or poorly scrubbed off. Over paint on the upper fuselage in olive drab?
  9. Do you have the Fundekals sheet for Brian’s plane?
  10. Wow, wow, wow! Looks fantastic, can’t wait! And some greatly schemes too!
  11. Based on Ed’s post above, and Peter’s earlier, it seems RAAF aircraft were modified sometime between February and August 1938. I’ve organised to examine the file found by Geoff in Canberra, next month, so will see what that says too.
  12. An early ‘K’ series aircraft, initially without bracing, but later fitted with bracing?
  13. It just so happens I will be at the NA in Canberra next month. I have other fish to fry, but will see if I can check this one out too. Nice work! Thank you
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