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  1. I must agree with how good Roger Lindsay's books are. Real labours of love! I bought the third volume recently from his website. After some delay, his son got in touch to inform me that his father had recently died, but sent me the book. I don't know what this means for availability, but as they were privately published by him, I don't imagine these are going to be more easy to get hold off.
  2. Endlessly fascinating subject, with new evidence and theories coming to light. Both Crandall's and Japo's book are great sources and beautifully produced. As regards "Yellow 10" Jerry Crandall has certain bragging rights as he actually got to paint the real thing!
  3. Have you seen After the Battle Issue 159? It has some relevant pictures in it, albeit not very clear.
  4. Just trying again with the picture, a bit smaller this time.
  5. Thank you for your further research SleeperService. Interesting comments about the stowage bin shape as I had wondered about. Quite by chance I have just come accross the same picture of the Comet Command tank Fearnaught of 6th Royal Tank Regiment, photographed in Italy at the end of the war. As mentioned in the New Vanguard book about the Cromwell tank. It is in an article by David Fletcher in "Classic Military Vehicles April 2016". Furthermore the article goes on to say that – "More surprising still was the number of converted Comets that were listed, although we think these were all post-war conversions; 40 Command tanks, 131 Control tanks and 25 OP tanks. There was also one such tank converted for the HQ of 6th RTR in Italy. When its 77mm gun was damaged the tank was rebuilt with a dummy 95mm howitzer and fitted out to suit the regimental commanding officer, although this was also, strictly speaking, a post-war conversion." That seems a lot! Were all of these conversions undertaken at unit level as described on the ARSSE website? Was there a pattern for whittling a 95mm gun or were there some variations? I seem to be having problems attaching the picture mentioned above, to this reply.
  6. Thank you for all your replies. Did anyone find the record cards or verify the T number on the tank in the above picture? I can add a few bits from reading A34 Comet Tank: A Technical History by P. M. Knight. On Page 55 he says a Close Support (CS) version with a 95mm was considered as Cromwell production would be turned over to Comet production. It was not proceeded with though. There is mention of the dummy gun for command tanks on Pages 217 and 223, but it is not entirely clear why a dummy version of the 77mm was not produced, so that all tanks would have a similar appearance.
  7. Thank you for your replies, the link to the ARRSE website provides a good answer. There is another picture of a similar or the same tank with an earlier T registration. The rear turret container looks larger and a different shape to the standard type. Probably for all those extra radios?
  8. Does anyone know anything about this? The picture appears on the website http://www.tanks-encyclopedia.com/ww2/gb/a34-cruiser-tank-comet-mark-i/ and the Comet appears in the desert alongside two Centurions and is captioned "1948". The picture is fairly low res and the markings are fairly indistinct. It looks like a Comet with a Comet turret but a 95mm gun, never seen any mention of this combination before!
  9. Thank you for that, I've just ordered some!
  10. Duncan I have asked on the PPrune Forum about air to air loads on RN Phantoms, with little response. It would be great if you could post some please? most that I have seen are on early aircraft at air shows and not "active" aircraft.
  11. What scale is this and who makes these? The Fujimi Recce pod looks a bit emaciated to me.
  12. Does anyone know if these are still available?
  13. Fascinating thread, on something I was trying to research myself, you have saved me a lot of work! Has anyone come across a picture of T1290292 as on the AFV decals? It probably has the dimpled wheels, does anyone have a spare set from the AFV kit they could sell me please?
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