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  1. Thanks somnas and Wolwe82, you go "unearthed", as they say, this kit me even this camouflage much tempted me, green and grey taking reflections differents under the Mediterranean sun! Paul
  2. very beautiful Assembly and finishing at the height. Congratulations. Paul
  3. I translate me even answers back in French, to answer any questions that asks me, I pass by a translator whose I accommodates me perfectly and I regret that the reverse does not work! If this were to become something insurmountable for some, I me abtiendrais to publish my models, being aware that this must not become an obstacle
  4. j e'm sorry I translate all texts in English, if they do not emerge translate I for nothing!
  5. Hello MrPaul It is obvious that I don't post to each finish... I simply present my collection older models dating back to the 1980s ' Thank you to appreciate Paul
  6. Bonjour à tous un échantillon monté il 12 ou 13 ans .. sur la base de la Hasegawa F104G , je obtenu intéressé dans les italiens F104S avec cette déco «presque voyante" .. (Enfin j'aime les bêtes!) En parlant de Celle - ci, j'ai pris le la terre dans son ensemble parce que les couleurs et les contrastes ne sont pas à la C2 de la boîte transformé en martin boulanger (pas de rupture évidente!). Couper les volets et menant pointe lamelles . L' radar , l'autre en toute sécurité et antenne , la 'Maison' reste . Cet avion a été recouvert d'une peinture laque aleur que j'ai eu le b
  7. Thanks John... yet the calculation is quickly: a little over 50 years of modeling and 7 a 8 years of photographer! Paul
  8. It is the configuration of parking. Angled wing and nose only when the engine is running or intervention technical
  9. Hello in my opinion, one of the most beautiful decorations brought by Cruz, the VMF 321 between 1970 and 1973... Even simplistic, the monogram model is very acceptable for its time.Painting humbrol brush and rub no buff
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