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  1. Thanks Troy, I appreciate the kudo and I thought you'd like it. The nose is actually one of John Adam's Spitfire Mk XVI sets. The thick plastic gave me plenty of room for sanding to match the contours to the Airfix parts. For the radiators, I think they were spares from ICM. I used the kit pieces to shape new flat flanges from .015" plastic sheet that go into the inset mounts in the wing. Then, I cut the flanges off the ICM baths. And the trick- I set the ICM baths on top of the kit radiator faces (which are a lot deeper than the Mk IX radiators). I marked off the excess heig
  2. Hi all, As ever this is a fascinating thread involving my own Spitfire faves. For the conversion I did to make a Spit PR XI, I chose to start with an Airfix PR XIX which in my view gives you about 75% of the work done, especially the cameras and the unique Bowser wing. I added a Merlin nose, lower larger cowling panel (greater oil capacity), changed out the oil/coolant radiators, reshaped the vertical tail and added a resin rudder. Thus: To show off the mods, here is a pre-paint view. It should be noted that you can find pictur
  3. Gentlemen, I want to thank you all for your help and for straightening me out on colors and markings for this scheme. I have re-done my paints for this build and I have a Ventura decal sheet on the way so I feel a lot better about how the model will turn out! Much obliged, Jim
  4. Hi all, As my subject implies, I have a Hasegawa 1/48 scale P-40 Kittyhawk Mk III kit, to be built as a K-15 #23-NZ3059, July 1943. Color-wise, a couple of years ago experts reported that the upper surfaces camouflage was NZ Blue Sea (instead of a flavor of Dark Earth), NZ Pacific Green (not RAF Dark Green, nor Foliage Green) for overseas P-40's, and duck egg blue (aka the Dupont 071 bluish-grayish-slighty greenish color). I have just been reviewing all the threads here at BM and I am still confused. NZ Blue Sea is described as a medium blue-gray, with RAF PRU Blue noted a one a
  5. Hi all, It is nice to see this thread pop back up again. Back to the cameras, does anyone have a picture or official documents showing the vertical camera lens/mount? On American PR Corsairs there is a panel forward of the tail wheel door's front end and the camera mounts there. I cannot remember seeing the RN's placement of the vertical camera. Anyone? Thanks, Jim
  6. Welcome Muddyf and Jerry, the more the merrier as they say. Thanks to Muddyf for the information, if only I had a few pictures of this particular machine! For Jerry, I too have seen a couple of write-ups regarding the Catalina sinking the same u-boat. Of course the same boat wasn't sunk twice; that said, the Catalina got shot up pretty badly so the Germans must have spotted them before they got dropped their depth bombs (not sure what ordnance). I think it possible that the Catalina damaged the sub and T5258 finished the job the next day. On the other hand, mistakes
  7. Hi all, Thank you for the information and source references. For rossm, thanks for the clarity for this attack- first successful 236 Sqn sub sinking. Were they the first Beaufighter crew to sink a sub? I have that impression but confirmation (or not) would be most helpful. Cheers and thanks, Jim
  8. Hi all, Thank you for the information and pictures provided here, and especially to Jamie for the explanation. Time to drop back and punt, will have to review the material to get to a choice about whether to correct the kit tail planes on my own. Cheers all, Jim
  9. Hi all, Hope it is OK to reopen a thread every now and then. I have a Beaufighter build in the future and have decided to switch from a Mk IC to a Mk VI. I think I will need the canted tail planes (versus the early flat ones). I would like to grab a set of the late corrected tail planes that Jamie put out. So, two questions for Jamie. First, will the late TFX tail planes you produced also work for the Mk VI? And if so, it looks like you have some (one?) in stock at Sovereign Hobbies. Correct? If so, I'll put an order it ASAP. Thanks to all, Jim
  10. Hi all, So we have Beaufighter T5258, coded as ND-B from 236 Squadron. On 1 Jun 1943 she sank a German submarine using 25 lb rockets. I would like to find pictures of her although I am without luck in that part of the search. I do know what her markings should have been but I'd like more. In addition, I have a list of Beaufighter serials which identifies this a/c as a Mk I; however, in the book "The Strike Wings: Special Anti-Shipping Squadrons 1942-45," Roy Conyers Nesbit ID's this plane as a Mk VIC. If the list of serial blocks I have found is correct, I would expect this a/
  11. Hi Tony, Indeed, I know the fundekals men and as you may know, they make great decals on top of their excellent research. I have long been intrigued with Hay's Corsair, since it seems to have carried a TSS scheme in equivalent colors. So, it's TSS with a twist! And now at last I think I have the camera location nailed down. Thanks again and cheers, Jim
  12. Hi Tony, Thank you for sharing this picture; it's the first I've seen of it and it will be big help! Cheers, Jim
  13. Good evening all, After a long layoff, I have returned to a long-term interest in the Royal Navy's Corsairs in the Far East. Specifically, I want to build Lt Col Ronnie Hay's Corsair II, JT427. I've collected a fair bit if information on this plane and mention is regularly made of the this a/c having both a vertical and a left oblique camera. I also have the old QSM magazine article that features a sketch of the camera ports. What I lack is either a photo showing these ports or an official document that verifies the camera locations. Correct or not, I would like know what the
  14. Hi GB, I really appreciate your digging into your stash on my behalf. Thank you very much for the information and for the prompt response! Cheers, Jim
  15. Hi all, I have a rather off-the-wall question to ask so please bear with me. I am doing some planning for a project and I need a compact two seat jet trainer cockpit and canopy. At a glance the Folland Gnat T1 might fit this bill but I cannot say for sure. If you have one of the Airfix 1/48 scale T1 kits, I need to know the length of the canopies and cockpit from the front edge of the windscreen to the rear-most point of the back seat canopy. Thanks in advance, Jim
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