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  1. I believe that 2020 is the magic word: 80 years since the BoB. If Airfix misses this it would be worse than a crime; it would be stupidity. Now my guess is that Eduard will not miss the date. Mr. Sulc is warming up for an Eduard Mk.I release in the future. We had a discussion shortly at the Rumormonger-list that the newly announce Italeri Mk.I would be an Airfix reboxed. The people active there were mostly of the conviction that it would be a rebox of the old Tamiya. Alas, I fear that they are right.
  2. It is like discussing the thing we are not discussing here! Or to quote master Shakespeare: To be or not to be! Another good sign: Eduard has announced a series of etch for the Mk.XIV, so they must have seen the finished kit.
  3. turning to the modeller's point of view: Tamiya's way of handling the undercarriage at their new Mk.I will make it a piece of cake to adjust the angle of the legs if they choose to do the Mk.Vc. It is only to change one piece (and then of course the other changes).
  4. NPL

    Spitfire N3192 GR*L Colour Scheme?

    Maybe, but could it not be the case that he flew more than one at this time?
  5. NPL

    Spitfire N3192 GR*L Colour Scheme?

    Then we have the questio of who flew it. If you take the caption on Pinterest attached to a photo of GR&J, it says a lot: Arriving at RAF Croydon on 6 March 1940, Spitfire MK I GR-J was flown by at least 8 pilots of No 92 Squadron RAF, including Sgt Stanley M "Michael" Barraclough, Sgt Peter R Eyles, Sgt Ronald H "Ronnie" Fokes, P/O John S "Butch" Bryson, P/O Cecil H "Fishy" Saunders and F/L Charles P "Paddy" Green, before P/O Desmond G "Bill" Williams blooded it in action on 23 May when he claimed an Me 110 destroyed and another 2 probably destroyed over the French coast. Less. By the way, I am not very impressed by the research behind this new sheet from DKDecals. If only fündecals way of doing it became standard.
  6. NPL

    Spitfire N3192 GR*L Colour Scheme?

    yes, of course. I must have been parking my head somewhere in the dark. As to the pie ... I believe that you are right, and that they based their version on existing photos of 02 Sqn. Spits.
  7. NPL

    Spitfire N3192 GR*L Colour Scheme?

    GR&L is intriguing. I have on my collection two decal sheets including it: On Target On Target Decals MA-48114 Profile 4 and Xtradecal 48143 Battle of Britain 75th Aniversary Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Ia. Xtradecals sometimes presents the sources, but not in this case. On Target has an exquisite explanation of camouflage and markings, but no reference to any source. The last was based on the booklet Profile 4, edited by Neil Robinson. If anybody knows him, you could ask him.
  8. NPL

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    Sorry, I ment Airfix 1:48 Mk.I. Pavla: Hannants has all of it.
  9. NPL

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    Found two on ebay today -- seller in the US -- but they are too expensive.
  10. NPL

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    I can add that checking my collection, the early series is for the old Tamiya Mk.I, but the sets for Airfix carries the numbers in the 50s and 60s. Definitely they appeared in connection with the release of the Airfix Mk.I. One thing I haven't tried out yet is, how big the difference is, as I have both series.
  11. NPL

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    From my list -- I have them -- the following goes with Airfix: Pavla U48-57 Spitfire PR Mk.III, VI, VII (Airfix) Pavla U48-58 Spitfire PR Mk.IA, PR.IV, PR.Mk. VII (Airfix) Pavla U48-62 Spitfire PR.Mk.IC (Airfix) Pavla U48-63 Spitfire PR.Mk.ID (Airfix) Pavla U48-64 Spitfire PR.Mk.IF (Airfix) Pavla U48-65 Supermarine Spitfire HF Mk.VI + decal sheet (Airfix) Definitely for the new kit, as the other on their list is for the old Tamiya. The new sets only appeared after the introduction of the new Airfix Mk.I.
  12. NPL

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    Then there are the old Almark Decals A48-26 P.R. Markings Europe PR Mk.1F, P9385, 1st PRU PR Mk.1F, X4498, 3 PRU Mk.I PR VII, AR257, 1 PRU PR G, R7059 PR D Mk.IV, BR416, 2 PRU PR D Mk.IV, BR416, 74 OTU PR IV Trop, BP932, Malta PR VII, X4786, 543 Sqdn PR XI, MB789, H, 532 Sqdn PR X, SR396, 542 Sqdn PR XI, PL775, A, 541 Sqdn PR XI, PA851, RCAF, 39 Wing PR XIX, RM645, 682 Sqdn I suppose that the people behind this sheet were as good as anybody in 'Spitfires' at the time.
  13. NPL

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    Did Pavla not revise their sets for the new Airfix?
  14. NPL

    Spitfire N3192 GR*L Colour Scheme?

    Nice photo of GR+G here: https://cambridgemilitaryhistory.com/tag/no-92-squadron/ Fündecals have GR+Z and GR+Pon their new sheet (with documentation) On Target Decals MA-48114 has the GR+U which is also the subject of Xtradecal 48143
  15. NPL

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    It seems to be still available from Hannants -- just checked.