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Howard Moon

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  1. Howard Moon

    FW 190D-9

    I hate re-scribing and have been eyeing up those tools. You’ve just made up my mind to order one. Nice progress on the Dora btw
  2. Howard Moon

    1/48 Inpact Fairey Flycatcher

    That’s a beautiful model. I’m going to read your wip now and may even resurrect my Inpact Bulldog
  3. Howard Moon

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Robby, As promised here’s the pic: With the exception of the removable paint cup, this brush is virtually identical to the Iwata HP-C. The air valve is identical to the one on my HP-C+ and fully interchangeable. Here is is a link to a very old article, (15 years +), from another popular modelling website that makes reference to Rich being a contract manufacturer for GSI, Tamiya and Iwata: http://missing-lynx.com/reviews/other/tamair/tamair.htm This information seems to have been in the public domain for some time, interested to see where you are going with this.
  4. Howard Moon

    FW 190D-9

    Looking good
  5. Howard Moon

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Yes bear with me a day or so and I will put a picture up, The instructions are in the familiar Tamiya style and in small print near the bottom it says something like ‘made by b.b. rich’
  6. Howard Moon

    FW 190D-9

    Thanks for the kind comments. I’ve always attached the upper wings first as I find it is a pretty foolproof way of getting a good join. Adding the lower wing is a bit of a ‘heart in mouth’ moment though, as it usually feels quite tight and there is a bit of resistance getting everything to come together. Working from wing tips inwards, so far, it has worked for me. Looking forward to to the rest of the build.
  7. Howard Moon

    Iwatas OEM....mystery solved...partly

    Interesting stuff Robby, I’ve got a Tamiya HG97 Spraywork and an Iwata HP C+. I’ve also just bought a GSI Creos Mr Procon Boy P270 and would take a hell of a lot of convincing that at least some of the components didn’t come from the same manufacturer, (instructions for the HG97 say its manufactured by B.B. Rich). Thanks for the link to Dave G’s FB page, I’m now a follower All the best H
  8. Howard Moon

    FW 190D-9

    Hi Philip, Ive built a few of these and have always had this issue. Here is a link to a recent wip of mine if it helps: I know they aren’t Doras but the parts concerned are the same. Regards H
  9. Howard Moon

    Fw-190A-4 (Eduard 1/48)

    Superb rendition of an interesting scheme. Well done, outstanding work!
  10. Howard Moon

    Eduard Fw 190-A8 dual build

    No, that’s a good idea, I’ll order some Might have done, once or twice . Anyway, they’re done now, pictures in rfi soon That mat needs a clean doesn’t it
  11. Howard Moon

    Eduard Fw 190-A8 dual build

    Afternoon everybody, hope you are all enjoying the bank holiday weekend . I’m very close to finishing these now, they are on their legs and most of the antennae are on. I ditched the pitots supplied in the kit and replaced with telescopic lengths of Albion Alloys brass tube. This is how they’re looking at the moment: I’m still agonizing over how to do the slack antenna cable on White 2 and at this rate will probably leave it off. Suggestions anybody? Planning on finishing these tomorrow. Thanks for looking Howard
  12. Kent, Really enjoying watch this come together, great work. Looking forward to seeing the paint go on. All the best Howard
  13. Howard Moon

    Eduard Fw 190-A8 dual build

    Hi Kent, Thanks for the kind comments. Enjoying your 109 build btw
  14. Howard Moon

    FW 190D-9

    That’s an interesting scheme. Do you have the JaPo volumes on Dora camouflage and markings? There are a couple of colour profiles and more photos of this aircraft. Drop me a pm if you would like me to share them. Howard
  15. Howard Moon

    Achtung Anfanger!!! 1/48 Bf109E-4B

    Some incredible work there Andy, I certainly wouldn’t have the nerve to start adding parts to the cockpit at this stage. Looking forward to the next update.