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  1. Too bad that Tamiya didn't continue with a new F-4U4 Corsair following their excellent F-4U1 series. Tom
  2. Hello, I have seen many aircraft tutorials where the fuselage halves are first clamped together and then the glue is applied all around . Isn't there any paint residue afterwards? I am using the Revell Contacta Liquid and first apply glue to the halves and then join them together without any problems. So what is the advantage of the first method? Thanks Thomas
  3. Hello. I see you have used putty where the superstructure blends in with the hull. Is the fit not good ? Iam asking as I have not yet made up my mind as to which kit to buy, Trumpeter or Airfix. I'll be watching this. Tom
  4. Hello, Is there any difference between the export and original version ? Has the kit quality been improved ? Thanks Tom
  5. Hello As someone who is interested mainly in ships and also aircraft it's somewhat frustrating to see that many manufacturers(Riich,Meng, Trumpeter, HobbyBoss,,Dragon) who started out releasing beautiful ship and aircraft models are now completely switching to tanks and more tanks. Tom
  6. Hello, Does anyone happen to have instructions for this old kit and send them by e-mail ? Thanks thomas.oberhummer@gmx.at
  7. Hello, Does anyone know if you could convert the Bronco kit into a French Lafayette frigate. I know there are some differences in the weapons systems. Thanks for your input. Tom
  8. Hello. I would like to see a model of the new Seawolf submarine. What are the chances that you are going to produce one?. The only other one the Bronco model is not very accurate. Regards Thomas
  9. I bought and built the original MK 1 because the reviews were enthusiastic. at the time. And these came from experts. So I dont understand why suddenly this kit has shape issues ? Can one still rely on expert reviews?
  10. Hello, Does anyone know if I can build the F-15C into an A model. I cant see any external differences. I am asking because I have nice decals meant for the A model. Thanks Tom
  11. I really was hoping for a 1/48 Mirage IV which is more than overdue.
  12. Hello What is the best way to replicate filler caps that were sanded away or are not there. Thanks Tom
  13. Hello, Did anybody hear when Eduard will be releasing their Tempest kit ? Thanks Tom
  14. Good looking model. I have mine yet to build. Too bad that Riich models have stopped submarine models An accurate USS Seawolf SSN21 and USS Ohio SSBN are long overdue in 1/350.
  15. I hope for an accurate F-4U4 Corsair in 1/48 and maybe an F2G Super Corsair, too and another pre assembled 1/48 scale fighter.
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